Mnuchin Warns Employees Who Refuse to Go Back to Work

Mnuchin Warns Employees Who Refuse to Go Back to Work

( – As state economies across the country begin to reopen, millions of hard-working Americans have their employers asking them to come back to work. There’s only one problem — many of them don’t want to. 

In March, Congress passed $250 billion in unemployment insurance under the economic stimulus package known as the CARES Act. This was an effort to extend the unemployment benefits to help Americans battle the economic fallout.

Those who qualified for unemployment benefits were eligible to receive an extra $600 per week. The CARES Act also added an additional 13 weeks of benefits compensation after the regular unemployment benefits ended at 26 weeks. 

On Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said anyone refusing a job would no longer be allowed to receive unemployment benefits. He also stated companies receiving Payroll Protection Program benefits should notify unemployment offices that their employees are refusing to come back to work. 

With all these added measures to unemployment benefits, it’s no wonder employees are refusing to come back to work — they’re making more staying at home. One thing is certain, though, employees need to make a choice; go back to work or risk losing both their benefits — and their jobs.

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