House Ethics Committee Concludes: Tlaib Violated Campaign Finance Law

It’s no wonder the “squad” and its four freshmen congressional members must have come together so closely in the last couple of years. Not only do they have the same ideas on policy and politics, but they also seem to have a penchant for violating campaign finance laws and ethics. Representative Rashida Tlaib of Michigan […]

Trump to Biden: Let’s Add Another Debate

As November and the upcoming presidential elections draw ever closer, the presidential debates loom right around the corner. But if President Trump has his way, they might be even sooner. On Wednesday, the Trump campaign, via the President’s personal attorney and liaison between the presidential debate commission, Rudy Giuliani, requested that another debate be added […]

Whoa: NYC Health Commissioner Resigns, Throws De Blasio Under the Bus

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is by far one of the least popular leaders ever to reside in the Big Apple. And as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues, that popularity only seems to decrease. This week, his leadership or lack thereof become the deciding factor in the city’s health commissioner’s resignation. And she […]

History’s Bound to Repeat Itself Because of Ignorant Dems Messing with School Curriculum

This just in: several decades from now, there will be a civil war, concentration camps, and more. Why? Students didn’t learn from history. The history they were taught eliminated anything that was considered ‘offensive.’ The ignorant Dems have decided that its best to adjust school curriculums. What people have been learning for decades is no […]

‘Mafia Tactics’: All is Fair as Long as Blacks Get More

Black Lives Matter. Yes, we’ve heard. We agree. However, that’s not enough for the BLM protesters. Although most blacks agree with the basic aspect that black lives matter just as much as everyone else’s, the protesters are demanding more and more. This goes far beyond reparations. This is about making America pay for the fact […]

Governor Says Science Proves Kids Should Go Back to School

One of the biggest arguments on today, both in individual states and jurisdictions and nationwide, is whether kids should be sent back to school this fall with the novel coronavirus pandemic still going on. And as most schools were previously scheduled to start back up in just a few short weeks, some find themselves no […]

After Three Decades a University of Arkansas Professor is Brought to Justice…He’s Been Working for China

China has been popping frequently in the news these days as their network of spies residing in the U.S. is under close scrutiny by government officials. In addition to spying, other fraudulent activities by people with close ties to the communist nation are on the rise. These people are embedded in American society and many […]

VIDEO: Woman Screams in Cop’s Face Over Making Her Back Up While Rioting – She Didn’t See This Coming!

Law enforcement all around the country is under attack by left-wing wackos that seem to want to kill off every officer in the country. These ungrateful people have been fed the propaganda of the Democrats for so long that they have been brainwashed into believing every single officer is corrupt and tortures people in prison. […]

Why Over 100 Police Units Withdrew from the DNC Convention

With August just around the corner and the Democratic National Convention now in sight, the city of Milwaukee is gearing up to host the expected nomination of Joe Biden as the party’s official presidential nominee. However, it seems the city may not be as equipped for such an event as they once were, at least […]

More Trouble for Biden as More Disgusting Tweets Are Found

It would appear that no one on Biden’s hiring team doesn’t do much if any background checking except to see if they are a registered Democrat and a Trump hater. Proof of this comes as the second staffer, and this time a high-profile one has been found with less than admirable tweets and messages on […]

Why Trump’s Cancellation of the GOP Convention Leaves Libs Speechless

The libs love nothing more than to paint Trump as an insensitive idiot who is only out to do what he wants to do. Now, they’re left with their mouths hanging open as he cancels the GOP convention that was set to take place in Jacksonville. President Trump has been keeping a close eye on […]

Whoa! Hell Has Finally Frozen Over in Chicago!

he dirty Dems really have to be careful about using words like “never.” They always seem to come back to haunt them, and that’s when the GOP gets to hear the sweet sound of victory. Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, said that she would “never” accept Trump’s help in the form of allowing federal agents to […]

White Mother Stands Idly by as Black Boyfriend Violently Kneels on the Neck of her Restrained and Screaming Baby

Unless you’ve dwelling under a rock, you and everyone else in the U.S. is all too familiar with the death of a black man caused by a police officer kneeling on his neck. The black man, of course, was George Floyd. The incident immediately caused the phrase “I can’t breathe” to be echoed down every […]

Friend Takes Emergency Flight Out to Try to Save Presidential Candidate Kanye West

Since the Fourth of July, when Kanye West announced to the world via Twitter that he would be running for president, he has been a very busy man. And with only four months left until the election, it is only to be expected. But many are beginning to suspect that the famous rapper and fashion […]

Biden Plans to Abolish Suburbs in America: Setting Up Communist America

Joe Biden is the man that no one wants to have around because he is terrifying. It is the dream that he has for America that is pushing people away. President Trump is telling the true story and intent behind the Biden campaign. His agenda and plan for America essentially “totally destroy the beautiful suburbs,” […]

