President Trump Exposes China as a Nation That Embraces Genocide

President Trump had some critical words to tell the world as he headed off to make future plans for America. He took the microphone and blasted the communist nation for their mistreatment of the Uighur’s genocide act that they committed against those people. In a speech of truth, President Trump exposed China’s murderous actions that […]

Can Biden Handle the Task at Hand? I Highly Doubt It

The Coronavirus pandemic we know as colloquially as “Covid 19” took America by storm with a single US case on January 15, 2020. A year later, we have 25 million active infections and 400,000 Americans have died. The Trump administration fast-tracked and funded the race for a vaccine,  which has borne fruit on multiple fronts. […]

NYT Pushes Wearing Two Masks at Once

If you remember, back to almost a year ago, we were just starting to hear rumors of a deadly disease being spread throughout the eastern nation of China. Those rumors were confirmed as truth within weeks, and our national leaders began preparing for the coronavirus pandemic as we know it. By March, the novel virus […]

Arizona Takes First Steps to Protect Itself from Liberal Court Packing

Conservative states are realizing the threat that the liberal left is to the American people. Their relentless threatening of freedoms and desire to destroy the third branch of the government has led to one state paving the way of stopping the liberals from packing the courts. The Democrats know that the last hurdle for them […]

Liberal Reporter Researching How to Reprogram Trump Supporters

President Trump will still have millions of people that believe he is the legally elected president of the United States. There is no way that any group or organization can change that fact. But the idea of reprogramming Trump supporters has risen to the top, as one reporter from NBC and the Washington Post has […]

The Dem’s Attacks Against Republicans Are Ramping up! Elise Stefanik Cancelled

Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has been serving the people of upstate New York for some time now. Her district represents the North Country, much of the Adirondacks, and sections of Utica. Cancel culture has been coming for all of the Republicans as of late. Stefanik is just the latest casualty. The liberals have come for […]

Democrats File Lawsuit to PROHIBIT Scientific Transparency so They Can Push Through Their Climate Fantasies

The Democrats have been telling anyone who will listen to them that they are the party of science. That’s been one of their primary selling points over the past few months. They can’t stop treating the GOP like out of touch dinosaurs, while they claim to exist on the cutting edge of science. It’s gotten […]

Financial Institutions Step into the Political Ring, Gloves Off

First, social media wanted to tell us what we could and couldn’t post. Then, Amazon decided that it wanted to ban a site that it didn’t like. Now, the financial institutions want to step into the political ring. Their gloves are off and they’re already swinging, too. Pro-Trump politicians and various political action committees are […]

(Video) Biden Promises to Help Small Businesses to Survive His COVID Lockdowns – But Only if They Are Owned by Minorities

Democrat governors and Republicans In Name Only (aka RINOs) were responsible for the draconian lockdowns that have laid waste to the American economy. To make matters even worse, Pelosi and McConnell spent the whole year arguing over whether Americans even deserved a stimulus payment for their troubles. They earned millions this year to sit around […]

Trump Supporters Forced to Hide, as Armed Biden Supporters are Taking Over NYC’s Streets

Antifa has been terrorizing the country for some time now and now they are more emboldened than ever before. Now that they have been able to infiltrate peaceful protest after peaceful protest, it seems as if they are about to push things to a whole new level. These terrorists marched through the streets and shouted […]

Facial Recognition ‘Unmasks’ Infiltrators at Capitol Breach

Facial recognition software seems to have answered the question being asked by conservatives across the nation: were the supporters of President Donald Trump really behind the violent entry into the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. The nation’s capitol was inundated with what some are saying was a crowd of more than two million […]

Voting Fraud Again? Democrat Counties in Georgia Stop Counting to Allow Fraudulent Votes to Be Brought In

A Georgia county that leans Democrat decided that they were going to call it quits for the night during the vote-counting process yesterday. The two Republican candidates were not given the chance to hold onto their slim leads. They were behind the Democrats for much of the evening and then just as they rally, they […]

Kamala Harris Appearing to Plagiarize MLK With Story About Demanding Equality

Kamala Harris has been criticized for a story she told that appears to have been lifted from Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The Daily Wire reported that Twitter became abuzz on Monday with an accusation that Harris told a story that was recounted in an early October Elle interview where she seemed to be the […]

Amen and Awomen Isn’t Politically Correct, It’s Just Dumb

How is it that Democrats continue to get dumber…and we as a society allow it to keep happening? Representative Emanuel Cleaver decided to conclude the opening prayer for the 177th Congress with “Amen and Awomen.” Was that a joke? Absolutely not. This was his attempt at showing that he’s inclusive. The problem with changing words so […]

Newsom Shows He’s a Horrible Governor as Super Spreader Events Occur Under His Nose

Newsom may think that he’s in charge, but it’s obvious that Californians don’t respect him. He’s lost all ability to lead his people. Now, instead of listening to his regulations, they’ve laughed in his face with parties of epic proportions. Governor Gavin Newsom is all about closing down businesses and requiring people to follow a […]

