Hilarious! Mexico Wants the Wall Now as the Tables Turn

Last year, when President Trump wanted to build a wall, Dems hated the idea. They felt it was inhumane and against immigration policy. Mexico hated it, too, because they didn’t want the Central Americans staying within their country. Now, suddenly, it’s okay to have a wall in place. It’s okay for one country to block […]

FL Sheriff Has Unconventional Plan for Violent Protesters

The protesters throughout Florida are getting increasingly more violent. The police cannot handle it all. Further, it seems that most of the protesters have a problem with the police. Clay County’s Sheriff, Darryl Daniels, warns that he will deputize all lawful gun owners if the protests continue to become too violent. The video showed on […]

Purposely Inviting the Infected, the Winner is Whoever Gets the Virus First

COVID-19 has changed a lot of how people today are transacting business. Some places will not let people in the doors until they have placed a mask over their mouths. Other businesses still have to limit the number of people that they can seat or serve. But with all of the hype and caution that […]

The Hard Truth: BLM is a Symbol of Hate

Black Lives Matter. It’s a movement, a phrase, and what’s tearing the country apart. It’s hard not to turn on the radio, TV, or go online without hearing about what BLM protesters have done most recently. They’ve held up signs, blocked traffic, murdered innocent people, destroyed public property, and defaced national monuments. BLM loves themselves. […]

Dementia Bound Biden Faces Reality

Joe Biden has been slipping in and out of sanity for the past few months. His recalling of past events and facts has been completely unreliable. He has had people such as Obama and others telling him what to say and how to act in front of people. And now it seems that Biden is […]

The Media’s New Rumor Regarding Another Pandemic Coming (Not from COVID-19)

The Democrats, China, and the laughable media are working hard to turn the world upside down. The Democrats brainwash people to see hatred and malice everywhere they look. The media pushes the liberal agenda so much that the brainwashed people act out in violence thinking the world is coming to an end. As COVID-19 pushes […]

DeSantis Signs Bill Giving $500M Raise in Teachers’ Salaries

The state of Florida is benefiting from the awesome leadership of Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. He has paved the way for a model response to COVID-19 in dealing with the issue and reopening the state. He looks out for the people of Florida, no matter what their affiliation in life. And he does not stop […]

The Real Reason Why Texas Put the Brakes on Reopening

I don’t think anyone was shocked that the state of Texas was the first to reopen its doors and businesses after the novel Coronavirus seemed to lessen its hold on our nation. After all, Texas has pretty much operated as its own nation within a nation for most of its existence. However, Governor Greg Abbott […]

Democrats Pitch a Fit Over Trump’s Newest COVID-19 Response

The outbreak of COVID-19 will be the highlight of 2020 as the year moves along. It will be what most people will remember about this time in history. What they will also remember is the way that President Trump led the nation through this most difficult time. 2020 will also be the year that marks […]

UNHINGED: Pelosi is Now Blaming Floyd’s Murder on Republicans

Nancy Pelosi claims to be a politician of the people. However, her latest remarks have begun to show who she really is – someone determined to completely divide the country. She’s now accusing Senate Republicans of trying to get away with the murder of George Floyd’s death. Oh, so what one cop in Minneapolis did […]

Presidential Debate but with no Audience…What are the Democrats Up to?

There’s the need to find a location to host the next presidential debate, which will be between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Miami is considered to be high on the list of locations. However, the Miami mayor has been honest about the pandemic – and the area has become one of the latest hotspots in […]

Intense: Dramatic Video of Man Saving an Officer’s Life from Burning Car

The issue of racism is being pushed by the Democrats on a record level. They want to see a division between people of color. They desire to promote hatred between the police and citizens of the country. For the past several weeks the Democrats have gotten their wish as liberals have marched through America attacking […]

Liberal Hothead: Favre Says Kaepernick’s a Hero

As the issue of racial injustice has once again spread like wildfire across this nation, the infamous Colin Kaepernick and his short-lived NFL career has been allowed to take up space in the limelight once more. But, surprisingly, this time, it’s because someone else just actually stood up for him. I know it’s a rarity […]

Again?! Redskins…Hey, Wait, That’s Not a PC Team Name

The Redskins have been an NFL team for decades. However, the name is based on the Native Americans who used to live throughout the region. Native American advocates have been working to change the name for years – and they feel the climate is right for bringing it up again. Surely, if statues representing slaves […]

Final Warning: Don’t Mess With Texas or Their Monuments

Texas is a big state that is full of proud Americans. They thrive on their history and the glorious past that so richly defines their part of the making of the United States of America. The protestors that are flooding the streets all over the country are targeting monuments of history. They are destroying them […]

PROOF: Defunding of Police Kills People

What is being called critics are actually Democrats and liberals voicing their hatred for the very people that keep law and order in their communities. Law enforcement all over the country is at the mercy of the so-called critics as they try and force the defunding of police departments in major cities around the nation. […]

GOP: ‘We’re Thinking Landslide’ for Teflon Trump

The has never been as great a president than that of President Donald Trump in the Oval Office. His successes in the first four years more than erase the pressures of the last six months of his first term. Even the past six months have been successful for him as he navigated through a pandemic, […]

Trump on Seattle: The “Ugly Anarchists Must be Stopped!”

