Support Trump and Find Yourself Out of a Job

Anyone who has been a Trump supporter over the past four years knows that it can be dangerous to admit it out loud. For four years, we’ve read stories where angry liberals have pushed people wearing MAGA hats and yelled at people for wearing Trump-Pence gear. Now, as the political animosity between the two sides […]

Free Speech Under Attack: Does Social Media Have Too Much Power?

Not since John D. Rockefeller and the Oil Trust of the early 1900s has one person or a collection of business interests have had so much influence on American government. Big Tech has invaded our lives, our pocketbooks, and our politics. Investigative organizations such as Project Veritas have documented Google’s manipulation of search engine algorithms […]

A Weak Biden Means Strong and Dangerous Enemies…And They Know It

Joe Biden is by far the weakest person in history to ever be considered as a president-elect person. There is speculation that sickly man will not even make it to the White House, let alone the entire span of his upcoming term. The Democrats have made a mess of the country as they stole an […]

The Dems Criticize Melania’s Fashion Choices but Look at Harris

The liberals have shown their true faces. As if we didn’t know already, they’re planning on holding Kamala Harris to much lower standards than they’ve held women of the Trump administration to. As the First Lady, Melania Trump was constantly criticized for her name-brand coats and bags, her presence of high heels, and her overall […]

Details of Veteran Shot At US Capitol And Final Words Leave More Questions Than Answers

Americans were shocked to learn that an unarmed woman had been fatally shot during the Washington D.C. protest on Wednesday. The woman, who has been identified as Ashli Babbit, was an Air Force vet from California, according to The New York Post. Babbitt, like many of the roughly two million demonstrators in Washington on Wednesday, was […]

Vandalizing a Senator’s Home – Not the Best Way to Be Heard

Dealing with liberals is often like dealing with toddlers. You let them have their temper tantrum, but you don’t give in to their demands. They’re overtired. They don’t know what’s best for them. So, you let them stomp their feet and, then, you put them down for a nap. Now, if that toddler gets so […]

Grocery Store Pharmacy Caught Giving Out COVID-19 Vaccines?

If you listen to the media, they’ll tell you that it’s too difficult to get vaccines. They’ll complain that the distribution is slow and that the only way to get the shots is to visit hospitals and doctor’s offices. Oh, and the vaccines are only going to frontline workers and those who are at high […]

Liars! Democrats Fail to Distribute Vaccine

The nasty Democrats have laughed at the idea that a vaccine could be developed and distributed in less than a year. The wisdom of President Trump paved the way for the dream to become a reality. And now that the vaccine is being sent around the country, the Democrats have to swallow their arrogant pride […]

Portland Mayor Promises to Finally Do His Job After Extreme Violence–Believe Him?

Being a mayor is a hard job. It’s why it’s important that citizens look at the qualifications of an individual before filling in the circle of just any name on the ballot. Ted Wheeler, the mayor in Portland, has proven time and again that he’s in way over his head. Wheeler grew up in Oregon. […]

Voting for Pelosi Worth Risking the Lives of Many?

It’s one thing to support your political party and something completely different to not care who you hurt in the process. Representative Gwen Moore decided that she was going to vote for Pelosi on the House floor, even if she did announce that she tested positive for the coronavirus. The Democrats seem to be ready […]

Proud Boys Force Closure of Hotel Harrington and Harry’s Bar in D.C…Get Ready for Some Intense Violence

The Proud Boys are a loosely knit, extreme-far-right, neo-fascist, male-only, rag-tag bunch of misfits, who falsely claim to be a political organization. They actively promote political violence in the United States and Canada, but mostly, they just enjoy beating people up and destroying things. You know how it is. A bunch of guys out for […]

Another Liberal Hypocrite! Baldwin’s Wife, Born White Hilaria From Boston, Pretended for Decades to Be From Spain

2020 has been full of strange stories but this one just might take the cake. Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of actor Alec Baldwin, finds herself in hot water because she may have misrepresented herself. She has been referring to herself as Spanish for the majority of her life but the jig may now be up! […]

The Death of ‘The Squad’ is Moments Away

The fantastic four, also known as “The Squad,” show up in public with their teeth dug into each other’s throats. The four women banded together two years ago because they all hated President Trump. After all, working together is not as glamourous as they once thought. They are finding out that they all want power, […]

Joe Biden’s COVID Plan: Heavily Flawed Even Before Launch

Biden is coming! Biden is coming! Liberals across the country seem to think that, miraculously, the pandemic is going to end as soon as Biden gets inaugurated. The problem is that they’re wrong,  very wrong. Joe Biden has an entire transition team to help him with America’s problems. He’s also got a COVID response team […]

Team Trump Files First Court Case with Supreme Court

It is finally official that President Trump has moved out of the lower courts and finally arrived at the Supreme Court. The high court has so far refused to listen to the states and their complaints about the election fraud issue, but now that the president is involved, things are about to take a decisive […]

