Democrat Lawmakers in Border Towns Say Biden Has Immigration All Wrong…He’s Clueless

Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s handpicked Homeland Security Secretary, said the supposed immigration “crisis” at America’s southern border is simply not true. But at least one lawmaker who serves in a border community that has firsthand knowledge of the problem does not agree. And this lawmaker is a Democrat. Texas representative Vincente Gonzalez said the onslaught of […]

According to Economics Reports, We Might Not Need a Stimulus Bill…

If you’ve paid much attention to politics at all in the last few months, you will know that creating another stimulus bill to help out needing Americans during the coronavirus pandemic has been high on both party’s lists of things to get done. But what if we really don’t need one? When the pandemic first […]

Horrid Tales of Sexual and Physical Abuse Are Emerging From N.H. Youth Detention Facility. Over 150 Staff Members Are Accused

While the Catholic church has had more than its fair share of accusations and convictions in the arena of pedophilia, they haven’t been the only lecherous men with a long history of having a penchant for young underaged boys. The guys you’re about to be introduced to didn’t discriminate between boys and girls. In Concord, […]

White House Proclamation Trending as Biden Tears Down Crucial Trump Immigration Laws – Contradicting His Own Policies

President Joe Biden has once again made a move that has contradicted his own previous policies when it comes to a liberal pet project, and people are taking notice. The current president made a fuss and feud about how former President Donald Trump treated the COVID-19 outbreak. He claimed that the former president was reckless, […]

Biden’s Race Insanity on Display! School Board Claims Reopening Schools Is – Wait for It – Slavery

The school board hot mic moments are so funny and we cannot get enough of them. We may not agree with the contents of what was said here but that does not mean that we can’t laugh anyway. Those who love to laugh at the antics of southern California are sure to love this one. […]

Biden’s War on Religious Freedom! Biden’s Nominee Squirms When Asked Questions About His Vicious Lawsuits Against Nuns ()Video)

This has been quite the story, as Joe Biden’s nominee Becerra continues to claim that there was never any attempt at suing nuns and forcing them to provide contraception coverage. He only sued the feds so that they could no longer protect them, there’s a difference! We are laying on the sarcasm pretty thick here, […]

Oh My God! Watch Biden Stumble Even With a Cheat Sheet During Interview Unable to Remember How Many Died of COVID in the US

Biden has enjoyed taking all kinds of cheap shots at President Trump since he was able to successfully swipe the election. The latest swipe took place during a remote White House that was held on behalf of essential workers who are black. White House domestic advisor Susan Rice co-hosted the event. At one point during […]

Maybe We Should All Move to North Dakota! State Passes Common Sense Law Banning Mask Mandates as “Diabolical Silliness”

The North Dakota House of Representatives has made a landmark decision that many citizens across the country will be applauding. Future mask mandates are now going to be illegal in this state. The vote passed by a count of 50-44. The bill is now making its way to the state Senate and we have very […]

DeBlasio Wanted to Punish Kids Over His Trump Hatred but Then Had to Reverse Course as Parents Revolted

If you recall, warnings went sent out last month about New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his crazy plots to ruin all things Trump. The Trump organization has a number of contacts with the city that he is looking to destroy. There are two skating rinks, a golf course and a Central Park […]

Mental Biden Makes Claims that Make No Sense

Joe Biden and his well-hidden mental state are beyond words at this point in his existence. Biden’s mental ability has declined to the point that it is verifiably recognizable by the American voter. The part that is just starting to come to the surface is that the Democratic Party hid the state of his health […]

COVID Incompetence or Sinister Plot? Biden Admin Flip Flops on School Openings Under Pressure of Unions and His Progressive Puppet Masters

When Dr. Fauci visited CBS This Morning recently, he continued to add to the confusion when it comes to school re-openings. While teachers and their unions are continuing to hold out for full vaccinations, the Biden administration is not standing in solidarity. “And probably, most of the teachers would agree with that,” he said during […]

Watch! Biden Just Publicly Said Genocide Against the Uyghurs Is OK As Long as It Is Done in the Name of Conformity to the CCP

Joe Biden has been in bed with China for as long as we can remember at this point. We can barely where he ends and the Chinese Communist Party begins. His willingness to recite all of the most common talking points that they provide is eerie. Xi Jinping’s genocide of the Uyghurs was discussed during the CNN town hall […]

Florida Gov Tells Biden What No One Else Is Willing to Say in No Holds Barred Interview With Trump Favored Journalist

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis slammed President Joe Biden in his recent interview with Fox Business Maria Bartiromo on the issue of potentially enacting a domestic travel ban while not enacting an international travel ban. According to DeSantis, the ban he’s considering is not only unconstitutional and an attack on the state of Florida, it’s likely […]

The Media Must Stop Promoting Institutionalized Racism in America

Morgan Freeman was once asked how to stop racism. His reply was both short and eloquent. “Stop talking about it.” Seems simple enough. Stop referring to each other as a black man or a white man. People are people, not a color. Everyone says so. Color doesn’t matter. Martin Luthor King said, “I look to […]

Good for Him! Trump Ignores Unconstitutional Sham Impeachment Trial and Enjoys Retirement Playing Golf

