United States Continuing to Maintain International Travel Restrictions

Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, announced on Monday that the United States will keep broad bans on foreign visitors because of the Delta variant of COVID-19. These restrictions will be extended even while many other countries are relaxing their rules and allowing US citizens to visit following widespread vaccination. Psaki said at her […]

Nature is Racist Too…

If the political left is to be believed, race is involved in everything we do, say, and feel. It has taken over every single American police, causing massive discrimination. It is what drives the rising number of those in black communities without a high school degree. And it even prohibits black Americans from enjoying the […]

Maricopa County Sabotaging the AZ Audit?

It’s been pretty clear from the get-go that Maricopa County officials and Democrats aren’t exactly thrilled with the knowledge that their election is being “scrutinized” and held accountable for any mistakes or errors that may or may not have taken place during the November 3rd general election. However, you’d think that if any such errors did […]

Russian Mercenaries Kill and Torture Civilian Man in Syria…Putin Endorsed it…Lawsuits Have Been Filed

There is nothing more gruesome than purposely inflicting excruciating pain on a person, but the Russians appear to revel in it, and desperate pleas for mercy only increase its entertainment value. Russian mercenaries roaming the sands of Syria are in their element. They couldn’t ask for a better playground. A dried-up oil rig in the […]

Texas Democrats Who Fled Capitol have Ultimatum for Texas Gov

Texas Democrats made headlines when they fled Austin, TX, and their responsibility in order to avoid voting on a bill they didn’t care for. It was cheap, childish, and altogether devoid of consciousness. However, since it got the job done of not having to vote on laws that were very likely going to pass in […]

DC Becomes the Poster Child for What Happens When Police Reforms Take Effect

Crime rates are on the rise in Washington, DC. Is it that there are more criminals on the run? Possibly. However, there’s really only one thing that has changed that would lead to higher crime. Police reform bills have been passed, making it harder for the local police to do their job. Gregg Pemberton, the […]

40% of New COVID Cases Have Been Fully Vaccinated in the U.K…

Here in the United States, the novel coronavirus vaccine has been pushed on us for quite a while now. According to the political left, it is really the only way to ensure that COVID-19 is stopped completely, not only in our country but also worldwide. And, in the hopes that they are correct, many of […]

Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6 Profanity Laden Diatribe Against Republicans Shows her True Colors

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is not the most popular Republican among her peers in the House of Representatives. In fact, she’s probably not even among the top 50, to Republicans that is. She’s much more popular with Democrats, who see her as a possible defector on the issue of the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riots […]

As a Stern Warning to the U.S., China Storms the Beaches in a Huge Military Assault Exercise

Roughly the size of Maryland and Delaware combined, Taiwan has been an independent country since breaking ties with Communist China in 1949, even if the Chinese refuse to admit it. The strategically located dot on a world roadmap has flourished under its own control and China doesn’t like how Taiwan has made a mockery of […]

BLM Proves Idiocy with Statement on Cuba

The boldness of liberal groups such as Black Lives Matter has taken them to the highest pedestal from which they thought they could never be removed. But when their arrogance takes them down a path away from American ideology and freedom, they quickly find out that they are not as popular as they think they […]

You Might Have to Pay for Abortions Yet…

If the Democrats had their way, abortion would be free and legal to all, no matter the circumstances. But, of course, the only way it can be free is if you are forced to pay for it via your taxes. They’ve been fighting for such to happen for years. And this week, they’ve gotten closer […]

EU Decides that Not All Vaccines are Created Equally

It seems that the entire world seems to be focused on equality in one way or another. While the U.S. tears itself apart from the inside as liberals insist that white people don’t view Black people as equals, the European Union is concerned with a real issue – and one that we should all be […]

SCOTUS Declares It’s OK to Bend the Constitution Temporarily

Since this pandemic hit our country over a year ago, there are a number of repercussions that no one could have scripted. One of those unbelievable outcomes is that the federal government has actually mandated to property owners that they don’t have to be paid by the tenants who rent their property. In September of […]

Kim Jong-un Is Lying to Save Himself…Ravished With Hunger and COVID-19, He’s Going to Execute Some of His Top Brass

As thousands of Cubans take to the streets in hopes of toppling their Communist government, yet another oppressive regime in serious trouble has appeared on the horizon. This particular nation has unpleasant ways of dealing with defectors so it isn’t due to its ragged residents kicking up dust. This one can all be pinned on […]

Fauci’s NIAID Responsible for Funding Research Using Aborted Babies

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and Chief Medical Advisor to President Biden, is one of the main sources that is financially resourcing the use of organs from aborted babies in a federally-funded study. On Tuesday it was reported that researchers at the University of California San […]

Hey Joe, Shouldn’t Unemployment Be Going Down?.. It’s Kinda Going the Wrong Way…What’s up With That?

