Nuisance Newsom Set to Expire as Energetic DeSantis Sweeps the Stage

The problem with Democratic leaders is that they think that everyone loves them. Jill Biden and Anthony Fauci show up at the vaccination clinic, and no one wants them around. And so it with Gavin Newsom and the rest of the Nazi-type liberal leaders. People are ready to expire and want to see real leaders […]

Disappearances Continue With Top COVID People in China

Communist China is by far the most hostile nation towards its own citizens than any other country in the world. They are known to abuse their people and cause freedom seekers to disappear from society. Their actions are abusive and murderous to any person that would speak the truth. And for that scientist that worked […]

Trump Supports Reparations?

Former President Donald Trump has long held to the idea that reparations are undeserved and unneeded here in the United States. Or at least, that’s what we thought. But as of this past weekend, Trump announced that America now needs them. Why? Well, because he’s not talking about reparations as you’ve likely thought of them […]

No Jails Means No Crime in AOC Land

The actors within the Democratic Party are not holding anything back. They believe they have free reign to say anything their mouths can mutter and get away with it. Most of the time, what is said makes absolutely no sense at all. And that is the case with the bartender pretending to be a politician. […]

Massive Recall of Defective Democrats Underway – Whitmer First

The glory days of the Democratic Party are all but coming to an end. They used the pandemic as a way of stealing power and destroying freedom, but now that it is all but over, they must answer for their crimes. The games that the liberal governors played with people’s lives have all but ticked […]

Trump’s Blog Mysteriously Disappears With a Simple “Stay Tuned”…Something ‘Yuge” Is Going Down

Donald Trump, for better or for worse, is a man of mystery. He likes to keep people guessing and he delights in their not knowing what’s coming next. But it’s much more than the simple game it appears to be. Every step he takes is well calculated and has a purpose. Sneak attacks provide much […]

Military Chaplains are Forced to Ditch Their Christian Belief Systems

What the liberals want, the liberals get. They don’t care if it goes against tradition or even a person’s core values. Military chaplains are now being forced to support any and all soldiers – including those within the LGBTQ+ community. For most Christian religions, homosexuality is a sin. It is not something that can be […]

Former BLM Leader Reveals the “Ugly Truth”…It’s Not About Helping Black People…Follow the Money

Black Lives Matter made quite a splash when the group began destroying every piece of American history they didn’t like. Their efforts amassed thousands of clueless followers who had little to no idea why they were angrily pouring into the streets. They just wanting to be trendy. BLM profited greatly from the sale of hats, […]

Atlanta Mayoral Candidate and ‘Defund the Police’ Advocate Find out the Hard Way Why Atlanta Needs Police

There are a plethora of reasons that the American people should embrace the institution that is our police force. Not the least of which is that the real answer to the question of “who you gonna call?” is always and forever, going to be the boys in blue. Social workers can’t force a psychopath with […]

Texas Passes Law to Make Abortion a Felony Depending on SCOTUS Ruling

As the Democratic Party continues to move leftward, you’d think that at least half of the nation would follow. However, it seems the exact opposite is occurring, with more and more individuals moving closer to the center and even the right than ever before. How do I know? Well, how else would explain the sudden […]

Biden Realizes Flaws in Infrastructure Plan and Calls for Bipartisan “Participation”

Biden’s infrastructure plan has big problems. And everyone knows it, except for the liberals who are trying to slip in every non-infrastructure item they can think of. Now, the president is looking to change up the plan so that it can get signed off on with greater ease. To make that happen, he’s asking for […]

Rand Paul Under Attack by Liberals Sending Killer Mail to His Box

Senator Rand Paul is a true patriot standing in the way of destructive forces that would destroy the United States. His refusal to bow to Democratic pressure regarding the vaccination and pandemic nonsense has earned him a spot on their top ten hated list. He is hated by the Democrats so much that one of […]

Biden Forgot About His Campaign Promises as He Ditches Student Loan Forgiveness

Why do we continue to believe anything that Joe Biden says? He made so many empty promises during his presidential campaign. Even the Democrats are disappointed by President Biden. After all, when someone says that they’re going to do something, we believe them. He spoke so passionately about various subjects when he was coherent that […]

Liberal vs. Liberal: The Civil War Democrats Don’t Want to Speak About

The Democratic Party is experiencing a civil war. They’re trying to be quiet about it. They wouldn’t dare let anyone see the infighting as it could give the GOP some leverage. Yet, if they think that we don’t see the battles, they’re sadly mistaken. It’s the liberals versus the liberals…with all of the moderate Democrats […]

Fake Farms Have Cost Taxpayers Millions in Fraudulent Stimulus Claims…Oranges From Minnesota?