The battle between the president and the Democrats has taken an amazing turn in President Trump’s favor over the past few days. President Trump has demanded that the state leaders take back the area that was overrun by the civilian terrorists. They have no right to disrupt the normal flow of law order in the […]

Oh, Brother: Portland Needs a Lesson on the Difference Between a “Bridge” and a “Wall”

There’s some irony found when a Democratic city like Portland builds a wall around themselves for protection. Yet, when the country wants to do the same to protect against overwhelming immigration, we’re cruel and heartless. It also appears Mayor Ted Wheeler needs a lesson regarding the difference between a “bridge” and a “wall.” He gave […]

Southern Black Democrat Introduces Pro-Trump Bill

If you have heard of the name Vernon Jones and you aren’t from Georgia, it’s most likely because of the political upheaval he caused earlier in the year. He is the southern black Democrat who announced he would be supporting President Donald Trump for re-election in November and not his party’s assumed nominee former vice […]

The Riots Are No Longer About Justice, But Revenge

The riots have gotten out of hand. What started out as peaceful has led to not only the destruction of property but innocent lives have been lost. Police officers have died while defending the streets against the rioters – and yet, the riots continue to rage on throughout the streets across the country. How many […]

Mississippi Seeks to Part from Its Southern Past, Draft New Resolution

With all of the unrest taking place in the country, it is easy to think that it is time for major change. But the truth is that there are only a handful of people that are causing the unrest. And with the support of the wacky media, it seems like the entire country is rioting. […]

Will We Stop Teaching US History in Schools? Erase it Completely?

There’s the simple concept of being taught about history so that we don’t repeat it. History lessons are taught so that we learn about how we have evolved. It’s to ensure we don’t make the same mistakes over and over again. If we get rid of history simply because it hurts someone’s feelings, where does […]

WB Takes an Anti-Gun Stance: Elmer Fudd Loses His Hunting Rifle

Warner Brothers have been producing lovable cartoons for decades. They’re lovable because they relate to so many different people. There’s Daffy, a duck with a speech impediment. There’s Bugs, a bunny with a huge ego. There’s Taz, a Tasmanian devil that has ADHD. Then, there’s Elmer Fudd, a hunter with a rifle. WB has chosen […]

Thugs Steal 150 Handguns and Rifles from Gun Store

Gun stores are the one place that hardened criminals would like to loot. For people that thrive on violence, it is an easy way to get ammunition and weapons that can be used for crime. One city in New Mexico was hit and hundreds of guns and ammunition were taken. Law enforcement has opted to […]

WW II Flag Stolen From Museum During Riot Returned With Handwritten Message

As I write this morning, I am in complete awe of the chaos that is taking this country by storm. And maybe that is why this bit of news hit me so hard, returning a small glimmer of hope for both America and humanity as a whole. As I am sure you are aware, the […]

Black Lives Matter Killing People of all Colors

The late-night protests to demonstrate that a certain group of lives matter is more than meets the eye. The cries of agony and hatred toward all law enforcement are nothing more than a smokescreen covering the true motive behind the violence that is ripping through the country. The people that riot doesn’t care about the […]

With Hospitalizations Dropping, is the Coronavirus Still a Concern?

With looting and rioting all over the streets of the United States, it would appear that there’s no pandemic. Even in the peaceful protests throughout the day, there’s hardly a mask in sight. Is the coronavirus still a concern? The CDC still shows active cases occurring around the country. Florida just had one of its […]

Trump is Protecting Freedoms Causing Dems to Shake in Their Boots

The internal attacks from the Democratic Party as they incite riots around the nation are calling for a major response. For years, the Democrats have promoted the idea that racism exists in the United States. They have brainwashed the minorities into believing that they are oppressed at the hands of the Republican Party. So now, […]

De Blasio Wants Police to be Harmed During Protests

Mayor De Blasio is living up to his sadistic reputation as a staunch liberal by siding with the violence that destroyed the rule of law in New York. Law enforcement in New York does not have the support they need to do their job which is to protect life, liberty, and property. The angry selfish-driven […]

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