Political Division Mark White House and the Senate as Biden and His Monkeys Cannot Find Common Ground

For the longest time, it has been the Republicans that have fought to keep the filibuster in place so one political party cannot overrun the minority in the Senate. The filibuster is a set buffer that keeps things fair in government. One political party must have 60 votes to advance specific bills. It has also […]

California Is Planning to Stop Escalating Chemical Abortions on College Campuses

Many states in America have been passing pro-life laws in recent years, and the abortion industry is frantically looking for ways to circumvent these new laws. The most common focus of those pushing abortion is now through very risky, do-it-yourself chemical abortions. This method leaves the mother enduring the trauma of ending her pregnancy alone […]

Maricopa County Sabotaging the AZ Audit?

It’s been pretty clear from the get-go that Maricopa County officials and Democrats aren’t exactly thrilled with the knowledge that their election is being “scrutinized” and held accountable for any mistakes or errors that may or may not have taken place during the November 3rd general election. However, you’d think that if any such errors did […]

Democratic Congress Kept in the Dark by Biden

Joe Biden is venturing out on his own and leaving the Congress behind. Both groups of liberals think they are in charge, and they are unwilling to work with each other. The Democratic Party is fractured. They try and make people think that they are united, but they are a divided house. And they will […]

DeSantis Stands Strong Against Mask Mandates in Florida…Psaki Lashes Out

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida stood tall on Thursday defending his position that he would not impose a mask mandate on school children for the upcoming school year. DeSantis said, “There shouldn’t be any coercive mandates on our schools,” and then he added, “We certainly will not have any mandates on students and on […]

Russian Mercenaries Kill and Torture Civilian Man in Syria…Putin Endorsed it…Lawsuits Have Been Filed

There is nothing more gruesome than purposely inflicting excruciating pain on a person, but the Russians appear to revel in it, and desperate pleas for mercy only increase its entertainment value. Russian mercenaries roaming the sands of Syria are in their element. They couldn’t ask for a better playground. A dried-up oil rig in the […]

Today Show Longs for Yesterday…Dealing with Lowest Ratings in 30 Years

The Today Show may be longing for their popular yesterdays and worried about their tomorrows. A recent ratings analysis indicates that viewership for NBC’s flagship morning news and entertainment show has reached its lowest point in 30 years. A lot has changed since “Today” was hosted by TV mega-stars such as Bryant Gumbel, “America’s Sweetheart” […]

GA House Speaker Demands Forensic Audit of Fulton County

If we know anything about the 2020 general election, it is that it was likely the most controversial one seen in the modern era. Not only in the way it was conducted but also in the way the results presented themselves and were counted. Naturally, it has led many to question those results, especially in […]

Texas Democrats Who Fled Capitol have Ultimatum for Texas Gov

Texas Democrats made headlines when they fled Austin, TX, and their responsibility in order to avoid voting on a bill they didn’t care for. It was cheap, childish, and altogether devoid of consciousness. However, since it got the job done of not having to vote on laws that were very likely going to pass in […]

Here We Go Again! California’s Newsom Warns He’ll Shut Down the State and Schools Again if Californians Don’t Obey

He’s not making a direct threat here but the implication is very clear. No one wants to come out and make a definitive statement at the moment. Californians are being given a directive, though: get vaccinated or risk another lockdown. This statement also casts major doubt on school openings come fall. Small businesses could be […]

Bad China, No Donut. Biden’s Approach to China’s Microsoft Hack is Pathetic

There’s a reason why China and the rest of the world think that President Biden is weak and pathetic. He is. And his approach to China hacking Microsoft is proof of it. The Biden administration has formally blamed China for the hack that took place on Microsoft servers back in March. Criminal hackers carried out […]

DC Becomes the Poster Child for What Happens When Police Reforms Take Effect

Crime rates are on the rise in Washington, DC. Is it that there are more criminals on the run? Possibly. However, there’s really only one thing that has changed that would lead to higher crime. Police reform bills have been passed, making it harder for the local police to do their job. Gregg Pemberton, the […]

Catholic Senator Finds out He Cannot Take Communion Because He Supports Killing Babies

The Biden regime has renewed its attacks on the unborn by supporting abortion and pushing for its legalization everywhere. The liberals think that people have the right to kill unborn children just because they can. The right to live is a fundamental concept ingrained in every person. So, when the church steps up and supports […]

40% of New COVID Cases Have Been Fully Vaccinated in the U.K…

Here in the United States, the novel coronavirus vaccine has been pushed on us for quite a while now. According to the political left, it is really the only way to ensure that COVID-19 is stopped completely, not only in our country but also worldwide. And, in the hopes that they are correct, many of […]