Be it in pesos, dinars, shillings, or good old greenback dollars, money makes the world go-’round and some of us will go to near impossible lengths to get more than our fair share. It’s been know to turn otherwise honest people into cold-hearted crooks. Even the best-hearted and strong-willed amongst us is not exempt from […]

Big Baby Omar Crying Because Her Diaper Is Wet

The Islamic lover supports the attacks against Israel. Her hatred for the Jewish people is widely known. She has stood behind the mic and blasted Israel for overdoing things in their right to be involved. She stood against America when the embassy was moved to Jerusalem. And She certainly has not been favorable towards Israel […]

Netanyahu Snubs His Nose at Biden …They’ve Hatred Each Other for Years…the Bombing Will Not Stop Long

Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu developed a firm and prosperous relationship that proved beneficial to both the U.S. and Israel. Then along came Smokin’ Joe Biden to spoil the fruits of our former presidents’ labor. That enjoyed relationship is rolling downhill quickly and it’s headed straight to the bottom of the rock pile. Biden has […]

COVID Meet Darwin: The CDC Says Their Mask Recommendation ‘Evolved’ and is not political

New reports from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention have Americans asking what on earth is going on over at what is supposed to be the nation’s first line of defense against infectious diseases. While we’ve likely all learned more about disease protocol over the last year than we would ever want to know, […]

Kamala Donates a Mere 1.6% of Her 2020 Earned Millions to Charity

If 2020 and the coronavirus pandemic taught us anything, it’s that America is quite a giving nation. Remember when everyone was freaking out about mask shortages, hand sanitizer not being available, and hospital supplies being used up in record fashion? Many assumed that Trump would have to force companies to start producing more. And yet, […]

France Outlaws Gender-Neutral Language in Schools

No doubt, you’ve heard of the push from the political left to install the use of gender-neutral terms in just about all manner of speech in the United States. The House of Representatives, for instance, has created an entirely new rule that prohibits the use of words like mother, father, brother, sister, etc. Instead, congressional […]

Psaki: Illegal Aliens are “What the American Dream Represents”

When we talk about the ‘American dream,’ there are many things that come to mind. Things like entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, civil rights, capitalism, etc. They are all good things, right? I bet when you read the words ‘American dream,’ you didn’t think about crime or socialism or tyrannical rulers, did you? No, of course not. […]

Israel Shows the World They Will Not Just Sit Around and Let Their People Die From Terrorism

Israel is a nation that sits in the middle of its enemies. The Muslims who inhabit that region of the world hate that a tiny nation with Biblical claims to the land has infiltrated their domain. Hamas is one group of many that would love to see the Jewish people blown into the sea. The […]

April’s Job Report 8.2 Million Shy of Expectations as Economy Hits the Dumper…This Isn’t What Biden Promised

There is little to no indication that the economy is improving under King Biden’s rule. He was going to clean up America’s crippled ledger books and put a chicken back in everyone’s pot. Someone should big enough gonads to tell the confused man he’s headed in the wrong direction. This is not opinion, mind you. […]

Anti-Cop Mayor Has to Call the Cops, Oh the Sting of NYC Politics

New York City is running amok. Crime rates are up – and even as crime rises, Mayor Bill de Blasio insists that cops are bad news. As he cuts police budgets, he doesn’t see that he’s leaving NYC residents unsafe and vulnerable. It seems that de Blasio was too quick to show off just how […]

AOC Acted Like Baby as She Sought a Golden Globe Award While Stomping Around Border Facility

The Democratic baby known as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has made it a point to whine her way into the news once again. Her overreaction to law enforcement is nothing short of that of a liberal soap opera. Her visit to the Border Patrol center in El Paso, Texas, was a clear picture that she is the […]

AZ Moves to Protect Citizens from Unjust Seizure of Property

As you well know, criminal justice reform has been a topic of significant discussion in the last year. However, it’s essential to point out that there are only a few things that the current national debate centers around: police brutality and prison crowding when it comes to criminal justice. And while both are most definitely […]

USMC to Shrink in Size?

As you might know, tensions between the US and the communist nation of China are pretty high and have been for some time now. However, due to the increased action the eastern country has recently taken against Taiwan and continued allegations of genocide and human rights abuses, the likelihood of war is looking more and […]

Democrat Takes a Dive After Using Racial Slurs Against Another Politician

The Democrats are the first group to act as they care about racial issues that they themselves continue to create. But in reality, they do not care except to see what they can get out of it for themselves. They need racism to exist because it provides them with political talking points and activism for […]

The NY Time’s 1619 Project Is Gaining Support to Change Our History…This Author Says Not So Fast…They’ve Been Exposed

Facts are facts. What has transpired throughout the history of this great nation cannot be undone, nor can it be re-invented. We are tasked with accepting the good, the bad, and the now and again ugly. Whether or not we agree with the misgivings of our ancestors should not be called into question. We aren’t […]

Candidate for Governor Campaigns With 1,000-Pound Bear

The gubernatorial recall campaign in California against incumbent failed liberal Governor Gavin Newsom has kicked off and dozens of entrants are already making their bid apparent. It is already a circus with looney-toon figures ranging from Kaitlyn Jenner to Randy Quaid making their bid apparent. Whether or not people like Quaid are qualified for the […]

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