Border Agents Save Child From Human Smugglers

The issue of immigration is a hot topic in this presidential election. Democrats want to open the borders up and let every illegal march across and take over the country. It does not matter to them that they will wreck the nation and tear down the identity of modern-day America. Their vision for America is […]

Coronavirus: The Cure is Worse on Americans Than the Cause

As COVID-19 reared its ugly head around the world, the liberals capitalized on the opportunity to ruin people’s lives across the country. Their method of attack came in the form of massive lockdowns. Some Republican states indeed shut down as well, but they reopened before things got worse for the people. The Democrats continue their […]

Gun Ownership is Booming, and It’s Not Just Because of the Right

Every senator and representative in Congress promised to be the voice of the people. The left, however, has forgotten that. They have their own secret agendas – including gun control that goes beyond what the second amendment would allow. The left hate guns. They believe that every violent act is because of a gun, not […]

Explosive New Information From Hunter Biden Emails Puts Target on Joe Biden’s Back

News broke on Tuesday of hard evidence showing not only a connection between Hunter Biden and suspect international officials, but that he connected his father, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, to these individuals as well. According to The New York Post, the evidence proves that Joe Biden did indeed pressure government officials in Ukraine into […]

Alabama Reinstates Election Laws Blocked by Obama Appointed Judge

As you well know, this voting season will likely be far different from those of the past. With COVID-19 still very much a concern, many will be utilizing absentee or mail-in ballots to cast their vote for the November 3 general election. This, in and of itself, has posed multiple problems already, from mail delivery […]

New Evidence Shows Masks Are Ineffective to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

Dr. Robert Redfield dropped a bombshell on the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee six months ago. He claimed that healthy people do not need to wear masks. Of course, the liberals were frothing with rage because this went against their chosen agenda. They told people that all of the medical professionals were on their side on […]

Even the WHO Says Lockdowns Are a Bad Idea

As we enter the nearly nine-month mark of the coronavirus pandemic, we notice more and more effects of the disease, or should I say, how we have handled the disease. And it’s leading many experts to believe that we’ve done it all wrong. Take the World Health Organization or WHO, for example. As the organization […]

Harris Chokes at Debate and Blames it on Her Being a Girl

Kamala Harris was incapable of debating on the level that Vice President Mike Pence was operating on. She could not think on his level or respond intelligently to the questions or rebuttals that came her way. All of her supporters are going to declare that she won the debate. But the world that was watching […]

Mail-In Ballots Arrive…With Extras for Good Measure?

There’s nothing wrong with mail-in ballots. Trump is overreacting. We’ve all heard it, yet the states aren’t doing anything to make it easier to believe it. Mail-in ballots are being tossed in the trash in Pennsylvania. Everyone is receiving a ballot by mail in New Jersey whether they asked for one or not. Meanwhile, in […]

The Total is In! Here Are All of Biden’s 33 Lies During the Debate

When it comes to lying, Joe Biden has no other choice. If he told people what the Democrats were actually going to do, no one would want to vote for him. Let’s go through each of them, one by one, shall we? Lie #1: Biden is “not opposed to the Justice”. The Truth: Biden has […]

Really? Incoming Mayor of Baltimore Wants to Ban the President from Mentioning Baltimore

Let’s get any confusion out of the way as early as possible. Baltimore City Council President Brandon Scott has yet to become the actual mayor of Baltimore. He won’t receive the title in an official capacity until November 4. Since he won the primary that took place earlier this year during the mayoral race, it […]

Leave the Amazon Alone! Brazil’s President Rips into Biden

Joe Biden made a grave mistake during the first presidential debate – and the president of Brazil is fully prepared to make sure that he knows it, too. The Trump administration has worked hard to develop a great working relationship with Brazil – and neither Trump nor President Bolsonaro is going to watch Biden tear […]

Boy Finds Bomb in Christmas Ornament Box

Everyone is wondering what kind of person places a bomb in a Christmas decoration box for a child to find only to blow himself up after lighting it. There are plenty of people around the world that would do such an evil thing against American children. For this young child, the thought of Christmas will […]

The Land of Liberals Turn on Biden Over Ridiculous Laws

Joe Biden has big ideas for the country if he gets elected. The problem is that bigger isn’t always better. With so many liberals in California, they’re supposed to be supporting Biden, right? It turns out that they have a BIG problem with one of his legislative plans. Biden is in support of AB5 and […]

HBCU? Not Quite. Biden Forgets Where He Went to School

It seems that Joe Biden will say that he attended whatever school sounds good based on the group of people he’s talking to at the time. Fact-checkers have confirmed that he dropped quite a big lie when he announced that he went to a historically black college or university (HBCU). The Delaware State University is […]