Fainting & More Following the “Life-Saving” Vaccines

If it were up to the Democrats in DC, they’d have everyone line up and get the vaccine. Forget about freedom. Take your number, get your shot. They’ll even wave an economic stimulus check in front of you. Be a good little American and get your shot like we tell you to do. There’s a […]

Pelosi’s Plan to End Homelessness in San Francisco: Let Them Die of COVID or Overdose

San Francisco may be considered a liberal utopia but this city is not all that it is cracked up to be. While everyone is being told to keep themselves safe from COVID-19, drug overdoses are actually a much bigger issue in this city. Their strict pandemic lockdowns have done nothing to slow down the amount […]

Nice One, Twitter…Crenshaw is NOT Following Escorts

How is it that Twitter is still allowed to function with all its lies and deceit? The latest of how they continue to fail the GOP while spreading the hate and filth of the liberals looks a lot like a prank pulled off by high school kids. Dan Crenshaw, a veteran and GOP Representative from […]

Pirates of the Columbia and Other Fine Examples of Democratic Failures

Why do the Democrats continue to fail? From encampments to riots to ridiculous pandemic rules, they’ve shown how poorly they lead their people. And with such failures in Democratic cities and states, why do they continue to get votes? It’s as if American liberals have been brainwashed to think that they have to vote for […]

Some of China’s Biggest Tech Firms Are Being Banned From the U.S…They’ve Been Attacking Us for Years…It Stops Now

As has always been their long term plan, the Chinese are everywhere, and not in a good way. Chinas silent war has been escalating for decades with each new advancement in technology. But playing the same game for too long is a risk every hardened criminal would advise against if asked. It only increases the […]

Sen. Peters Just Got Torn a New One by Sen. Johnson Over a Blatant Accusation of Spreading Disinformation…This’ll Burn Your Ears

And so continues the saga of Hunter Biden, Papa Joe’s pride and joy. Joe Biden’s puppets have gone to enormous lengths to squelch all talk of his kid’s follies. And the liberal media, by direction, is distracting their viewers with concerns about where the Trumps, including Ivanka and Jared, are going to call home. You […]

Is the Chinese Army in Maine? No, and Twitter Should Know Better

OMG, the Chinese Army is invading Maine? No. not even close. However, Twitter has allowed such news to circulate even though it couldn’t be further from the truth. Twitter seems to be in the business of allowing fake news to run rampant. They’ll allow the tallest of tales to hit their platform but ban anything […]

Stop the Madness! Orange County Sheriff Refuses to Enact Judges Order to Release Child Molesters and Murderers

Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes is currently fighting back after a Superior Court judge has issued a truly insane order. As prisons look to release their violent criminals back into society, there are no shortage of issues that have begun to arise. While we understand the necessity for reducing prison populations in the wake of […]

Michigan AG Is Trying to Force People Into Providing Services That Go Against Their Beliefs…Can She Do That?

You do what you want to do and I’ll do what I want to do. This is the American interpretation of freedom. We do as we like and if we see something we don’t like we keep walking. We choose how to spend our time, as well as what to do with it. Now. If […]

Clinton Wants Electoral College Abolished, and Who Is She to Ask for Anything?

Yes, we know, Hillary. Had it not been for the pesky Electoral College, you would have won the presidency. After all, you did win the popular vote simply because California and New York voting for you. The Electoral College, however, is what ensures that every state gets a say in who the president of the […]

Trump Was Right Again! Turkey Makes Inroads Against – Wait for It – Russia

Turkey’s open backing of Azeri forces and the incursions against Armenian forces by Azerbaijan have been discussed before and readers probably remember these conversations well. At first, it looked like a new Armenian genocide was underway. Once Russia decided to step in to mediate a ceasefire, their own troops were moved into the area. This […]

Cuomo Bullied One of His Aides Until She Quit…He Also Sexually Harassed Her

When the “me too” movement became all the craze, women from every cobwebbed corner of America emerged from the shadows to claim their victim statuses. Don’t misunderstand, sexual harassment should never be tolerated in any form, but deciphering legitimate claims from the phonies is not always an easy task. In cases where a lack of […]

Democrats and Communist China are Tied at the Hip and Here is the Proof

The connection between the Democratic Party and communist China has never been more apparent than what it is today. In two years, two Democratic leaders of Congress have been caught meddling with and involved with a Chinese spy ring. Eric Swalwell is a Democrat from California, is being investigated for his work for China that […]

EXPOSED: Georgia Busted Accepting Multi-Million Dollar Zuckerberg Grant for ‘Safe Elections’

A recent report from Breitbart News revealed that the Fulton County Board of Commissioners in Georgia accepted a Mark-Zuckerberg funded Center for Technology and Civic Life “Safe Elections” project at a September 2, 2020 during a board meeting. While accepting money might not seem out of the ordinary for a politician, what does seem strange […]

Gun Violence Soars in NYC and Ignorant De Blasio is the Cause

Why is it that Bill de Blasio still has a job? He doesn’t want to keep the police around – he’s managed to slash their budgets something drastically. Meanwhile, he won’t actually help the crime rates because he’s too concerned with appealing to all of the bleeding-heart liberals. Once upon a time, New York City […]

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