Barrett Owns Democrats as They Try to Trap Her With Words

The iconic picture of Amy Coney Barrett holding up her notepad by request an ally has proven that the Democrats are no match for the elite. Barrett is one of many that the Democrats cannot control. Her empty notepad symbolizes what being steadfast and determined can do for a person being attacked by hateful Democrats […]

Lindsay Graham’s Challenger Takes Unprecedented Step

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsay Graham became a household name during the confirmation hearing of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh after he vehemently stood up to his Democratic counterparts for what he considered a gross miscarriage of justice toward the Catholic father of two. Graham, who (at the time) served on the committee, chaired by […]

Murder in the Streets is Democrats Legacy

Black Lives Matter people are the cruelest parasites living in the country. The group started out claiming that they were protesting for social change because they believed that law enforcement was abusing black people. But their pernicious ways are really about selfish greed and taking what does not belong to them. Instead, they would murder […]

Police Tells Citizens to Surrender Property to BLM and Obey Them

All across America, people are being threatened to give up their milk money or Black Lives Matter and their liberal cohorts are going to radically beat them to get what they want. The liberals torched the 3rd precinct of Minneapolis after George Floyd was killed. Ever since that Democratic staged day, liberal criminals have been […]

Finally! Reluctant Mayor Seeks Trump’s Help with Violence

There is nothing better than watching a Democrat beg for help from President Trump because their methods of crime prevention were so bad that crime is out of control. Lori Lightfoot is the arrogant mayor of Chicago that thumbed her nose at President Trump’s offer for help in stopping the crime. But now her reluctance […]

California Denies They Jumped Through Trump’s Hoops to Get Coronavirus Aid

Democrats aren’t big on two things: Trump or saying ‘thank you’ when Trump does something for them. That’s why Governor Newsom is about as tight-lipped as he can be now that it has come out that he had to secure coronavirus aid from who he deems to be public enemy number one. A report came […]

Hillary Warns That Trump Won’t ‘Go Quietly’

It will never cease to baffle me at just how hypocritical and ironic the Democratic left can be. And the saddest part is that they fail to even remotely see it. Take former first lady, secretary of state, senator, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, for example. These days, she has a one-track mind that continues […]

Obama Shut Down H1N1 Testing, Making Biden’s Attacks on Trump’s Coronavirus Screening Moot

Old man Joe Biden is losing his mind and he is losing the presidential race. His latest attacks on the president center around the president wanting to stop coronavirus testing. Biden stated that “the crisis in Arizona is the direct result of Donald Trump’s failure to lead and his desire to ‘slow the testing down,’ […]

Biden’s First Order of Business: Destroy School Sports with Transgender Ruling

Joe Biden has been relatively quiet on where he stands regarding the transgender athlete issue. That issue, of course, is whether boys who identify as girls will be able to play on the girls’ teams and vice versa. Well, he’s decided to come forward with his stance. If Biden were to win the General Election […]

The Reason Kentucky National Guard Showed Up at the Primary Election

Throughout Kentucky, many of the people who volunteer their time at the voting centers are elderly. They’re the ones being told to shelter at home until the spread of COVID-19 dies down. That leaves a problem, though. With the elections in Kentucky, how are the polling locations going to get the help that they need? […]

What Police Unions Are Saying About Defunding of Their Departments

Although it’s hard to see what the rioters and looters are really doing when they’re breaking into stores and burning mattresses in the streets, it comes down to one thing. Defund the police departments. After all, in their minds, defunding is a way to avoid corrupt cops. Defunding is a way to improve other areas, […]

De Blasio Drops Major Bomb on NYC

Bill De Blasio is going to be the ruination of NYC. His liberal roots are forcing him to attack the very people that protect the city so its people can sleep safely at night. His plan to remove funding from the police department is a deliberate attack on the men and women that keep illegals […]

Moscow Doesn’t Get US Space ‘Hysteria’ as Musk Taunts Russia

Russia is amazed at the excitement of the United States people. They just cannot understand the reason why millions of people have cheered over the feat of sending people back into space. For years, America has been on the sidelines of space exploration because of the trouble with the space shuttles. Since the shutdown of […]

Gov Northam: It’s Mandatory You Wear Face Masks Indoors!

