DeSantis Makes Move to Protect Floridians from Communist Influence

The media is in an all-out panic each time that the governor of Florida takes to the stage. He has a way of putting the truth out there for the people to know. And He certainly is not going to let the mass media twist his words into lies that they can use in their […]

AOC Strikes Again: Is Her Idiocy Strong Enough to Take Schumer Down With Her?

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has not made any secret of her controversial stands on a plethora of issues. She and her “squad” have become so progressive that even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has had to, at times, separate herself from the group in an effort not to be taken down by their far-leftist ideology. The […]

DeSantis Has Message for Republicans That They Need to Hear

Millions of people in America want to see a president that will not give in to pressure. They want to see a person that will fight for what is right, and that will make America great again. They voted for Donald Trump in record numbers. But the liberals had to photocopy their ballots and wreck […]

Rand Paul’s Merciless Mocking of Fauci is Worth the Price of Admission

Last week saw many Americans shocked that White House adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci could have been so duplicitous to the American people while in a position of power. His public-facing comments about the COVID-19 virus appear to completely contradict Some of the most disturbed seemed to be the groups pushing his books, including Amazon and […]

This U.S. Dept. Under Biden’s Leadership Is Putting U.S. Nat’l Security at Risk…They’re Giving Sensitive Technology to the Chinese…Yeah, Really

The Chinese communist regime never sleeps. They are around the clock working to develop the latest and greatest technologies to be used solely for their evil intentions. While the peasants under their strict control are forced to dwell in squalor, billions of dollars are being sunk into new ways of conquering the planet. And the […]

The Uneven Application of Our Laws in America Today

The organizations “Black Lives Matter” and ANTIFA are responsible for staging demonstrations across the country following the death of George Floyd. These demonstrations often turned violent, leading to looting and arson on a scale this country has never seen. The final tally of the monetary damages amounted to over 1 billion dollars.  At least 19 […]

Biden Begs for America to Be Home to 11 Million Illegals

How many illegal immigrants become the breaking point for the United States? What is the number where we draw the line? How many will ruin the economy beyond repair? It seems that President Biden wants to keep pushing the line to see just how many it will take to break the United States. The Biden […]

Changing the VA Motto…Will It Change History?

Ahh, the liberals are at it again. Let’s just tweak a few speeches given by important presidents throughout history. They won’t mind, will they? The VA motto has stood for as long as it has because it’s a way to honor history. The motto is also based on a quote from Abraham Lincoln. To change […]

Of Course, Dems Claim AZ Election Audit Won’t be Valid…

As the Democratic Party has reported on a number of occasions now, 2020 was supposedly the most secure election to ever take place within the United States. And yet, somehow, there are vast accusations of voter fraud and outright cheating. So many, in fact, that an entire run-off election in the typically red state of […]

Newsom Comes to Grips With Reality as He Faces the Truth That He Is Not the Supreme Power of the Universe

Democrats all over the country think they are invincible. They believe that they are the final source of authority and all others need to bow to their demands. During the pandemic, every building locked up tight for several months as a precaution. But when it was determined that things would not be as bad as […]

ICE Melts as Biden Embraces Illegals

The liberals have cried for years about the immigration law enforcement agency known as ICE. For years ICE has protected the United States by finding and deporting illegals that have violent criminal records. The illegals that ICE takes into custody are people that are wanted for murder and sexual assault against young people. And these […]

Republicans Trying to Stop Taxpayer-Funded Abortions at University of Wisconsin Are Meeting Resistance from Libs

Wisconsin liberals are up in arms over state Republicans taking a firm stance against abortion. If the conservations get their way, a new proposed bill would deem it illegal for the University of Wisconsin System and UW health workers to perform abortions. The bill would further prevent any new doctors or technicians to be trained […]

Four Black Males Suspected of Shooting BLM’s Sasha Johnson

According to the political left, any crime committed against someone of minority descent, except for Jews or Asians and especially if they are Black, is considered to be a hate crime. And when the victim of the crime also happens to be a Black Lives Matter activist, well, you better be prepared for an onslaught […]

The U.S Is Sending Financial Aid to Gaza Despite Israel’s Objection…Biden’s Playing With Fire and Someone’s Gonna Get Burned

Apparently, the U.S. has chosen sides in the war between Israel and Palestine. While an overwhelming number of Americans are die-hard fans of Israel, Biden and his rat pack have gone against the grain by offering financial support to Gaza. They claim the money is only to be used to assist displaced civilians and that […]

Epstein Prison Guards Make Massive Admission…

We’ve all been there… You’re watching a movie or TV show, and the bad guy gets away. The cops lose him or make a mistake that lets him go free. And just like that, you’re angry. You’re mad at the bad guy, mad at the cops. Hell, you might even be mad at the victim […]

