How Hollywood is Changing “It’s a Wonderful Life”

If you’re like most Americans, the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life” has been viewed in your home at least once (possibly multiple times) every year during the holiday season. The iconic character of George Bailey and his beloved family and small-town epitomizes the Christmas spirit and what family, faith, and tradition is all about. […]

Obama Tries to Relive the Past But Who Cares?

Barack Obama is a perfect example of a man that can twist any story. He can manipulate facts and statistics to make himself look like a hero. He can spin a story in favor of any person. He is just like the serpent that twisted the truth just enough to cause Eve to slip into […]

He’s Weak! That’s What China Has to Say About Biden

Joe Biden hasn’t even made it into the White House and China has already chosen to come forward to talk trash. The relationship between the United States and China has been slowly falling apart. China has been maintaining that relations will improve nearly instantly once Biden heads into the White House. However, this is not […]

Space Command Explores Locations While Dems Look to Ax It

Space Force was agreed upon by Republicans and Democrats. However, it was more part of a deal so that the Democrats could get their way in a few other issues – including allowing federal workers 12 weeks of paid time off to handle family emergencies, as well as the birth or adoption of a child. […]

Americans Fighting Back Against Anti-Turkey Leftists That Want to Kill the Holidays

Rational Americans no longer support the second round of lockdowns that health officials once praised. The dumb liberals tried their best to brainwash and misinform the country regarding the truth behind COVID-19. All of their efforts failed to get the fearful results they were hoping for. They wanted all Americans to embrace another set of […]

BOOM! Democrats Now Agree with Republicans on Election Fraud

At a very divisive time in the history of the United States, the one thing that everyone seems to agree on is that the media is lying to us. One of the big issues that conflicting information is streaming from is whether or not former Vice President Joe Biden actually won the election, the way […]

NY AG Opens Another Probe into Trump and Ivanka’s Taxes

New York State Attorney General Letitia James might be many things, but a promise-breaker isn’t one of them. She ran for the position on the promise that she would do everything in her power to ruin President Donald Trump and his. And I have to say, she’s been pretty much focused on that and that […]

Democrats Running Scared as Evidence is Piled High

The liberals are running for cover as the evidence of their criminal deed comes to the surface. They have a long list of crimes that they are going to have to answer for as Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell take aim at finding those responsible. The Democrats stepped into a circle with socialists and communists […]

Lindsey Graham Feels Honored to Have Squad Calling for Resignation

It’s funny how the Squad feels as though they can bully their way into getting what they want. They make ridiculous demands because they don’t understand how the government works. Lindsey Graham, a US Senator from South Carolina, has been part of the Senate for decades. He isn’t one to be bullied, and he’s certainly […]

Californian Peons Lose Big Time as Newsom and His Cronies Head to Maui

Gavin Newsom made it very clear for Californians that they could not violate his unlawful orders regarding the upcoming holidays and gatherings. He told everyone had to comply as they were in the pandemic together. But for some reason, Newsom decided that he and his liberal legislators did not have to obey the same set […]

Brace Yourself: Biden’s Started to Announce Senior White House Appointments

Everyone’s been on edge with the idea of Joe Biden choosing the newest cabinet. Who is he going to put into each of the critical positions? While there’s been talk about diversity, there are also many people who have paid heavily into Biden’s election campaign with the anticipation of being “repaid” in the form of […]

Media Goes Off Deep End as They Forget What a Constitution is all About

The mainstream media thinks that they have the beat on what people want to hear when it comes to news stories and facts from around the world. They like to tell people their opinions instead of reporting the facts. Like their Democrat counterparts, they think people need to be told what to believe. They fail […]

Nothing to See Here? Georgia Officials Find Thousands of Uncounted Trump Votes in Recount

While the current civil war that is taking place in Georgia is not the ugliest one that we have ever seen, it’s definitely not the best look. The GOP is trying their best to remain unified as the state prepares for two crucial Senate runoff elections. After a week or so of fits and starts, […]

Collusion? Chairman of Problematic Dominion Voting Machines Now Part of Biden’s Transition Team

Peter Neffenger is a former Commander of the Coast Guard Commander and he also served as the Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration. He started in these roles in July 2015 and served until January 20, 2017. What’s he doing nowadays? Why we are glad that you asked. He’s now the Chairman of the Board […]

Obama Out Exploiting Election Confusion Bashing Republicans Gets Put in His Place by Candace Owens

Former President Barack Obama made history when he was the first person to identify as a Black person to be elected president of the United States. While many considered it to be a landmark occasion, and there was much rejoicing by the left, many conservative people of color were less delighted, including (now) conservative commentator […]