Funeral Homes in California Can No Longer Accept Dead Bodies…They’re Already Overflowing

Even as the COVID-19 vaccine continues to roll out to the most susceptible, the forest is still thick with trees. Each new day sees a higher hospitalization and death toll than the previous one. In some locations, hospitals have already reached, or are close to reaching, their capacities. Gift shops have been converted to makeshift […]

Let’s Be Thankful Bill Gates Isn’t in Charge

Bill Gates tries to position himself in between the political lines. When pressed, he makes a conscious effort to say that he never donates to any of the presidential campaigns. He has gone on record countless times to say that he’ll work with any administration to help make a difference. However, it’s clear that Gates […]

How the Pandemic Could Block Pelosi’s Path to Speaker

As much as the Democrats love shutting the country down, they’re not very good at doing what they preach. They’re constantly breaking quarantine rules to serve their own purposes – birthday parties, extravagant dinners, and even haircuts. It has resulted in quite a few COVID positive cases among House Democrats. Nancy Pelosi is assumed to […]

Masks Push Liberals Off Deep End

The enraged and fearful Democrats wandering the streets of America are obsessed with enforcing mask mandates that they see as laws that are punishable by face bashing. The people that have bought into the mask lie are so fearful that they are willing to physically harm others who would dare to take their mask off […]

It’s More than an Uptick in Crime, Atlanta

It’s hard to go anywhere in the political world when crime is rising almost uncontrollably in your city. Keisha Lance Bottoms is the mayor of Atlanta and has been seen as a rising star in the Democratic Party. First mayor and then…where? At one point, she was being considered for Biden’s VP but was obviously […]

California Law Enforcement Will Not Release Criminals Because of COVID-19

Law enforcement officers in California are sick and tired of having to comply with the insane wishes of a crazy Democratic governor. They are tired of having to arrest people that are being ordered released because of COVID-19. Once the criminal is let out, they immediately return to a life of crime. They prey on […]

Join the Squad? Ritchie Torres Isn’t Interested

Come, join the Squad. We’re looking for the most progressive Democrats in Washington. Join us so that we can cause as much trouble as possible. Seriously, this is what a recruitment video would sound like if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, and the rest of the Squad were to start actively recruiting. They are […]

NASA’s Mars Plans May Be Too Much for a Science Averse Biden Administration

2020 has been a terrible year and there’s no one who is going to argue that. However, there has been more good news about the space program that we did not expect. The moment when we got to watch astronauts ascend to the ISS was a great one. This was the first time that we […]

Georgia Secretary of State Goes After Signature Audit in Every Single County

The drive to coverup the fraud of the 2020 election is still underway in every state and county. The contested states that took the light over the past several weeks are all wishing it would go away. But the push for the truth continues because people want to know that the election process is fair […]

Chief Justice John Roberts Accused of Coercing Other Judges to Reject Texas Lawsuit Through Shouted Threats

Americans were stunned when the Supreme Court of the United States declined to hear a case initiated by Texas, and supported by almost two dozen others as well as more than a hundred United States representatives. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s case was turned down by the court on December 11, and while the court […]

Biden’s Pick for Energy Secretary is the Biggest Conspiracy Theorist of Them All

How is it that Joe Biden continues to make the worst choices for his cabinet? Forget about the fact that no one actually has experience for the positions they’re being chosen for. He’s choosing people that are literally causing waves in politics. What is all of this about unity if he can’t even choose an […]

And the Top Picks for Dem and GOP Primary Candidates for 2024 Are…

Well, now that the 2020 election is pretty much over, what with the media, Biden’s campaign, and even the electoral college saying that the former vice president won, everyone is beginning to move on a bit. No, Trump hasn’t given us his quest for fairness or justice, and neither have conservatives lost all hope of […]

Shocking Corruption! Jim Biden Explains in Email How the Chinese Can Buy Influence on the Highest Level

The Biden family is said to have made all sorts of money participating in illegal activities. Their corruption is widespread and it is well documented. In addition to the current investigation that is taking place when it comes to Hunter Biden, Jim Biden also finds himself in hot water. A Politico report outlined how much […]

Biden’s Health Takes Downhill Turn and It Does Not Look Good

Joe Biden finally got his wish, which was to have a bunch of fake votes cast for him in the Electoral College vote. The Democrats want people to be confused regarding the real intention of their intent to hijack America. So, what many states are doing is to cast votes for Biden and at the […]

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Unit Is a Mess…Read How They Botched the Murder Case of Spc. Vanessa Guillen

Turning over every loose rock is of ultimate importance when conducting a criminal investigation. Small clues, undetectable by mere mortals, shine like beacons in a trained investigative eye. The highly experienced Sherlock Holmes’s of the world have seen it and done it all before. Prior to the advancement of forensic sciences, lots of innocent people […]

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