Think It’s Better Elsewhere? Think Again

The Democrats want to make it sound like the United States is the only one struggling. Only we’re the ones that are so far behind when it comes to gender issues, systemic racism, and everything else. Do we have our downfalls as a country? Absolutely. However, we’re not the only ones struggling. In the European […]

Can Biden Handle the Task at Hand? I Highly Doubt It

The Coronavirus pandemic we know as colloquially as “Covid 19” took America by storm with a single US case on January 15, 2020. A year later, we have 25 million active infections and 400,000 Americans have died. The Trump administration fast-tracked and funded the race for a vaccine,  which has borne fruit on multiple fronts. […]

Guatemalans are Lining Up for Biden’s Sweetheart Deal

The Guatemalans were lining up before Biden was inaugurated. Now that he’s in office, the line to enter the United States is only getting longer. Illegal immigrants may get the sweetheart deal of a lifetime by being allowed to stay in the U.S. legally. No immigration requirements? A free ticket to the best country in […]

NYT Pushes Wearing Two Masks at Once

If you remember, back to almost a year ago, we were just starting to hear rumors of a deadly disease being spread throughout the eastern nation of China. Those rumors were confirmed as truth within weeks, and our national leaders began preparing for the coronavirus pandemic as we know it. By March, the novel virus […]

If You Ever Had a Hard Time Understanding Someone’s Accent You’re Guilty of ‘Linguistic Racism’

The so-called educated professors in higher education have once again stated something that makes absolutely no sense at all. Peter De Costa is a professor at Michigan State University. He has come to the absurd conclusion that if a person cannot understand another because of an accent, then they’re are racist to the core. The […]

Tech is Fleeing the Bay Area, Pelosi Must Be So Proud

U.S. Representatives are voted in by the residents of specific districts. More populated states are able to send more Representatives to Capitol Hill because of there being more districts. Therefore, every Representative must have an allegiance to their district first and foremost. Ahh, how quickly the Democrats forget that little tidbit. They’re supposed to be […]

Arizona Takes First Steps to Protect Itself from Liberal Court Packing

Conservative states are realizing the threat that the liberal left is to the American people. Their relentless threatening of freedoms and desire to destroy the third branch of the government has led to one state paving the way of stopping the liberals from packing the courts. The Democrats know that the last hurdle for them […]

Tapper Questions Commitment of Congressman Who Lost Both Legs Serving Our Country

You would think that anyone who serves our country would and rightfully should get the respect that is due to them once they return home, whether they decide to serve in another form or simply enjoy the freedoms they fought so hard to protect. But apparently when it comes to liberal members of the press, […]

California’s Left-Wing Governor Is on the Run As Recall Heats Up

Left-wing Governor Gavin Newsom of California is sweating it — and on the run. California’s Democrats are suddenly starting to take Gov. Gavin Newsom’s recall effort seriously. The COVID-19 lockdowns have sparked a mass movement against the governor as small businesses and jobs are getting crushed. People are furious. The trends pointing to California’s crack […]

We’ve Ruined Earth, Let’s Move to Mars

Earth isn’t looking too good. There’s a virus that’s circulating the globe and killing millions. There are wars erupting on every continent. The ozone is depleted and we’re dealing with global warming. And here in the United States, we can’t even agree that there’s no systemic racism. Can we just start over on a new […]

North Dakota Lawmakers Move to Allow Censored Citizens to Punish Social Media Giants

As Americans struggle with how to interact with social media in a post-censorship world, at least one state is working to give citizens a chance to reclaim their freedom of speech on Facebook and Twitter via a bill that would allow those who were censored to sue Facebook and Twitter. “A proposed bill from Republican state lawmakers […]

PBS Scrambling to Do Damage Control After Network Attorney Caught on Video Pushing Homeland Security to Take Trump Supporters Children to ‘Camps’

PBS found itself scrambling to distance themselves from one of their corporate attorneys after he was seen on a video advocating that the children of President Donald Trump’s supporters be put into “camps” for reeducation after former Vice President Joe Biden is inaugurated later this month. “An edited video released by Project Veritas on Tuesday […]

Liberal Reporter Researching How to Reprogram Trump Supporters

President Trump will still have millions of people that believe he is the legally elected president of the United States. There is no way that any group or organization can change that fact. But the idea of reprogramming Trump supporters has risen to the top, as one reporter from NBC and the Washington Post has […]

Twitter Cries Foul After Some Internet Providers Block Them in Retaliation

Twitter is getting a taste of its own medicine as at least two regions ban Twitter from reaching their people after political censorship swept the nation. According to a local news report, one Idaho internet provider has decided to block both Facebook and Twitter. KTVB reported that Your T1 WIFI, which provides internet services to […]

The Dem’s Attacks Against Republicans Are Ramping up! Elise Stefanik Cancelled

Republican Congresswoman Elise Stefanik has been serving the people of upstate New York for some time now. Her district represents the North Country, much of the Adirondacks, and sections of Utica. Cancel culture has been coming for all of the Republicans as of late. Stefanik is just the latest casualty. The liberals have come for […]