The Democrats are sucking the freedoms and hope from people all across the country. They desire to lock people in their homes so the people cannot destroy the environment and live their own lives. The Democrats are all about control. They strive on forcing people to live on liberal handouts through big government and unnecessary […]

Rand Paul Says He’s Now Immuned to Coronavirus, Refuses Mask

Republican Senator and hero of America, Rand Paul, has decided to live the way his body is telling him too. He has decided that he no longer has to wear a mask when he serves in the Senate. He has already had the virus and now his body is immune from its effects and he […]

Abrams Staffer Boasts of Minority Turnout and Then Complains of Voter Suppression

As you likely know, Democratic presidential candidate and the assumed nominee for the party Joe Biden is looking for someone to name has his running mate for the upcoming November election. He has already stated that he would very much like to see a woman in that position. And we all know that a woman […]

Liberals Now the Victims of Their Own Gun Control Laws

For years, liberal democrats in deep blue states like California and New York have been pushing for more regulated and stricter gun control laws due to tragedies around the nation involving firearms. And for the most part, those laws have won. California, which only gave Trump 31.6 percent of their vote in 2016, officially has […]

Trump Freezes WHO Funding and Promises an Investigation

The WHO and its director-general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus are officially in for it now. The organization and its leader are being accused of grossly mishandling the coronavirus pandemic and its subsequent spread throughout the world, as well as helping the communist nation of China cover up first the virus’ existence and then its severity […]

Trump Declares Gun Sales Essential

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocked and delayed the Trump administration’s attempt at getting Americans the aid and relief we so desperately need during this pandemic, it became clear that even worldwide tragedy would do little to stop the Democrats from taking advantage of any opportunity to get more power and riches. And so it […]

States Threaten Jail Time Over Pandemic

The coronavirus has everyone on edge. Many cannot leave their homes except for essential business only. Some cannot have visitors because they are in a rehabilitation center. Stores have nothing of value left in them for people to buy. And now it seems that that liberal states that locked everyone down are threatening jail time […]

LA Helps Spread the Virus with This Move for the Homeless

The California Democrats are scrambling to find ways to appear caring and benevolent as the year moves forward. For several months they have mishandled the affairs of the state, the threat of wildfires and the homeless problem that plagues every major city. Their recent decision to appear caring is seen in their vote to allow […]

Sanctions Have Shutdown 25 Percent of Iranian Oil Rigs

Iran is suffering big at the hands of their criminal leaders. Their leaders are looking to develop nuclear weapons at the expense of the well-being of their people. When corrupt Obama led the United States into a treaty with them years ago it allowed Iran to develop their weapons without being watched. But since that […]

US Schools Closing Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

The COVID-19 coronavirus has crossed the threshold of over 90,000 cases confirmed worldwide.  It is a growing epidemic that is leaving many shocked at how fast this deadly virus has spread over the last few months. While everyone remains cautious, the worst thing anyone can do is panic.  School leaders are bracing themselves as they […]

Supreme Court Protects Border Agent from Lawsuit Filed by Illegals

An illegal Mexican that was trying to cross the border was shot and killed as they allegedly played a game. The way the game works is that kids run over the border and back again. The sad part is that teenagers were playing this so-called game when it is a game for little kids. The […]

Bankruptcy for the Boy Scouts of America – Why?

The Boy Scouts of America have officially filed bankruptcy due to years of sexual abuse allegations.  They filed Chapter 11 to keep their doors open and pay off hundreds of lawsuits, at the same time, manage their finances and rebuild trust.  A trust fund has been set in place with a time limit to come […]

Democrats Want to Pass Bill that Makes Sex Outside of Marriage Legal

The Democrats have made it their mission to destroy the great state of Virginia with the wacky policies and personalized liberal agendas. Their attempt to control the guns of the state has led to massive resistance. Even with thousands of people protesting in front of their faces they still push on and fail to listen […]

It Turns Out that Capitalism is Far More Popular Than Socialism

Anyone who has paid attention to the mainstream media cannot help but note that the meme that socialism has become more popular than it has traditionally been as of late, especially among young people. Social scientists explain this phenomenon by suggesting that memories of the Cold War have started to fade, and economic insecurity has […]

Tennessee’s ‘Enhanced’ Heartbeat Bill Will Restrict Abortions

The liberals and the deathly Democrats are just going crazy with all the pro-life action that is taking place. Their murderous teachings throughout the year all come crumbling to the ground when the March for Life Rally takes place. The media attacks the attenders and supporters with fake stories and liberals everywhere take to the […]

Another Feather in Trump’s Cap–Immigration Policies Showing Huge Results

The southern border has been a problem for President Trump ever since he took the office. Except for the problem was not the people trying to get into America. It was rather the people that were already here. It continues to be the Democrats that stand in his way of making America great. Every decision […]

Boom: Experts Say President Trump is Right About Fires in California

There is nothing better than being proved right for President Trump. Everything that he does is ridiculed and taken to court by the dastardly Democrats. As the fires in California raged The blind Democrats tried to place the blame on people living in the state. They pushed that the fires started because of the amount […]

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