Look What BLM Wants for Helping Biden Get Votes

Black Lives Matter strike again – and this time, they want to have a sit-down with Joe Biden since they believe they’re responsible for his win. Say what, now? The BLM co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, says, “We want something for our vote.” Cullors is operating under the assumption that “black people won this election.” So, she’s […]

The Dead Rises Again to Cast Their Votes in NV

The 2020 election will always be remembered as the time that the lousy Democrats cheated to gain power. Their demonic ways continue to define the hatred they have for conservatives of the country and people who do not agree with their ways. For many months, the Democrats have planned their strategy for illegally taking the […]

Social Media & Michigan AG Want to Suppress Video Showing Voter Fraud Training

Dana Nessel, Michigan Attorney General, has decided to send a cease and desist letter because of an inflammatory video that she is looking to suppress. Big League Politics shared exclusive content about the voter fraud that took place in Detroit. Poll workers were trained to engage in clear voting fraud and this is the type […]

Michigan Continues Their Fight Against Truth, Justice, and the American Way

Democrats are attempting everything within their power to stop all investigations into the election results. CNN called it for Biden and that’s good enough for them. Michigan, where a proper count could reverse the outcome, is being the most resistant. This should come as no surprise given Michigan’s recent history of destruction and chaos at […]

When Trump Will Concede…And Only Then!

Liberals across the country have been up in arms because Trump has not conceded. Why should he? There are still legal battles being fought where he believes there have been illegal votes cast – or unfair counting practices. It’s not the first time in history for a president not to concede on Election Night. Considering […]

BUSTED! Mystery Ballots Dropped in Detroit at 4 Am (Video)

The morning after election day, a shocking scene unfolded at a vote counting center in Detroit, Michigan. These suspicious activities took place during the cover of night. Since they decided to unload these mystery ballots at 4 AM, it’s hard to come up with a legitimate reason for this behavior. Kellye SoRelle is responsible for […]

Space Force Takes a Stand Against Bad Actors in Space

The United States’ top commander of space forces is actually not a member of the United States Space Force. He is actually a four-star general. As the commander of the United States Space Command, General James Dickinson oversees all operations that involve satellites that have been into space. That means it is his responsibility to […]

Liberals Find Unexpected New Way to Blame Trump for Leftist Destruction

According to some members of the mainstream media, President Donald Trump is actually to blame for what his detractors have destroyed in their frustration with his presidency. This accusation comes as the United States braces for more nationwide rioting, regardless of the results of the election. The riots are unarguably perpetrated by those who relentlessly […]

Waters Will “Never, Ever Forgive” Black Trump Supporters

It will never cease to amaze me how some people can somehow think that being of a certain race or background obligates a particular kind of vote. You know, like how Joe Biden and many white liberal elites feel that all black Americans are or have to vote Democrat as if people blacks are individuals […]

Democrats Vandalized Home of Republican Seeking Office Days Before Election

Liberals all over the country are scurrying out of their holes because their taskmasters have called them to active duty. They cannot reject their mission to target and destroy any Republican that is running for office or would otherwise vote for President Trump. The Democrats are running scared because they know that the president is […]

Whitmer Says Diners Must Now Give Up What? Talk About Authoritarian…

With COVID-19 still a threat and the second wave of it hitting the nation, pandemic restrictions that were once loosened have begun to tighten their grip again. However, not all states are very realistic in their rules, and guidelines meant to stop the spread. Take Michigan, for example, where Governor Gretchen Whitmer has taken an […]

Democrats Ready to Set Liberals as Their Electors in Key States if They Win Election

Joe Biden is a puppet that is possessed with persona from all the other prominent Democrats. He has elements of Bernie Sanders in his blood; there is Obama, Ocasio-Cortez, Hillary, and her husband, Bill Clinton. And the list goes on and on. Biden’s dementia has erased his personality to the point that he does not […]

Hillary Clinton Once Again Asserting Herself Into Presidential Election Taking On New Role

The former first lady Hillary Clinton announced on SiriusXM’s Signal Boost program that she is once again involved in the presidential election, in a brand new capacity this year. According to her own reporting, she is “an elector in New York,” for the 2020 year, and she is “sure” she’ll get to “vote for Joe […]

NYPD Shows What Police Are All About as He Takes Down Killer While Off Duty

Law enforcement all over the country is receiving a bad reputation at the hands of the Democratic Party and its followers. For months, they have been targeted with violence and false accusations by the media and people that feel they have targeted them. The one thing that is not being told is the heroic actions […]

Police Targeted as Man With Knife Refuses to Obey

Liberals are getting more violent the closer the election date gets. Any reason that they can find to march, destroy, and loot it theirs for the taking. The war on the police continues at the hands of the crazy liberals. Over the weekend, a man came at the officers yielding a knife. This prompted the […]

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