De Blasio Wants Police to be Harmed During Protests

Mayor De Blasio is living up to his sadistic reputation as a staunch liberal by siding with the violence that destroyed the rule of law in New York ...Read More

Cuomo Slammed for Blaming President Trump for Deaths

Governor Andrew Cuomo is the one comical Democrat that had extreme COVID-19 polices. He did everything he could to imprison the people of New York ...Read More

New Guidelines Released…The Mask Police Are Going to Be Furious!

The mask police have been in full force for weeks. Now, they’ve come out in droves as states begin to open the economy back up. They’re starting to ...Read More

Moscow Doesn’t Get US Space ‘Hysteria’ as Musk Taunts Russia

Russia is amazed at the excitement of the United States people. They just cannot understand the reason why millions of people have cheered over the ...Read More

Gov Northam: It’s Mandatory You Wear Face Masks Indoors!

The Democrats are sucking the freedoms and hope from people all across the country. They desire to lock people in their homes so the people cannot ...Read More

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Finish Building the Wall…Border Agents Stop Large of Amount of Methamphetamine From Getting Through

Poll: Should Taxpayers Pay for the Wall?

For the sake of our brain-numbed Kool-Aid swallowing Democrats who make every attempt at diminishing the same rights and freedoms enjoyed by those ...Read More

Rand Paul Says He’s Now Immuned to Coronavirus, Refuses Mask

Republican Senator and hero of America, Rand Paul, has decided to live the way his body is telling him too. He has decided that he no longer has to ...Read More

Another Woman on Biden’s Shortlist Is in Hot Water

At this point, everyone knows that assumed Democratic nominee Joe Biden is looking for a woman as his choice for VP. And as that election is drawin ...Read More

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