Video: Back the Blue Turns into Black and Blue Brawl in Denver

What started out as a great way to honor officers turned into an all-out brawl in Denver. This just shows that BLM and all of the other misfits want to have it their way – and only their way. So much for this whole thing of free speech and all. On July 19, those who […]

Assassins Attack: Democrat Connections Sought

The Democrats are a group of people that are involved in a lot of shady business. Joe Biden secretly and deniably aided his man-child son with getting a board position in a company in Ukraine. Later it was discovered that the also allowed his brother to trick people into believing that Joe Biden was in […]

Sneaky: Gun Store Posts Epic Sign to Non-Mask Wearing Customers

As our nation seems to be experiencing a resurgence of the novel coronavirus, and so seeing much higher positive test results, many states and jurisdictions have once again begun putting things on lockdown or, at the very least, requiring the use of facemasks when outside of the home or inside businesses. For the most part, […]

U.S. Taking a Huge Bite Out of China’s Defiance

Chipper China has long been the oddball favorite presence in the South China Sea. Their presence has been anything but peaceful as they push their dominant presence on all those that use the waterways. Maritime freedom is the sea that has been the issue for many years. The United States has a strong presence in […]

FL Lab Inflates Cases by Over 1000%

As we all know, the media, especially those backed by the liberal establishment, are prone to exaggeration, often taking considerable liberties in reporting and even infusing heavy bias into their stories. However, not every case of this can be blamed entirely on the media alone. Sometimes, it is their informants or sources. Such is the […]

WaPo Lib Adds Another Sports Team Name to the Chopping Block

The liberals of the Washington Post are good at sucking the joy right out of America’s favorite pastime. Now, not even baseball is safe from the cancel culture. Is the name offensive? No. Yet, one writer manages to root around in enough history to rewrite it so that the Rangers should be on the chopping […]

See Why 150+ Minneapolis Officers Filed PTSD Claims – It’s Not What You Think

If the liberal lunatics of the left don’t want the police force, the Minneapolis Police Department is about to give them their wish. Or at least 150 officers are. According to the Washington Post, over 150 current police officers have recently filed for disability benefits so they can permanently leave the job. Most say they […]

Delusional LA Teacher’s Union Thinks BLM Paves Way for Ignorant Demands

The fight to reopen schools took an interesting turn when the Los Angeles school district put out a paper that claims that any money that comes from defunding the police should be theirs to have and use and their discretion. The paper is pushing the notion that the Blacks Lives Matter group is legitimate and […]

Is Vindman a Hero or a Traitor…You be the Judge…Here are the Facts

Lt. Col. Vindman deserves every bit of thanks he gets for honorably serving our nation. Here comes the “but.” His time spent in the White House deserves not even one lone thank you. Recently retired, Vindman claims he was the victim of constant bullying during his time spent in the Trump administration. He further believes […]

Founder of America’s Exclusive ‘Wine Partnership’

“For the First Time Ever, We’re Opening Our Cellar to Every American… Enjoy These 3 Amazing Malbecs!” A Personal Malbec from Argentina’s Top Winemaker (95 points) The Exclusive 8,950 ft. Malbec from Argentina’s Remote Salta Valley A “Grand Reserve” Malbec From The Sacred Inca Valley of Famatina A Tradition 200 Years in the Making A […]

Ex-NFL Player Exposes Ridiculousness of Black National Anthem with One Short Statement

Football, as we Americans know it, is something entirely, well, American. It is so American, in fact, that when speaking about the popular sport to non-US citizens, one must use the term “American football.” If you don’t use this distinction, most people would assume you are talking about the sport of soccer, as it is […]

BUSTED: Ilhan Omar Funneled Massive Amount of Campaign Funds to New Husband

Ilhan Omar is America’s husband stealing representative. Her involvement with her now-husband start years ago as she methodically seduced Tim Mynett into cheating on his wife. Since those days, Mynett ended up getting divorced and prophetically married Ilhan Omar. The little cheat Omar divorced her family as well all for the sake of money. Tim […]

Did Un-American Ilhan Omar Just Declare a Civil War?

Ilhan Omar may be an elected Representative of Minnesota, but she has also made it clear that she is not in support of the America that she is currently employed by. Many of Omar’s tweets have shown that she takes a non-American approach to all that is going on. As a member of the Democratic […]

Black Democrat Trashes His Own Party – The Truth Bomb Explodes!

The Democrats have been on a roll lately, canceling anything and everything that even remotely goes against their plan or what they call racism and bigotry. But as one of their own just pointed out, if they are going to be honest with themselves and this nation, the next thing they need to cancel is […]

China Wants to Play War: The United States Flexes Its Muscles!

China has been taunting the United States for a long time. They have tried to blame the outbreak of COVID-19 on the United States Military. They have worked at stealing secret biological material from American Universities. And now they are threatening to use weapons that can cripple if not destroy aircraft carriers. China has an […]

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