Don’t Show Your Face in New Hampshire or Get Arrested

There are differences between laws and policies. The police are supposed to arrest those who break the law – not those who disagree with policies. Yet, in New Hampshire, one woman gets handcuffs thrown on her because she chose to go maskless. Is this what the country has become? We’re simply going to arrest those […]

China Denies Forcing Uyghur Muslims to Praise Them in Videos…New Concrete Evidence Proves Differently

China has long denied accusations concerning the vile mistreatment of its Uyghur Muslim population. To prove their point Bejing released a series of videos featuring some of their captives smiling and giving thanks for the wonderful lifestyle the Chinese government has provided their unworthy selves with. It’s part of a massive campaign by the Chinese […]

Apparently, Palestinian Lives DON’T Matter to Rashida Tlaib

It’s a tale as old as time, and no, I’m not talking about Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Instead, I’m going to speak of a conflict that has been going on for centuries but, due to recent provocations, has gained much attention worldwide: the Israeli-Palestine struggle for dominance. As you likely know from recent […]

Bison-Horned Shaman’s Lawyer Calls Capitol Invaders “Retarded Short-Bus People”…Except for His Client

There’s no light at the end of the tunnel for the man known as Q-Anon Shaman. Jacob Chansley, the guy beneath the fur hat and war paint, is the prolific figure who seemingly led an angry mob through the front doors of the Capitol Building on January 6. Some even believe him to be the […]

Evil Ilhan Omar is Concerned that the U.S. is Helping Its Allies

It’s insane when one member of Congress has decided that they want to hate everything about America and its allies. What’s even more insane is that there are enough liberals to vote her into office, even after she has identified her true colors. Meet Ilhan Omar. She’s from Somalia, she’s Muslim, and she’s more concerned […]

Israel’s Precision Puts Enemy to Shame as They Minimize Death Count by Responsible Warfare

Jerusalem Israel
While Joe Biden sits in his rocking chair in the White House wondering if he will ever be able to take off his facial diaper, the nation of Israel is fighting terror at their gates. Hamas came at Israel with thousands of rocket attacks which forced Israel to retaliate and target terrorist strongholds. Many Democrats […]

Chris Cuomo Proving Once Again His Brother Isn’t The Only one Bad at the Basics Economics

A disappointing unemployment report for the month of April confirmed what conservatives have been repeating over and over: the extra $300 a week in unemployment benefits only serve to incentivize workers to stay at home. This is part of a crucial rule of economics which says that you tax what you want to discourage and […]

Biden Says Reporters Are “Bad” for Making Him Answer Questions

While Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t necessarily hiding in the basement any longer, he isn’t strictly allowed to be out in public or in front of a microphone for very long. And when I say he’s not “allowed,” I mean just that. For the second week in a row, Biden has made comments about him […]

Former Texas Mayoral Candidate Prosecuted for 109 Felony Voter Fraud Charges

As you well know, voter fraud and allegations of such have been discussed much over the past year, as COVID-19 and its subsequent pandemic allowed for a massive increase in changes to the voting system, most notably with the addition of widespread mail-in voting. And while some of those allegations have turned out to be […]

White House Press Secretary Cops to Left’s Biggest Ploy – Reporters Shocked

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki shocked some Americans and confirmed what many others knew, which was that the Biden administration seems well aware that the news media is completely capable of manufacturing hysteria among the American people. While so many of those on the left insisted during the entire last administration’s term that everything […]

Flashing an “OK” Sign Leads to Liberals Calling for Elon Musk’s Fiery Death

The hand gesture where you form a circle with your thumb and index finger has always been the sign for “OK.” It’s been used for decades – and it is continuously used because it’s familiar. People don’t suddenly forget a hand gesture that they’ve used for decades simply because liberals have changed it to mean […]

Another Cuomo Adviser Leaves Scandal Ridden Office

As accusations of scandal and calls for New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo’s resignation continue, another in a long list of advisors and aides has left his position. Cuomo’s communications director Peter Ajemian announced on Friday that he was taking his leave from the world of politics to “pursue opportunities in the private sector.” Ajemian […]

Trump Goes All in as He Launches His New Platform for America Free of Liberal Poison

The liberal media and Democrats have done their best to incriminate Donald Trump as some kind of radical parasite that deserves to be silenced for all time. They publish lies and try to formulate fake stories about the man long after he has left office. And now that he has been banned from the large […]

Montana Pulls Out from Federal COVID Unemployment Programs

The northwestern state of Montana has made some rather bold moves as of late, from making a promise to reject federally proposed gun control measures to passing multiple laws that protect the unborn. But clearly, Republican Governor Greg Gianforte isn’t done making changes for the betterment of his citizens, as he proved again this week […]

Biden Promises Massive Tax Cut for People Earning Under $400,000 per Year

People are beginning to love it when Joe Biden makes a mess with his mouth. Some of the things that he says make absolutely no sense at all. Then there are the other times when what he says causes people to want to impeach the man for being so hurtful and careless with his power. […]

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