Hilarious! Mexico Wants the Wall Now as the Tables Turn

Last year, when President Trump wanted to build a wall, Dems hated the idea. They felt it was inhumane and against immigration policy. Mexico hated it, too, because they didn’t want the Central Americans staying within their country.

Now, suddenly, it’s okay to have a wall in place. It’s okay for one country to block the other country from entering. Only, it’s not the United States building the wall and telling Mexico that they can’t come in. It’s the other way around.

Residents throughout the Mexican town of Sonoyta sit across the border from Lukeville, Arizona. They have blocked the main road from the U.S. border and have even built a makeshift wall. Why? Arizona has seen an uptick of COVID-19 infections. They were worried that people would enter Mexico, bringing their illnesses with them.

On Saturday of the 4th of July weekend, the town’s mayor, Jose Ramos Arzate, issued a statement, “inviting U.S. tourists not to visit Mexico.”

What’s interesting is that Mexico doesn’t seem to see the hypocrisy. One of the reasons why the U.S. wanted a wall was to eliminate unlawful immigration. Those who come in from Mexico and Central America don’t have the same immunizations that America has. Therefore, there’s the question of just what diseases they may carry. Now, Mexico has the same concern over Americans.

The wall wasn’t a success in Mexico, either. Neither was the roadblock created by local residents.

Several travelers were caught on video, complaining about their right to cross because of being Mexican citizens.

Mayor Arzate said that those from the United States should only be allowed to enter for “essential activities.” It is why they kept the checkpoint and inspection point near Lukeville open and operating.

Mexico is obviously starting to panic about how they’re faring in regard to the coronavirus. While they haven’t been close to the number of positive cases of the United States, their death toll is considerably higher on a ratio basis. They are struggling to keep people alive once the diagnosis has been made.

Across the United States, approximately 3 percent of those diagnosed with COVID-19 will die. In Mexico, they have had over 30,000 deaths to the 256,000 cases they have had, showing that they have over a 10 percent death rate.

It’s understandable that the country wants to lock things down because they’re in a state of emergency. They will build a wall, create a blockade, and do whatever they can in order to keep their country safe. Especially with Arizona’s numbers skyrocketing in recent days, it’s enough to send anyone into a panic.

But isn’t that what the United States was trying to do last year? The number of people simply entering the country without going through the proper measures were topping out at tens of thousands a week. The U.S. is not equipped to have that many people enter illegally – our economy cannot handle it and it questions the overall safety of our citizens. Those entering illegally could be bringing disease as well as criminal records with them.

It’s why we wanted to crack down on what was going on at the border. It’s why we wanted to create a wall.

Now that Mexico is learning what it means to keep their citizens safe, they’re learning that a wall may not be a bad idea. It turns out that a wall works both ways. We’ll keep our citizens in our country if you keep yours out of ours. You know, unless there’s an “essential” activity that needs to take place.

The mayor of Sonoyta had the right idea to create a barrier. Perhaps he learned that from President Trump, not that he’d ever admit it.

Although the barrier has come down, citizens are still leery about letting cars come into their country, especially those with Arizona plates. It appears that the coronavirus has taught our southern neighbor a thing or two about unlawful immigration.