New York City, as the most populated city in the nation, has undoubtedly been one of the hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic in America. With people living, working, and commuting in such close proximity, the city has been like a breeding ground for the rampant running virus. And so it goes without saying that hospitals and medical supply chains in the city and surrounding areas have been overwhelmed with the constant demand.

New York, like several other states, is asking for government assistance to help curb the spread and meet the ever-growing needs of the healthcare industry at this time. Governor Andrew Cuomo has worked tirelessly with President Trump and his administration to get much-needed supplies, including face masks, ventilators, hand sanitizer, gloves, and even extra hospital space.

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio, on the other hand, only seems to complain that Trump isn’t doing enough and making things worse. As always, with the progressive left, everything even the least bit negative is Trump’s fault.

However, the New York Post recently found evidence that lays much of the blame for the lack of supplies not on the President, but solely at the feet of de Blasio himself.

Let’s go back in time just a few months, to January, when news of the Wuhan originated virus first became something to take note of. China had already seen enough devastation due to the coronavirus that the US and its leaders were becoming concerned. President Trump and his staff immediately starting discussing what to do to prepare for it, as did many other state and local officials.

As one of the leading and largest gateways into our nation, New York City should have been on high alert and making preparations as well.

But it turned out that de Blasio dropped the ball, big time.

As it turns out, he and his staff didn’t even make their first order of COVID-19 related supplies until March 6, according to the Post.

“Mayor Bill de Blasio has blamed President Trump for the city’s severe shortage of COVID-19 supplies even though City Hall didn’t put in its first order for emergency protective gear until March 6, The Post has learned. City officials waited for over two months after the coronavirus outbreak first hit China to start emergency procurements of masks and hand sanitizer, putting in orders on March 6 and March 10, according to the city comptroller’s office.”

And the city isn’t happy about learning this.

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch told The Post, “Our city is the epicenter of this outbreak in the United States, and we are lacking supplies because the mayor didn’t notice until two weeks ago?”

Deutsch, like the rest of the nation, is dumbfounded over the mayor’s incompetence. He claims a “distinct lack of management on the part of this administration” is to blame.

And as The Post found, this lateness of order wasn’t the only problem with the mayor’s office. It was noted that once the orders were placed, they went through an onslaught of other delays before actually being put into action.

According to city records, the City Comptroller approved of the payment for said supplies almost immediately. However, it wasn’t until another three days later that the orders were stamped for approval by other parts of the process. By then, the company that usually supplies New York City of such materials had already run out.

Naturally, the orders had to be then filled by other suppliers, which took even more time and money and more delays for the waiting people of New York.

According to The Post, the city has since made new orders out, asking for even more supplies. But that will take time. The same provisions are needed everywhere else, as well. And even with private companies like Ford, General Motors, Hanes, Honeywell, 3M, and distilleries around the nation stepping in to create these supplies and increase production, the shortage will not disappear overnight.

Trump and his staff are doing all that they can to get America the supplies they need. But he can’t do it alone. Local governments and mayors need to make sure to actually do their jobs and order supplies when they need it.

Maybe if New York City had a competent leader, it wouldn’t be in such dire straits right now.

55 thoughts on “Is NYC Short on Supplies Because Someone Forgot to Order Them?

  1. Oh, but, but …. the Democrats are the smartest people on the planet. Right? They think they deserve total power because they’re so-o-o much smarter than everyone else.

    Just a bit forgetful, eh?

    Seems to me that everywhere I read I find examples of Democrats fumbling the ball. And ya know? I DO NOT think it’s all an accident. How many more must die before the Democrats are satisfied?

    1. I have been selling Masks and Pureil Booze and slices out of the back of The mayors armoured Hummer and making mega bucks

      1. good for you kenneth – the real “spirit of America” eh ?
        it can’t be true though – the Mayors’ armoured Hummer has been too busy shifting toilet rolls for the past 5 weeks !

  2. So because someone else is to blame further inaction by the Fed is OK. Blame shifting in a crisis is not only shameless but does not solve the problem. The “commander in chief” is ultimately responsible for getting us through this. The President’s ineptness and competing remarks with most of the nations experts sends a confusing and divisive message. Work out the differences behind closed doors and come out with a unified message that is clear, concise and consistent with the scientific facts. Wishful thinking will not solve the problem. Going back to work and then having a significant number of workers getting the Virus and calling in sick is not a solution. Not to mention the increasing numbers who will over load the medical system causing needless mortality. No more BS or blaming someone else POTUS needs to get his act together now!

    1. You are nuts. De blasio pointing at Trump is wrong a d so are you. Just because deblasio sar on ordering supplies and did everything he could to harm the people of NYC is not the federal gov fault. Deblasio is the one solely responsible. Get of the crazy hate for Trump. De blasio is at fault. Check with the comptroller. Your mayor sat on approval for 3 days.