It’s All Fun and Games Until the Radical Dems Bring COVID to DC

We all saw the photos. Texas Democrats fled the state because they didn’t want to do their job. They knew they weren’t going to win the vote, so they decided to hop on a private jet so that the state legislature couldn’t reach quorum. And while those Dems were on a private jet, they chose […]

Defund the Police…But Wait…Cori Bush Wants Security

Liberals are really good at making demands of things that other people should give up…like security and peace of mind. How is it that a U.S. Representative can spend months demanding that the police be defunded only to turn around spend close to $70,000 on private security? Well, Cori Bush has managed to do exactly […]

Breaking: Cuomo’s to Finally Gets What’s Coming to Them

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is no stranger to controversy, thanks to his life in the spotlight, perpetual lying, and generally mob-boss type activity since taking office. He is, however, a stranger to being called out on his troubling and likely illegal actions. It’s unclear why the good people of New York voted a person […]

Liz Cheney’s Jan. 6 Profanity Laden Diatribe Against Republicans Shows her True Colors

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) is not the most popular Republican among her peers in the House of Representatives. In fact, she’s probably not even among the top 50, to Republicans that is. She’s much more popular with Democrats, who see her as a possible defector on the issue of the Jan. 6 Capitol Hill riots […]

Biden Forced to Admit That His Utopia for America Is an Absolute Failure

Jenn Psaki is the spokesperson for the White House. She has to tell America everything that Biden commands her to speak. The nutty president’s secret plan for America is to get everyone to embrace communism with a heart that accepts it willingly. For years the Democrats have painted the picture that socialism is grand and […]

As a Stern Warning to the U.S., China Storms the Beaches in a Huge Military Assault Exercise

Roughly the size of Maryland and Delaware combined, Taiwan has been an independent country since breaking ties with Communist China in 1949, even if the Chinese refuse to admit it. The strategically located dot on a world roadmap has flourished under its own control and China doesn’t like how Taiwan has made a mockery of […]

AZ Audit Results Are Coming In

Most of the country has been anticipating the much-debated Arizona election audit results, the first full forensic audit of its kind to happen on such a large scale. Well, the wait is finally over, at least in part. While the audit has not been completely finished yet, there has been enough progress made to announce […]

Major Support for DeSantis as Internet to Cuba Idea Takes Shape

The people suffering in Cuba are looking for anyone willing to help them find freedom. They have tried to tell their stories by posting to social media only to have their internet cut off by their evil dictator. The Cuban people have a lot of people that want to help them any way that they […]

BLM Proves Idiocy with Statement on Cuba

The boldness of liberal groups such as Black Lives Matter has taken them to the highest pedestal from which they thought they could never be removed. But when their arrogance takes them down a path away from American ideology and freedom, they quickly find out that they are not as popular as they think they […]

Imagine a World in Which Trump Is Proven Right Over and Over Again

The 2020 election was the worst election of all time. The nasty Democrats were able to get their media allies to ignore a massive scandal that is still being uncovered one bit at a time. The methods employed by the liberals to hijack an election gave them something to worry about for years to come. […]

New York Times Crosses the Line and Defends Teaching Porn to Kids

The insanity flooding the country because of Joe Biden is absurdity on display. The Democrats think they can do whatever they want with any person, no matter what their age might be. Parents are in an outrage at a school counselor who thought it would be good to teach little kids all about pornography and […]

You Might Have to Pay for Abortions Yet…

If the Democrats had their way, abortion would be free and legal to all, no matter the circumstances. But, of course, the only way it can be free is if you are forced to pay for it via your taxes. They’ve been fighting for such to happen for years. And this week, they’ve gotten closer […]

Texas Gov Shows Democrats How They Deal With Liars and Lawbreakers

Texas Democrats are still Texans. It’s a truth that many struggles with on a daily basis. Much of this anxiety is due to the tenets of the Democrat party running contradictory to the very things that Texans hold dear. Without boring you with the details you no doubt already know of Texas’s former status as […]

Ben Carson Blows CRT out of the Water Proving It’s Even Breaking Down the Democratic Agenda

If someone told you that an iconic and renowned neurosurgeon was finding new ways to save the world and particularly the most innocent among us, from damage and destruction, you’d probably brush my comments off, saying you don’t have time to read about your favorite television doctor (who by the way, never have to die, […]

Texas Democrats Acting Like Spoiled Brats as They Run Away to Stop Important Vote

State-level Democrats in Texas have done what is expected of them when facing opposition. They have decided to take flight in an attempt to keep the state legislature from passing bills that would effectively make Texas a more incredible place to live. Their reasoning behind refusing to show up to work is that Republicans developed […]

EU Decides that Not All Vaccines are Created Equally

It seems that the entire world seems to be focused on equality in one way or another. While the U.S. tears itself apart from the inside as liberals insist that white people don’t view Black people as equals, the European Union is concerned with a real issue – and one that we should all be […]

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