Bill Maher Warns Liberals Of The Dire Consequences Of Letting Cancel Culture Run Amok

(Liberty Bell) – Bill Maher is no small-government conservative and has, on more than one occasion, defended socialism and much of the left’s political agenda. However, if there is one area in which he is often the lone voice of reason among leftists, it’s free speech and cancel culture. Maher has spent his career warning […]

Thanks To Big Tech Censorship, Liberals Officially Outweigh Conservatives On Social Media

(Liberty Bell) – The Silicon Valley Tech Tyrants can virtually get away with whatever they want, and we’ve all stood by as they’ve established their own corporate version of China’s social credit system under which conservative ideals are undeniably verboten. President Donald Trump and a host of various associated accounts were banned from Big Tech […]

Ted Cruz Declares At CPAC: ‘Donald Trump Ain’t Going Anywhere’

(Liberty Bell) – Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and former presidential candidate, gave an encouraging and highly-charged speech on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) that is being held in Orlando, Florida from Thursday through Sunday of this week. He spoke boldly against the coronavirus lockdown restrictions and why Republicans need President Donald Trump […]

Former Clinton Adviser Sounds The Alarm About The True Intentions Of Democrats, Says They’re Ushering In ‘Totalitarian State Before Our Eyes’

(Liberty Bell) – Author and Democratic Party activist Naomi Wolf said something on Monday that’s definitely going to make her very unpopular within her own movement and party concerning the true intentions of modern liberals and what they want to accomplish with the coronavirus pandemic. According to BizPacReview, Wolf stated that “autocrats” are using the […]

Look Who Gets A Nice Cushy $21,000 Bonus In Pelosi’s $1.9 Trillion COVID Bill

(Liberty Bell) – The United States House of Representatives are set to vote on Speaker Pelosi’s $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package, which also happens to be chock full of items off the Democratic Party wish list, on Friday, and with liberals in complete control of both chambers of Congress, you can pretty much guess how […]

Tucker Carlson Destroys Claim About 11 Million Illegals Living In America: ‘Obvious Lie’

(Liberty Bell) – Ask most folks who are politically active and interested in what’s happening in our country how many illegal aliens are currently living in the United States and the answer you’ll likely receive is 11 million. The problem with this is this is the same figure that has been repeated for the last […]

New York Democrats Completely Flip On Gov. Cuomo — Call For Charges To Be Brought Against Him ASAP!

(Liberty Bell) – New York Assembly member Ron Kim, a dedicated Democrat, along with Jessica Ramos, also a die-hard Democrat, held a protest rally on Wednesday outside City Hall where they demonstrated that they have totally flipped on Gov. Andrew Cuomo and are now calling for charges to be brought against him for covering up […]

Psaki And Biden Take Heat Over Previous Tweets Slamming Trump For Syria Strikes

(Liberty Bell) – The hypocrisy and double standards of the left are never-ending. As a matter of fact, they’re probably the most consistent, reliable thing about the left. When President Trump was in office, leftists had a meltdown over kids being kept in supposed “cages” along the southern border. Now, that very same detention facility […]

ABC’s Jon Karl Proves To Be No Match For Scalise Who Outclasses Him On Obsession With Trump And Capitol Riot

(Liberty Bell) – Despite the fact that former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial is now done and in the past, the Senate having voted to acquit him of the charge of inciting an insurrection over the riot that took place at the Capitol building in January, many members of the mainstream media are still […]

Matt Schlapp Trades Verbal Punches With Angry Chris Cuomo Over Trump Making CPAC Appearance

(Liberty Bell) – American Conservative Union chief Matt Schlapp traded some serious verbal punches with an irate Chris Cuomo during an interview conducted on CNN Monday night. Cuomo stated that former President Donald Trump’s claims that he had the election stolen from him due to fraud and manipulation of the ballots were unfounded and then […]

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