Border Agents Save Child From Human Smugglers

The issue of immigration is a hot topic in this presidential election. Democrats want to open the borders up and let every illegal march across and take over the country. It does not matter to them that they will wreck the nation and tear down the identity of modern-day America. Their vision for America is […]

How Trump’s Flipping California from Blue to Red at Warp Speed

President Trump is turning the heads of liberals in every state. People are tired of the constant rip off schemes that define the Democratic Party. 2020 is the year that brought out the true nature of the Democrats. They are hateful and spiteful politician seeking their glory. Californians have had it the worst at the […]

Thousands of Californians Line the Street to Greet Trump in Newport Beach

President Trump traveled to Newport Beach, California on Sunday. A fundraising event was taking place at the private estate of Palmer Luckey and Richard Grennell was also on hand. As a conservative seaside city in Orange County, this area is typically known as a Republican stronghold. Of course, there are those who remember how the […]

Active Duty Suicide Escalates Out-of-Control

On average, PTSD suicide continues to claim the lives of 22 of America’s precious veterans, every day. These are warriors and combatants who could not successfully transition back to the civilian life they had once known. It wasn’t so much that their previous lives were all that different from what they left behind, the difference […]

Coronavirus: The Cure is Worse on Americans Than the Cause

As COVID-19 reared its ugly head around the world, the liberals capitalized on the opportunity to ruin people’s lives across the country. Their method of attack came in the form of massive lockdowns. Some Republican states indeed shut down as well, but they reopened before things got worse for the people. The Democrats continue their […]

The Truth’s out! Biden Confirms He’s Open to Court-Packing but Won’t Tell Voters What He Is Going to Do

Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos hosted the Joe Biden townhall on ABC last night because we all know Joe needs a host that won’t press him too hard. With that being said, the town hall was still filled with interesting moments. They tried their best to make sure that Biden only received softball questions but that […]

The Truth’s out! Biden Confirms He’s Open to Court-Packing but Won’t Say What He Is Going to Do

Democrat operative George Stephanopoulos hosted the Joe Biden town hall on ABC last night because we all know Joe needs a host that won’t press him too hard. With that being said, the town hall was still filled with interesting moments. They tried their best to make sure that Biden only received softball questions but […]

Twitter Shuts Down Service to Avoid Having to Tell the Truth After Hunter Biden Scandal Breaks

“The show has obtained new Hunter Biden emails that expose corruption. You will not want to miss tonight’s report. Tune in at 8 pm EST on #FoxNews,” tweeted Tucker Carlson yesterday afternoon. Almost as soon as he pressed send, the speculations began. People on both sides wanted to know what he had managed to get his […]

Gun Ownership is Booming, and It’s Not Just Because of the Right

Every senator and representative in Congress promised to be the voice of the people. The left, however, has forgotten that. They have their own secret agendas – including gun control that goes beyond what the second amendment would allow. The left hate guns. They believe that every violent act is because of a gun, not […]

Biden Claims He Did Nothing Wrong but His Record Tells a Different Story

The Biden’s illegal involvement in Burisma is coming to the surface the more that is uncovered in the investigation. Hunter Biden’s emails implicate his sadistic father in his quick advancement to the natural gas companies’ board of directors. Apparently, these secret emails were discovered at a computer repair shop. Those emails found their way to […]

Obama’s Physician Admits Biden isn’t “Mentally Capable”

For quite a while now, we, as American citizens, have seen some rather disturbing signs from presidential candidate Joe Biden – signs that give us pause as to whether he would be a good fit for the Oval Office at this point in his life. However, few of us are doctors who have much experience […]

Finally, Newsom is Challenged for His Dictatorship Over California

Gavin Newsom, the mayor of California, is acting as though he’s a dictator across the state. What he says goes. Or, does it? It turns out that Californians are tired of his antics – and he’s being challenged in the same way that Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has been. He’s gone too far. Dems seem […]

Continued Civil Unrest in MN Could Lead to a Trump Victory

The Democrats can’t seem to get their cities under control – and what’s been going on in Minnesota is unbelievable. They have proven that they’re not even listening to the rants of concerned citizens. The citizens want the police. They want protection. Yet, the Dems continue to push for defunding the police and allowing the […]

Explosive New Information From Hunter Biden Emails Puts Target on Joe Biden’s Back

News broke on Tuesday of hard evidence showing not only a connection between Hunter Biden and suspect international officials, but that he connected his father, Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, to these individuals as well. According to The New York Post, the evidence proves that Joe Biden did indeed pressure government officials in Ukraine into […]

Biden’s Agenda Includes Permanent Mask Wearing as He Brings Himself to an End

History will remember Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the party of the mask. Their reluctance to admit the lies that surround mask-wearing fuels their campaign. Behind the mask is the fear and torment of being forced to wear one. Biden pushes that the virus is very much alive and deadlier than ever. He also […]

