The state of California is suffering at the hands of their own bad decisions. Millions of people in the state are suffering like so many across the country with a lack of supply of toilet paper and other needed commodities. California ordered all of its people to stay at home and do nothing as the time ticks on towards normality. But one thing that they did not count on is an increase in the number of other things that would be happening along the way.

People without toilet paper are left using what they have on hand to clean themselves. Those that hoarded all the paper products left everyone else to wonder where all of it went. There is no explanation as to why toilet paper is selling out first. California’s leaders complain about having to clear clogged pipes of t-shirts and other items, but maybe they should stock toilet paper, so it stops. People cannot keep soiled items around their homes because of health issues. The natural thing to do is send it to the sewer.

Big retail stores can restock their shelves, but they clear just as fast. Smaller stores are having a harder time getting the items in, so they can be resold to the public. The people are turning to other things such as wet wipes and other paper products to take care of bathroom business. What goes into the bathroom will have to leave the bathroom through the sewer systems.

Wastewater officials in Redding, California have already had to remove T-shirts and other items from the sewer. It caused a major backup of the system. The clogs are not just happening on the street but also in the lift stations. A clog here can cause major health issues and spills. It is time for the crazy liberals to stop flushing their items down the toilet. Toilet paper should be the only item making its way to the treatment plant.

One water expert stated that “Clogs in the sewer system can cause fecal matter to back up into showers, toilets, and sinks, putting the community at large at risk for another health crisis.” Most people have just become accustomed to letting it rip and out of the house it goes. But in the end, they really should be better educated as to what can be flushed and what needs to be bagged and tossed.

In Napa, they had to remove a large pile of wet wipes from the systems. These other paper products do not dissolve in the water as toilet paper does. They stay in one piece and as they accumulate it shuts the system down. The people of Napa are pleading with residents to “Please help us keep our sewer system healthy and flowing smoothly.  Remember to never flush wipes, paper towels, or tissues because they clog the pipes!”

It is insane what people have to be told. The liberals have done a good job of not informing America. People have to be told how to wash their hands and what they can and cannot flush down the toilet. It is like all the disease of the Democrats is spreading through the country. Democrats have no concept of reality. They overreact and make rash decisions on things before thinking things through.

The water treatment division of Napa also stated that “We know that wipes are a tricky item- especially with packaging that labels many wipes as ‘flushable.’ We just want to be sure we clear up any confusion and share that there are no truly flushable wipes.” The toilet paper is coming. People just need to hold it a little while longer. If they truly have to go that bad, then throw the towel away and do not flush it.

Toilet paper in the United States is made in the country. This is a good thing as supply is readily available when there is a shortage. People need to be patient and ration what they have. There will be more toilet paper shortly. Just ask all the hurricane victims that live with empty shelves during parts of the year. Things will eventually return to normal.

37 thoughts on “California is Pleading with Public to Stop Flushing T-Shirts

  1. This is just plain frightening. What is going to happen in this ill-educated country if there is a serious national calamity such as a mass attack?

    Back in the 1950s we were schooled on what to keep on hand. Which foods to stock up and save. What supplies to put away for “that” day.

    Today the “enlightened” Liberals scoff at those times and call them the Neanderthal age. Then they flush an oriental rug down the loo and wonder why it causes a problem. The Liberal Democrat/Communists have deliberately ill-informed these people. It’s no accident that they’re so ignorant of common sense action and preparation just as this pandemic was no accident either.

    Nice job Democrat/Communist Party leaders and auto (D) voters. My only hope is that it all comes back to bite YOU. It’s called poetic justice.

    1. One would think California was a well educated Society but since the Democrats have taken over we can actually say it is a Giant S**th**e to live in! Soon overtaxed Maryland will be like California no doubt about it as the Democrats are Destroying the “Old Line State” with Taxes that can’t be paid!

    2. I would like to add my two cents to this situation . In the U K right now , anyone buying more than they need of any product will be charged up to three times more for the second item .. This goes for TPaper , hand sanitizer etc . It’s worth it for stores to start doing this , as greedy inconsiderate people don’t give a damn for anyone else !

  2. These people has no brains. To begin with they are hoarding on toilet papers which in no way they will be able to eat them, instead of buying the necessities in life like food that they could buy in case of emergencies. Like canned food that doesn’t spoil for a while but it doesn’t mean they have to hoard them too. There will be enough food for everyone. Just buy enough then when your supplies go down, go out there and buy again to replenish what you have consumed. We are now in the millennium and things are much much better compared to way back then. So, me personally, I’m not worried about not having food on the table for my family. Please, don’t hoard, just buy enough as your normal every day thing that everyone does. Hope everyone understands this. Our government is trying their best to ensure there will be enough food for everyone.

  3. Well what do you expect from liberal control state? How about I am stupid and I have fallen and can’t get up! Brain of people who refused to learn in school or who just dam sorry!

  4. You said it very factually and these retards need to change and start the changes in their attitude and behavior right now.

  5. I know ALL you folks in California are not doing that. But here’s two suggestions: Go over to Rodeo Drive and take their horded paper from them. Or if some of you are Muslim just use your hand. You gotta wash your hands anyway because of the Virus. Of course that won’t help the ladies. You just gonna have to drip dry.