    2. oh william, you poor hypocritical democrat. what a shame. wake up and stop blaming trump and his admin for everything. de blasio was the key factor in the spread of this virus. he was reluctant in enforcing social distancing and actually encouraged social gatherings. this has helped cause the spread to other communities and states. even many of his staff has acknowledged this fact. he is nothing more than a loud mouthed crying irresponsible baby.

    3. Your Democrat idiots don’t know enough to hold the positions they are holding. Look how often they pass the buck for their screw ups. Blame Pelosi and the Democrats for all those who will die when they killed the first Bill for their Pork. If they can’t pass on billions to their Demon possessed Abortion clinics, then they will let millions die. That is what they did the first time around. Since Trump cares about the people, he allowed some of the Communist rip offs into the Bill. That is the only reason Pelosi and her Demons from hell passed it.

  3. De blasio is just like the Chinese. What does a couple of million souls mean to him. He is hoping only republicans will die. This should teach the people of NYC to think again and vote this idiot out. He is selfish and thinks only about his people. Why does he allow the stores to give the wealthy all they want and common folk be damm. Obama must be so proud of him. This idiot is one stupid selfish communist.

    1. Cat , I totally agree with you but it’s not only deblasio but the other democrat Loosers running New York . Even their top health woman was telling people to get out and socialize in February ! When will the voters there wake up and see the Facts when democrat/socialist/Nazis run things the people suffer !

    2. I seen the videos.its sad.three or four of the leaders of n.y.told the public that it’s not a big deal and go on with ur life while other places were taking the warning and staying its is bad in n.y and the mayor polizzzoo want to blame the president..sad..

  4. Seems as though the only ones screwing up, and screwing things up are the loud mouthed idiots that make up the liberal Democrats, can’t in my right mind understand why anyone would vote for them this election. They can’t be trusted with anything much less the leading of this great country, just start looking at facts over the last 3-4 decades.

  5. Mayor Deblasio should start epidemiological surveillance when the first alert over the virus been transmitted in NYC. He doesn’t know about that. He only knows how to give money to his wife’s corrupt program. The money Chirlane got was enough to reach supplies to content Coronavirus crisis

  6. Let’s not forget that the mayor on NYC in early February was calling the virus a Trump hoax, that people should go to parades, visit bars, restaurants, and theaters as usual. Is it any wonder that NYC is an epicenter? It’s all TRUMP,S failt! Yeah! Right! Typical Democrat lies! When will people learn?

  7. william ohalloran: well spoken by a liberal democratic supporter that like obama is always looking to assign blame to some one else. why do you have governors to start with if they set on their rear ends and do nothing. you are one of the crowd that called trump a racist when he shut down air travel from china in january. the do nothing democrats in congress are always looking to blame some one while they sit with their finger up their rear ends. conservatives will take the house back and make this country more greater than before this flu bug. democrats are great at fixing a problem just give them more welfare and more food cards.

    1. William Olhohloran is not alone. I got Brothers and sisters that have become brain washed by the pathetic corrupt media spewing hate and lies all the time that is what they believe. I have to hope that we have enough common sense people in the US are not fooled and in the next four years they will come to understand.

      1. Isn’t it interesting that we don’t need to watch CNN or MSNBC to know what their reporting will cover. We only need to tune into Chinese Government propaganda. That’s not as hard to do as most of us imagined back around Christmas time.

  8. Wow – just like working in the federal government – one thing goes wrong and one could lose an eye during the big finger pointing Monday Morning Quarterbacking sessions. With that in mind, let us consider that the CITY COUNSEL HAS DIRECT ACCESS TO THE MAYOR’S OFFICE and they too have leadership responsibilities for guiding the city’s ship of state. To jump in a deflect blame is a prime indication that they are aware of their own complicity and are getting the jump on deflecting blame – blame that WILL affect their next election. Time spent on the blame game is time lost for emergency actions. But then – it’s New York – waddahya’spect?

    1. Long and short of the whole matter is the fact that the president can not purchase supplies and send them to New York or anywhere else. These supplies most be ordered by New York and if they need federal help they must ask. To foist it on to an unsuspecting jurisdiction would be paternal at best and dictatorial at worst. Trump is not the man to try that. He gets burned any time he says anything that can be pretzel spun into something that can look like a power grab. We’ll not forget that his primary directive in appointing judges is to pick the truest to the constitution. He can not be a dictator without ripping up the constitution, getting a compliant press and removing gun rights from the common people. – You know the deplorables like me.

  9. What dumb remarks by deRanger, MB, Cat and Dale Lundgren! I can’t believe they actually think like that! Calling other people names doesn’t show much intelligence.