Justice Served? Dem’s Frivolous Emoluments Lawsuit Against Trump Is Going Nowhere

When the Democrats filed an emoluments case back in 2017, the Supreme Court wasn’t willing to take it up. The lower court’s ruling about the case is going to be allowed to stand. The resistance is taking on water and it is starting to sink. Reuters is here with the breakdown and we are glad […]

Alabama Reinstates Election Laws Blocked by Obama Appointed Judge

As you well know, this voting season will likely be far different from those of the past. With COVID-19 still very much a concern, many will be utilizing absentee or mail-in ballots to cast their vote for the November 3 general election. This, in and of itself, has posed multiple problems already, from mail delivery […]

Whitmer Loses a Second Time Over Her Attempt to Become Dictator

Goofy Governor Whitmer has had her face slapped off again as the Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that she is overstepping her authority as it relates to COVID-19. Whitmer has seen to it to keep the state locked down and over restricted. Her power grab is nothing more than an attempt by her to control […]

Biden’s “Senility” Could Cost Him the Election, Forgets Mitt Romney’s Name

By now, it’s pretty obvious to just about everyone that democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is losing it, and by it, I mean his mind. Gone are the days when even semi-eloquent speech, or even coherent thoughts, escaped his lips. Instead, all that we are left with is the ramblings a man with early-onset dementia. […]

New Evidence Shows Masks Are Ineffective to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

Dr. Robert Redfield dropped a bombshell on the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee six months ago. He claimed that healthy people do not need to wear masks. Of course, the liberals were frothing with rage because this went against their chosen agenda. They told people that all of the medical professionals were on their side on […]

Michigan’s Governor Gets a Harsh Reality Check on Executive Orders

For months, Gretchen Whitmer has been keeping the people of Michigan hostage. As the governor of the state, she believed she was keeping everyone safe from the pandemic. Instead, she was killing the economy and holding people against their will. As Governor Whitmer has fought the courts to maintain her control over the people, she […]

First Time Ever: Florida Police Chiefs Endorse President Trump

There is a lot to be said with how law enforcement agencies worldwide are flocking to support the only candidate who has stated he is for law and order. The Democrats have made their point that they are for chaos and crime, while President Trump is for the country being secure. He alone has supported […]

Even the WHO Says Lockdowns Are a Bad Idea

As we enter the nearly nine-month mark of the coronavirus pandemic, we notice more and more effects of the disease, or should I say, how we have handled the disease. And it’s leading many experts to believe that we’ve done it all wrong. Take the World Health Organization or WHO, for example. As the organization […]

Postal Worker Arrested After Mail-In Ballots Found in Dumpster

A New Jersy postal worker was arrested after it was found that he is likely guilty of dumping mail in a dumpster. Included in that mail were mail-in ballots that were supposed to be delivered to local voters. According to Fox5 New York, the mail carrier was arrested on Wednesday for discarding “a large amount […]

What? Leader of Rogue Republican Group Give Their Justification for Anti-Trump Campaigning

President Donald Trump’s polarizing presence hasn’t just divided America, it has divided Republicans. Former high-level Republican strategists and campaign players have done something many expected would never happen: they’ve turned their back on the Republican presidential candidate. Thanks to the psychologically aware way that the two-party system works, most die-hard party supporters only ever voice […]

Real American Dems Actually Like Amy Coney Barrett

Suppose the establishment media, also known as the Democrat Party’s propaganda wing, is to be believed. In that case, Amy Coney Barrett is evil, crazy, and will ruin this country by overturning both Roe v. Wade and Obamacare. And as such, no one in their party likes her all that much. However, it would seem […]

Harris Chokes at Debate and Blames it on Her Being a Girl

Kamala Harris was incapable of debating on the level that Vice President Mike Pence was operating on. She could not think on his level or respond intelligently to the questions or rebuttals that came her way. All of her supporters are going to declare that she won the debate. But the world that was watching […]

Ted Cruz Warns of the Real Election Drama Without Judge Barrett

The Dems want to yell and scream about how the GOP is daring to fill the seat left open by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. However, they seem to be forgetting that the Supreme Court needs to operate with nine judges. Ted Cruz, the Republican Senator of Texas, has explained why there’s going to be […]

Democrats Threaten to Destroy Supreme Court

Joe Biden is the mysterious candidate that is running for the presidency. There are certain things that he refuses to announce as his campaign moves along. The reason he refuses to reveal his plans is that he has none. And that is fairly evident with what he has not revealed about his idea to pack […]

Biden Defies All Odds and Says Another Dumb Thing About Police

Joe Biden has no filter left for his mouth. All attempts to tell him what to say by the puppet masters have failed, and he is embarrassing every Democrat in the country. Over the past few months, he has said a lot of things that have made no sense at all. And now it seems […]

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