Dems Pivot: On Second Thought, Let’s Not Vote by Mail

As you well know, for the last six months or so, the Democrats have heavily pushed the idea of mail-in voting for both primaries and the upcoming November general election. And they have had much success at it, as thousands upon thousands have decided to use this method of voting for their state’s primaries. But […]

China Tries to Act Like Vaccine Production is a Race as They Declare Themselves the Winner

For years now, China has been in the silent race to outperform the United States in just about every medical and technological field. They have hired people to spy for them and steal secrets from American corporations to develop the technology first. In their minds, they have to prove that they are the best. But […]

‘Money is the King In Everything’ Says Ballot Harvester Connected to Ilhan Omar

Muslim Democratic Congresswoman Ilhan Omar made headlines once again after an undercover video exposed her connection to ballot harvesting. The video, which was put out by Project Veritas, shows video of the ballot harvesters, bragging about “hustling” and how many ballots they were able to obtain from seniors and others hard up for money. The […]

Patricia Heaton Warns Americans About Dems’ Hatred for Christians

Patricia Heaton is a Hollywood rarity. She’s a conservative actress who does not allow her viewpoints to be crowded out by the liberals who are too busy patting themselves on the back for reciting the same tired opinions. Heaton is also pro-life, which does not sit well with a lot of people. Now, she is […]

Truck Company Says Cities Who Defund Police Are in for Big Surprise

As I am sure you have heard, liberals everywhere are crying out for us to defund the police, if not disband them completely. Now, as you can imagine, this is causing problems in larger cities where crime is only escalating with the lack of officers on the ground or those who have their hands pretty […]

Ted Cruz’s Mic Drop Moment: Makes Media-Buried Point on Black Lives Matter

Too many Americans want to fight over the whole idea that black lives matter. Of course, they do. What kind of monster would say that they don’t? The argument is not whether black lives matter or not. The argument is whether you’re supporting the Black Lives Matter movement or not. The media has been trying […]

Biden Lies About Arrests to Appear Cooler to the Libs

Biden, in his mind, is one secret handshake away from getting inducted into the cool club. He tries to throw around the lingo of “dawg,” “man,” and others that make him look like he’s trying way too hard. And he is. As a former Senator and VP, there’s nothing that the 77-year-old can do to […]

Is Trump Nailing Himself to the Cross Over Mail-In Voting?

It’s important to work with conviction. President Trump has conviction, even if it’s going to be the last nail that goes into his cross. Mail-in voting is riddled with fraud. It’s the way for the Dems to cheat their way into the White House, and Trump is going down swinging. We can only hope that […]

Seattle Police Chief Changes Her Tune When Mob Comes to Her Home

Isn’t it interesting just how quickly progressive, mob-allowing community leaders can turn into law and order loving citizens once it’s their necks or homes on the line? I mean, one minute they are going on and on about the need for police reform and a complete justice system overhaul. And then all in the matter […]

The Liberal New York Times Suggests COVID-19 is Being Spread from Park Benches…

It’s no secret how the fake liberal media enjoys making a mockery of the truth. Behind the scenes, they more than likely enjoy a good chuckle at the expense of their gullible and easily mislead readers who soak up everything they say. But it earns them serious loot, so what the hey? We’ve all watched […]

Oregon Cuts the Heart Out of Protesters Using a Very Simple Method

President Trump’s plan worked to restore peace to Portland. The presence of federal troops was enough to force the lazy Democrats to get off the couch and empower the local and state police to purge the region of terror and violence. And it came by getting rid of the campers that had set up residence […]

The New BLM: Are You White or Black on the INSIDE?

Black Lives Matter. Not all lives. Just black ones. But what if you’re black on the inside? Racism is based on the premise that you’re being discriminated against based on the color of your skin. What if you’re white, but you’re really black on the inside? One white BLM protester decides to jump down a […]

Trump Has Better Things to Do Than Haunt the White House Forever

What started out as one idiot’s tweet has turned into a conspiracy theory of epic proportions. What’s going to happen when Donald Trump loses the election and won’t vacate the White House? Wait, what? Apparently, Democrats and their liberal media sidekicks believe that there’s an alternate reality where Trump will forcibly stay in the White […]

We Snagged ABC News’ Weird Tweet About the California Mayhem

The ability of the fake news media to downplay a serious issue smacks every American in the face. They have no regard for giving an unbiased report of things happening around the country and the world. They would rather report on things that provide support to the destructive Democrats and their desire to destroy the […]

Voting for Biden is Like “Eating a Bowl of Sh**”

With Joe Biden now being the assumed nominee for the Democratic Party, undoubtedly, some within the party are disappointed. Most notably are those who planned to vote for Bernie Sanders, as he was Biden’s closest rival. However, for many, they aren’t just upset that their candidate didn’t make it, they are troubled that Biden did. […]

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