“When will they ever learn,” asked the musical trio of Peter, Paul, and Mary in 1962. Since the question was posed nearly six decades ago, the answer is a resounding never. Political hacks in their dementia-laden twilight years with little concept of current realities cannot create jobs just by saying they have a plan. Got […]

It Sucks to Be Haitian…People Are Starving, Have No Medical Care, and Oh Yeah, Their President Was Just Assassinated

Voodoo and black magic have long been the name of the game in Haiti where dolls regularly get stuck with pins and the evilest of spells can be cast upon one’s enemies for the right price. As if the tiny impoverished country is stuck in a non-evolving time warp, Haitians have rejected the comforts and […]

Keystone Pipeline Developer Sues Biden for $15 Billion in Damages

As you well know, Democratic President Joe Biden did well to promise a whole slew of things while he was campaigning, cozying up to unions, blue-collar workers, and anybody he could get in his pocket. And yet, on day one in office, he took all of those promises, all of those would-be dreams, and flushed […]

Biden’s Price Tag for America Continues to Climb

Joe Biden has undoubtedly done his job of raising prices and ticking people off around the world. His blatant hatred for Donald Trump was evident when he reversed every single regulation and law he left behind when he left office. Biden never once considered the harm that drastic action taking would cause for the American […]

ICE Agents Join Sheriffs in Suing Biden for Forcing Them to Violate Laws

By now, it’s no doubt apparent to most of us that Democratic President Joe Biden has epically failed our nation, particularly when it comes to border protection and immigration policies. I mean, have you ever seen so many illegals packed into detention facilities on the border? Both unaccompanied children and illegal crossings have increased so […]

CNN Finally Admits the One Thing They Were Never Able to Say About Trump

CNN spent the better part of five years trying to convince Americans that former President Donald Trump was a blight on American existence. They did everything but sit in sackcloth and ashes moaning in the streets about how horrible the “Orange man” was. While that response seemed still on the table at the time of […]

Fruit Loops and More are About to Skyrocket in Price

Don’t worry. President Biden has everything under control. The Biden administration is working hard to tell Americans that the economy is not only stable but strong. They want to ensure that Americans know that they’re not going to pay any more with President Biden in office than if they had kept Trump around for another […]

Psaki Continues Defund Police Lie and Blames Republicans

Ever since Joe Biden walked into the White House, the criminals of America have come out in force. The Democratic Party pushed the defund the police narrative so much that the liberal-run cities stripped funding from their police forces, and now they are paying the price for their ignorance. The liberals are so full of […]

NFL Ad Claims That Football is Gay…and It Only Gets Worse…

Professional sports have taken a tumble. They should have learned over the past several years that their fans just want to watch sports. They don’t want them to become political or social activists. Sports is a way to escape from the outside world. It’s a chance to watch competitive players out on the field, throwing […]

Pelosi is Terrified of Americans Revolting Against a Scary Government

January 6 was one of the most terrifying events of Nancy Pelosi’s life. She thought she was going to be kidnapped. She thought she was going to die. That’s one of the versions of the Capitol riot that she likes to share with the press. Americans have been revolting against the government even before there […]

Top Biden Adviser Claims Republicans ‘Defunded The Police’

This story seems almost impossible to believe. A senior advisor to President Joe Biden, Cedric Richmond, has claimed that congressional Republicans “defunded the police.” He came up with this conclusion when he was challenged about the rise in violent crime impacting major American cities. Richmond made these comments while he appeared on “Fox News Sunday” […]

Trump Challenges Rudy’s Suspension Saying New York is Out of Control

Former New York Mayor and personal lawyer for former President Trump, Rudy Giuliani, has had his law license revoked with a unanimous vote by the New York Supreme Court. President Trump has released a statement in strong support of Giuliani. The statement from the former president declared that the court stripped Giuliani of his law […]

Biden Shanghaied America…His Tax Plan Is Still Gonna Get Your Money…Lots Of It…Here’s How

Joe Biden testified like a Southern Baptist preacher on Easter morning. “I will not raise your taxes.” But unlike a bonafide human-ordained preacher of the gospel, he was spitting lies and preaching deception from the book of Biden. If what he has proposed gets the seal of approval, 60% of us hard-working underpaid Americans are […]

California Liberal Justice System Strikes Again: Arrests Nut Thief but Lets Rioters Go

California doesn’t seem to be consistent when it comes to arresting people. Their liberal justice system picks and chooses based on what the crime is and who is committing it. Riots can happen in the street. Businesses can get looted. Police officers can be attacked. Meanwhile, no convictions are made because California believes that prisons […]

Democrats Throw Another Fit and Walk Out to Block Vote

The whiney little Democrats acted like spoiled brats when they staged a walkout in the Texas House when they knew they were not going to be able to stop a piece of legislation from passing. Their childish attempt to force Governor Abbott’s hand landed them in deeper water when they forced him to follow through […]

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