Surprise! US Farmland is Being Sold to China

For a country that acknowledges how bad China is and how we are not allies with them, we are constantly doing deals with them. Now, we’ve learned that U.S. farmland is being sold to China. Why in the world would we sell our farmland to Communist China? And, exactly how much land are we talking […]

Amid Growing Problems, the Vatican Now Faces Embezzlement Charges…There’s Nothing Godly About How They’ve Wasted Tithes and Offerings

The Vatican is a world unto itself. For centuries the Catholic man/gods have ruled the roost with little interference from pesky outsiders reviewing the spoils of their labor. No one has dared to question their elaborate gold-plated goblets or the priceless art hanging on their fortress’s sacred walls. Their magnificently ornate worldwide showplaces, cleverly disguised […]

California Is Planning to Stop Escalating Chemical Abortions on College Campuses

Many states in America have been passing pro-life laws in recent years, and the abortion industry is frantically looking for ways to circumvent these new laws. The most common focus of those pushing abortion is now through very risky, do-it-yourself chemical abortions. This method leaves the mother enduring the trauma of ending her pregnancy alone […]

DeSantis Stands Strong Against Mask Mandates in Florida…Psaki Lashes Out

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida stood tall on Thursday defending his position that he would not impose a mask mandate on school children for the upcoming school year. DeSantis said, “There shouldn’t be any coercive mandates on our schools,” and then he added, “We certainly will not have any mandates on students and on […]

GA House Speaker Demands Forensic Audit of Fulton County

If we know anything about the 2020 general election, it is that it was likely the most controversial one seen in the modern era. Not only in the way it was conducted but also in the way the results presented themselves and were counted. Naturally, it has led many to question those results, especially in […]

Bad China, No Donut. Biden’s Approach to China’s Microsoft Hack is Pathetic

There’s a reason why China and the rest of the world think that President Biden is weak and pathetic. He is. And his approach to China hacking Microsoft is proof of it. The Biden administration has formally blamed China for the hack that took place on Microsoft servers back in March. Criminal hackers carried out […]

It’s All Fun and Games Until the Radical Dems Bring COVID to DC

We all saw the photos. Texas Democrats fled the state because they didn’t want to do their job. They knew they weren’t going to win the vote, so they decided to hop on a private jet so that the state legislature couldn’t reach quorum. And while those Dems were on a private jet, they chose […]

Breaking: Cuomo’s to Finally Get What’s Coming to Them

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is no stranger to controversy, thanks to his life in the spotlight, perpetual lying, and generally mob-boss type activity since taking office. He is, however, a stranger to being called out on his troubling and likely illegal actions. It’s unclear why the good people of New York voted a person […]

AZ Audit Results Are Coming In

Most of the country has been anticipating the much-debated Arizona election audit results, the first full forensic audit of its kind to happen on such a large scale. Well, the wait is finally over, at least in part. While the audit has not been completely finished yet, there has been enough progress made to announce […]

Imagine a World in Which Trump Is Proven Right Over and Over Again

The 2020 election was the worst election of all time. The nasty Democrats were able to get their media allies to ignore a massive scandal that is still being uncovered one bit at a time. The methods employed by the liberals to hijack an election gave them something to worry about for years to come. […]

Texas Gov Shows Democrats How They Deal With Liars and Lawbreakers

Texas Democrats are still Texans. It’s a truth that many struggles with on a daily basis. Much of this anxiety is due to the tenets of the Democrat party running contradictory to the very things that Texans hold dear. Without boring you with the details you no doubt already know of Texas’s former status as […]

Texas Democrats Acting Like Spoiled Brats as They Run Away to Stop Important Vote

State-level Democrats in Texas have done what is expected of them when facing opposition. They have decided to take flight in an attempt to keep the state legislature from passing bills that would effectively make Texas a more incredible place to live. Their reasoning behind refusing to show up to work is that Republicans developed […]

Oops…There’s a Slight Problem with the Johnson & Johnson One-Shot Vaccine…It’s Called Paralysis

Not all COVID-19 vaccines are created equally. When the mad dash to get vaccines running through bloodstreams began, pharmaceutical giants were mixing a dash of this with a pinch of that in hopes of winning the coveted blue ribbon. Johnson & Johnson was the first to offer a convenient one-shot and done vaccine, but the […]

Donald Trump Is Proven Right Yet Again Regarding Democratic Takeover of America

Donald Trump is still the majority favorite of conservatives. He has solid supporters and has already proven that he has what it takes to tear down the liberal corruption. No other man in conservative history has done what has in defense of American freedom. The liberals hate the man so much because he stands for […]

Trump Appointee Fired by Biden Refuses to Leave Work…

As you well know, when a new president is elected, most of the staff in the White House and surrounding offices are replaced, especially if the new leader is a member of the former’s opposing party. Unsurprisingly, over the past few months, Democratic President Joe Biden has proved to do just that. As a result, […]