  6. Of all the things to hoard TP is got to be the dumbest. You can’t eat it and I assure you it is not a big barter item. A person can always shower after a dump and food is more important. Of course the dumbest people live in California, I’m only afraid of them moving and infecting other states with their stupidity. They’ve already destroyed Colorado and Washington states.

  7. I live in California all my life. I am elderly. I am not dumb. I am just as upset about the Democrat policies. I am amazed at anyone who votes Democrat in any state. There are many of us in California who are earnestly trying to undo the damage that is done here. Instead of calling us dumb, if you know how to pray—pray for us to succeed!

    1. I agree! I have lived in Ohio, was a democrat and changed to Republican because of the crazy liberal policies that have come about over the years. 2 Chronicles 7: 13-14 says, “If I shut up heaven that there is no rain, or if I command the locusts to devour the land, or I send pestilence (disease) among my people; if my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” I also pray for our leaders to succeed as it is Biblical.

    2. Thank you Momobear. I too am a native Californian and detest what the democrats have done to our once beautiful state.

      And for those that paint our state with a single color or call us stupid, there are more people that are disgusted with the government here in California than you know – so please stop bashing us.

    3. you have a Prayer Partner here,Momobear! & i agree, to live a normal happy life,definitely do not vote demo,the evils & why we are going through today,God Bless

    4. Rest assured, Momobear, we are praying for you and all of us. The Word says:
      If My people, called by My Name will humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sins and heal their land.

  8. has anyone thought about setting a ration on toilet paper? A family of 4 should not need more then maybe 60 rolls per month? That seems like a lot ? The stores should limit these on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and track them which they can do. If everyone just followed the advise of Sheryl Crow a few years ago to use just 4 squares per wipe it would last even longer ! 🙂

    1. Who are you kidding? 4 squares per wipe. Have you ever tried being a woman??? Sheryl Crow is nuts and not normal! She must be a magician!

    2. Do as they do in the Middle East, they use their left hand to wipe, and people wonder why the blow them self so often.

    3. Your so right- I have been saying this all my life. It only really takes 4 to 5 sheets depending if your pissing or pooping and the gender of the person.
      Our butt hole isn’t big so it doesn’t take a person to wrap their hand with it but some idiots do because facts is we have to wash our hands anyway from the finger tips to your elbow which is the correct way to do so abd we were taught this from a little child on up. Just nasty a** people who are the reason why we are going through this crap.

  9. Well Kahlifornia, Remember this come November, and get rid of the Demoncrackhead Vermin Cong. Vote Republican. Red States got plenty of TP. IMAGINE THAT!!!

  10. Marlene nailed it!
    Build the wall around California, don’t let them out!!!
    Label it Dem Whits from Hell! They can all drool on each other!!! Little Adam Schniff and Nancy can duke it out for the leadership role they so long for!!!
    Feed them opiates and free cheese! And call it the land of the free!!! Welfare to all!!!!
    Cut off all Federal funding, make them pay back the billion they pissed away on a high speed 🚂!!!
    What a disaster!!! Too much acid rain in their vanes!!!
    They have SLIMED up the entire West coast!!!! Sanctuary BULL S HIT! Shut em down!!!

  11. Where is the good old washcloths?like they used when you were babies?
    Oh forgot, this is California…anything goes!!!!!,,

  12. Hasn’t anyone though of wrapping them in a plastic bag and putting them directly into the trash? And why was Pelosi allowed to leave during the shutdown?

  13. Finally Californians are getting it. We weren’t stupid, just temporarily insane.
    I sent my daufgter off to college, a nice normal girl. She came home a Liber loonatic. God Help Us.

  14. I honestly don’t see a reason to call out a political party for this. That has nothing to do with it. These people are used to everything being disposable. Let us old folk tell you about the old days when we used cloth diapers. You take a lidded bucket and fill it about half way with a detergent and water. After you remove the diaper and take care of that business and get the baby to a safe spot, then you take the diaper into the bathroom and dunk it into the clean toilet water. Yes with your hands. You will wash them good afterwards. Most of the poo will come off after a few dunks from the weight of the water. Need I say, don’t have your mouth open when you do this for obvious reasons. Wring out the diaper and place it in the bucket to soak until wash day. Wring them out and put them in the washing machine separately. So for the tp deficit. Grab some old t-shirts or similar cloth and cut in strips big enough to cover your needs and stack them next to your toilet. Do not flush them. This is going to be recycling at it’s finest. You won’t need to do the toilet dunk thing. Just place them in the bucket and wash with your underwear. They can be washed out in your sink just like hand washing your fine undergarments if needed. No need to make more landfill. Just because we haven’t taught our youth the finer points of make do is no reason to be nasty or bring politics into it.

  15. If they have to “wipe their pretentious posteriors with T-Shirts, then it would behoove themselves to Flush, place T-Shirt back into Bol, swish the “feces ” off of the shirt , flush again, and place USED T-Shirt into a pail of water and bleach for soaking , then after several more T-Shirts ar “used”, place dirty T-Shirts into the clothes washer and wash them. How silly can a state get? Or , one could consult Robert DiNiro and he can give you guidance . After all , he is a “Guru ” of all things in Kalifornicate ” isn’t he?

  16. Just follow the Mexican rule. If no trash can throw it in the corner brown side down. Works great and greatly educes your plumbing Bill. Recommend buying one days worth of the LA Times. Best use you will get out of it. Much better than reading it.

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