CNN is always reporting on important news, aren’t they? For some reason, they thought that we needed to know that Donald Trump is out golfing in the midst of his own impeachment trial. THIS is the information that they assumed the American people had to have right now. It’s tone-deaf, to say the least. Jim […]

“Quality Content” on Google May be Subject to Countless Violations

Quality has always been important on Google. It determines where you get ranked for purposes of search engine optimization. Any business that wants to rank on the first pages knows that quality content is a priority. The problem, now, is that Google is applying filters to content to determine if it is in violation of […]

Netanyahu Just Veered Into the Far-Right Lane of Extremism…You Can Bet Biden Is Watching

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is jumping headfirst into the barrel of extremism. As he and his Likud party struggle to maintain control of an already fractured government, they’re resorting to measures at one time considered unthinkable. Just in time for next month’s election, the Likud party has entered into an agreement with the extremely […]

There’s Your Hope! Most Americans Believe Economy Will Worsen Under Biden’s Failing “Leadership”

A new poll shows that there a wide range of Americans who are not expecting the economy to bounce back at all under Biden. We are going to be very honest here. This is one of the least surprising polls that we have come across recently. Biden has barely been in office for a month […]

Biden’s America! 70-Year-Old Grandmother Brutally Attacked on Camera in Oakland, CA (Video)

Democratic leadership is going to drive this nation into the gutter and we wish that this was a hyperbolic statement. This is the story of a 70-year-old grandmother who cannot even peacefully exist in her own community. It’s the America that the liberals want. All she wanted to do was get home from the bank […]

Squad Praises Prison Violence and Shows Hatred for Police

Cori Bush is the latest socialist to join the ranks of the American hating crowd led by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. These young women are one-sided in their thinking and believe that they can do whatever they want without having to answer for their actions. Bush makes all kinds of hateful statements against America and expects to […]

Lightfoot One-Ups De Blasio for Title of Worst Mayor

Mayors should be trying to outdo themselves to be the best. Not Democrats, though. Just when you thought Bill De Blasio of New York City was going to clinch the title for being the worst mayor, another one decides to give him a run for his money. Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago has shown that […]

Trump Took Kids out of Cages, and It Looks Like Biden is About to Put Them Right Back in…

Remember when photos were leaked of immigrant children being held in cages near our southern border? The media and establishment left were quick to assume that President Donald Trump and his strict immigration policies had put the children in such horrible and inhumane circumstances. After all, Trump was our national leader at the time the […]

CNN Spokesperson Accuses Fox Reporter of Using ‘Standard Journalism’…Even the Libs Are Giving Him Heat

CNN is a lot of things, but being truthful isn’t one of them. Matt Dornick, a spokesperson for the network, recently accused a FOX reporter of ho-hum “standard journalism” because he speaks with sources to verify his reports. Isn’t this what journalists are supposed to do? The horse’s mouth is straight where the information should […]

Must See! Florida Governor DeSantis Takes Down Clueless Reporter Defending Big Tech

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has had enough of the media hypocrisy and he is finally doing something about it. It’s high time that someone stepped up to the plate to call out the reporters who shamelessly defend Big Tech. The “hacked information” guidelines are currently drawing his ire and it is easy to understand why. […]

Is This Outlandish Group a Real-Life Video Game? At Least One Game Developer Thinks So

Despite QAnon falling under harsh criticism for what many consider to be outlandish beliefs, the movement has proved itself to be no flash in the pan. It’s here today and it will still be here tomorrow. Many so-called experts have taken stabs at dissecting the reasons why people buy into the fairytale-ish alternate reality but […]

Harris Digs Deep Into Coal Mines, Wants to Cut the Industry Out Forever

Lame Kamala Harris is leading the rebellion against rural Americans. Nearly every rural county ends up voting Republican, which infuriates the liberal base. Harris and her entourage have made it their mission to publicly show how much they hate farmland country. And it is not just farmers that are feeling the brunt of Harris’ attacks. […]

Discussing Biological Sex on Twitter Will Get You Banned, Apparently

Twitter has decided that they’ll mute anyone and everyone they don’t like. They’ve chosen to be on the side of the liberals. They’ve hidden behind their terms and conditions to state that they can close accounts if there are lies being told or if violence is being incited. Truth, now, is also capable of getting […]

Biden’s Foreign Policy Strategy? Do the Opposite of Trump, Regardless of What’s Best

Trump kept us out of wars for the past four years. He did that by making sure that there was a strategy in place. The Democrats can say whatever they want about Donald Trump – but the country was kept safe. Now, Biden’s only foreign policy strategy seems to do the opposite of what Trump […]

“Will You Be Enlisting as a Male or a Female Today?” Military Leaders Are Already Furious with Biden

Joe Biden wasted no time in whipping out a pen and killing everything that had Trumps’s signature on it. He couldn’t do it fast enough. He flew through a slew of executive orders, not taking time to read any of them, as Kamala Harris, dressed in black, stood behind him nodding her head in approval. […]

Hawley Still Fighting for Justice as He Takes on Seven Hateful Democrats

The unjust attacks on Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz have led to Hawley filing ethics complaints against seven liberals that came at the two patriots with demon-like convictions. The seething Democrats stated that they wanted an “unprecedentedly frivolous and improper” ethics investigation. They wanted to direct criminal charges against two men that were doing […]

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