Support Trump and Find Yourself Out of a Job

Anyone who has been a Trump supporter over the past four years knows that it can be dangerous to admit it out loud. For four years, we’ve read stories where angry liberals have pushed people wearing MAGA hats and yelled at people for wearing Trump-Pence gear. Now, as the political animosity between the two sides […]

Democrats File Lawsuit to PROHIBIT Scientific Transparency so They Can Push Through Their Climate Fantasies

The Democrats have been telling anyone who will listen to them that they are the party of science. That’s been one of their primary selling points over the past few months. They can’t stop treating the GOP like out of touch dinosaurs, while they claim to exist on the cutting edge of science. It’s gotten […]

Illegal Immigrants? Not During the Biden-Harris Administration

The word “illegal” doesn’t seem to take on the same definition when it comes to the liberals. The United States has strict rules when it comes to immigration. If you fail to follow those rules, you break the law. Therefore, you are doing something illegally. Most people, when they do something illegally, are punished. That’s […]

Free Speech Under Attack: Does Social Media Have Too Much Power?

Not since John D. Rockefeller and the Oil Trust of the early 1900s has one person or a collection of business interests have had so much influence on American government. Big Tech has invaded our lives, our pocketbooks, and our politics. Investigative organizations such as Project Veritas have documented Google’s manipulation of search engine algorithms […]

Financial Institutions Step into the Political Ring, Gloves Off

First, social media wanted to tell us what we could and couldn’t post. Then, Amazon decided that it wanted to ban a site that it didn’t like. Now, the financial institutions want to step into the political ring. Their gloves are off and they’re already swinging, too. Pro-Trump politicians and various political action committees are […]

Biden Gets the Second Dose of COVID Vaccine but Stands in the Way of Others

There’s a reason that things are done the way they are – to prepare for the unexpected. However, president-elect Joe Biden has decided that he wants to be dumb and greedy. He’s gotten his second dose of the COVID vaccine. However, he’s taken away the possibility of many others being able to get their second […]

(Video) Biden Promises to Help Small Businesses to Survive His COVID Lockdowns – But Only if They Are Owned by Minorities

Democrat governors and Republicans In Name Only (aka RINOs) were responsible for the draconian lockdowns that have laid waste to the American economy. To make matters even worse, Pelosi and McConnell spent the whole year arguing over whether Americans even deserved a stimulus payment for their troubles. They earned millions this year to sit around […]

ACLU Makes Shocking Push for Trump Amid Big Tech Censorship

President Donald Trump has found an unlikely ally in The American Civil Liberties Union who has spoken out against the censorship of the president on various digitally-based platforms. The president was locked out of several social media and interaction platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Spotify. Some of the bans are permanent (like […]

A Weak Biden Means Strong and Dangerous Enemies…And They Know It

Joe Biden is by far the weakest person in history to ever be considered as a president-elect person. There is speculation that sickly man will not even make it to the White House, let alone the entire span of his upcoming term. The Democrats have made a mess of the country as they stole an […]

Michelle Obama ‘Goes High’ by Goading Big Tech Into Further Discrimination Against Trump

Former first lady Michelle Obama is known to lauds the moral integrity of the party that advocates for abortion, illegal immigration, and the passing of weapons to terrorists. She’s held up as an icon of a movement that spread hatred and racism within the United States borders. All of which she did with perfectly toned […]

Trump Supporters Forced to Hide, as Armed Biden Supporters are Taking Over NYC’s Streets

Antifa has been terrorizing the country for some time now and now they are more emboldened than ever before. Now that they have been able to infiltrate peaceful protest after peaceful protest, it seems as if they are about to push things to a whole new level. These terrorists marched through the streets and shouted […]

The Dems Criticize Melania’s Fashion Choices but Look at Harris

The liberals have shown their true faces. As if we didn’t know already, they’re planning on holding Kamala Harris to much lower standards than they’ve held women of the Trump administration to. As the First Lady, Melania Trump was constantly criticized for her name-brand coats and bags, her presence of high heels, and her overall […]

Facial Recognition ‘Unmasks’ Infiltrators at Capitol Breach

Facial recognition software seems to have answered the question being asked by conservatives across the nation: were the supporters of President Donald Trump really behind the violent entry into the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. on Wednesday. The nation’s capitol was inundated with what some are saying was a crowd of more than two million […]

Misinformation? Watch Who Really Broke the Capitol’s Windows (Video)

While the mainstream media narratives are quite different today, there are videos that prove what really took place at the Capitol yesterday. The stories about packs of conservatives overwhelming the police are simply not the truth and we have the video to prove it. They stopped one of the many Antifa thugs who happened to […]

Details of Veteran Shot At US Capitol And Final Words Leave More Questions Than Answers

Americans were shocked to learn that an unarmed woman had been fatally shot during the Washington D.C. protest on Wednesday. The woman, who has been identified as Ashli Babbit, was an Air Force vet from California, according to The New York Post. Babbitt, like many of the roughly two million demonstrators in Washington on Wednesday, was […]

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