Liberal School Hiding the Truth So We’ll Believe Their Lies

The National Education Association is taking a page out of the Democrat’s playbook by making it seem that they are not teaching things in classrooms around the country. The latest topic at their annual meeting was the Critical Race Theory. It was on the list of nonsensical items that liberals love to talk about, except […]

Mandatory Vaccines: Life as We Know It Ends

There are a number of basic human rights that have been established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations. This includes the right to life as well as no torture or inhumane treatment. There’s also a right to privacy and the right to freedom of opinion. These aren’t rights as Americans. […]

Murderers on the Loose in Illinois with Victims’ Families Clueless

When murderers are sentenced, it creates a sense of justice within the families of the victims. It allows the families to have a sense of relief knowing that the murderers can’t hurt anyone else. In Illinois, however, murderers are treated a bit differently. In 2007, Montral Fleming was murdered in Peoria by his girlfriend. Tewkunzi […]

Military Troops Are Slaughtering Doctors and Nurses in Myanmar…Will Biden Step up to the Plate?

According to the rules of war as outlined in the Geneva Convention medical personnel are not to be fired upon in battle. Their only purpose is in attempting to save the lives of the very ones the enemy is trying to take and they are to be permitted to do so without interference. Logically, it […]

Dems Plan to Spend $870 Million on Border Security – in the Middle East

If you’re anything like me, you don’t need any reminders of just how bad a job Democratic President Joe Biden is doing to protect our nation, whether from financial strain or from being invaded by hordes of illegals. However, this past week, the Democrats in the House of Representatives just released their proposed Department of Homeland […]

And the Truth Will Set You Free–NYC Finds a 135,000 Vote Error in Election Count

There is a lot of speculation as to the reliability of the 2020 election results. Many people suspect that Joe Biden is not supposed to be the president for this term. But instead, it is supposed to be Donald Trump sitting in the White House. The suspicious nature of the election has many citizens wondering […]

LA County Reinstates Mask Mandates Due to Delta Variant

It’s no secret that California has been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic – not just in terms of how many positive cases and deaths, but also when we talk about shutdowns, mask mandates, and regulations that have limited both business and economic growth. The hope has been that as the pandemic […]

Is Biden Inviting Americans to Buy F-15 Fighter Jets Instead of Guns?

It seems as though President Biden can say anything and the liberal media just goes along with it. He’s lost his mind – and he’s challenging Americans to move against the government. What is going on inside of Biden’s brain? Americans are fighting to maintain gun rights and Biden hears it as a challenge. No […]

Harris Visits the Border but Points the Finger Back to Trump

Kamala Harris realized that she was about to piss off an entire country if she didn’t visit the border. The call from both the Republicans and the Democrats was getting louder. So, she visited…but she didn’t like it. And, she did one of the most ridiculous things that she could have possibly done. She pointed […]

Cotton Discusses the Ugly Truth on Liberal Crime

There are few Republicans who can shed the light on the ugly truth quite as brightly as Tom Cotton. The Republican Senator from Arkansas is outspoken. He’s also been monitoring the crime across the nation. As Democrats love to try to point the finger and blame someone else for their misfortunes, Cotton is there to […]

Panic Sets in for Liberals as DeSantis Takes More Action to Stop Their Invasion

The law the liberals in Florida hate is being celebrated by every American-loving person. Governor DeSantis signed a bill into law that officially ends the dangerous practice of conducting yearly assessments of college campuses for the sole purpose of determining the diversity and intellectual freedom of the students enrolled. The liberal practice was dangerous to […]

Kamala Harris to Lose the Titles She Covets With Love?

Kamala Harris is living on top of the world with all of the titles that she has placed behind her name. But the one thing she has missed is that with each title comes an envelope of things that she is supposed to take care of. When Joe Biden put her in charge of the […]

Afghan Security is Worsening, Yet We’re Still Pulling Troops

President Biden has been so focused on making himself look like a saint that he hasn’t bothered to consider the ramifications. Biden promised the country that troops would be pulled from Afghanistan by September 11. Now, as Afghanistan faces more security issues than ever, the country’s president is planning to visit the White House. President […]

Rioters Get a Pass in NYC Thanks to Forgiving Dems

Imagine watching rioters tear apart New York City in one breath. Then, in the next breath, they’re being pardoned for their actions. It seems that the Dems in NYC are a lot more forgiving than Republicans. Being charged with a crime and sentenced to time in prison is a punishment. It is the consequence of […]

Maxine Waters Radical Accusation Against Trump Campaign Likely Says More About Waters Mental Health Than It Does Trump

California Democrat and primetime news spectacle Maxine Waters has once again graced the airwaves with a ridiculous claim about former President Donald Trump and the left is eating it up, as of yet, unwilling to separate themselves from anything anti-Trump, even the insane ramblings of Waters. The accusation was made Saturday on CNN (big surprise […]

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