    1. Lowell Coppess, your “comment” was written like a true, dye in the wool liberal. deRanger, MB, Cat and Dale Lundgren and several others who post similar messages on here are all spot on. Do your own “independent” research. Read all you can about NY’s guv’ment decisions re: this virus early on and compare their responses, their rants to what they’re saying, ranting about today… in current time. It’s apples and oranges. There is truly no positive comparison. They fumbled the ball big time early on and now they’re trying to punt the ball into Trump’s lap. Nah… They own their previous statements, their previous decrees, advice whether they’re trying to distance themselves from them or not! They’re career politicos, hence, career liars. IMHO#

      1. So you launch a personal attack like all good little Alinsky Democrats rather than address the issue. Name calling? LOL. every time you and other Alinsky Liberals come here you point at others, spew labels, and shriek Trump, Trump, Trump!

        You blame Trump for not acting AFTER you all accused him of racism for acting to control the spread way back in January. GROW UP, get a grip, LEARN what’s really going on and get your nose out of the China People’s Daily and CNN/PRAVDA. THEN comment. Otherwise you just sound silly at best! Your Party Bosses own your mind.

  10. It`s quite obvious to me the Democratic party is not of this hemisphere. It has connotations of every other country but this one. You can listen to what the Democrats say and it has a ring of truth to it. Instead, you need to watch what they do with the power you gave them. You know no one is talking anymore about cloud seeding{*j*} Is this an osmotic condition ignorant people have been showered with? It started with= YOU WILL HAVE TO SIGN IT TO SEE WHAT`S IN IT? IT HAD FREE LUNCH WRITTEN ASLL OVER IT! Before the coronavirus it was claimed only 49 % of the American people on record work for a living. It`s costing the American tax payer $32 billion to feed & house the illegals? Why are they here. Why are they after our guns when crimes are escalating? They are letting the criminal element out of out jails? They are using cuuise ships to confine the virus what`s wrong with correctional facilities? You are being lied to. Why and how did a SOS Democrat sign off selling our uranium to a country who would nuke us out of existence? Hitler-y even gave Putin a new red starter button when Trump was supposed to be in collution with Russia? Obama can give Iran billions and plans for an atomic bomb. He let out terrorists from Gitmo and started his own private wat with Lybia and assassinated its leader Kadaffi? The shoulder launch surface to air missiles that are now in question at Benghazi? Hitler-y sold these weapons to both factions of that war. You are supposed to go through congress with these things and Obama & Hitler-y didn`t feel the need to follow proper protocol? These are treasonous acts. Ask yourself why did the Clinton Foundation feel the need to go to Canada? This is all about taking down our country. Why did they shut down our radar in Texas? Wake the hell up.

    1. Dennis, GREAT COMMENT! SPOT ON! You’re calling out the global elite, the liberal trash in this mighty fine United States of America who want to destroy our Constitutional Republic, reduce us to yet another global socialist state. I’ve been doing chipping away at that lot of global libs for awhile myself. It’s refreshing to see, read others who are sane, articulate and responsible enough to do the same thing.

      GOOD FOR YOU! Thanks!!!!

  11. Of course DiBlasio forgot too busy sleeping & yapping! Or is it because his wife misplaced $750M+ with no investigation or response from Cuomo? Neither belong in office of this huge City:State. Before future considerations in voting above dog catcher, don’t let this virus response they air seeming competent make you consider higher office. Look at entire track records, sanctuary city, full term abortion & left leanings..Forget Cuomo name he’s not his Dad

  12. “dumbfounded by his incompetence” — the moron, illegal loving socialist POS has been the village idiot for years and you schittbirds in NYC have turned a blind eye to it. Well — you clowns reap what you sow. You allowed him to get away with his sanctuary BS, ignored his absolute corruptness and his trashing of Trump. Well — now you know what a whole lot of people have known for years– question is — are you idiots going to get your collective heads out of your a**es and get rid of the SOB.

  13. Well, I guess you have missed and are missing the left, MSM, deep state, Dems in congress, Hollywood left , Obama , clapper, Brennan, Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Omar, Cortez, CNN, MSMBC, the alphabet “news” stations constantly name call and spew their hatred and filthy names to President Trump, his family friends, cabinet MEMBERS and the American voters who voted and support President Trump, calling us all racist , Hitler , lie about us all and say and do just about anything one can think of to strike out at us because they lost 2016 and are scared spitless they are loosing 2020 to President Trump.
    They lie about Trump 24/7 hoping to ruin him , put out fake news, tried to destroy Trump with impeachment, Russia, Ukraine etc.;
    Shame on you for choosing to cherry pick a few who have had enough and are speaking out about it.

    1. It appears there is a cover up for Obama. The fact is that Obama did not have masks ordered while on his watch when the masks ran out. Stop blaming Obamas BS on
      Blasio. Of course, Blasio didn’t have masks as no one is truly ever prepared for anything such as what we are seeing.

  14. maybe it was just more $$$$ to go into deBlasio’s wife’s welfare fund (that disappeared). recall Curtis Sliewah (sp?) making remarks lately in working with homeless in Grand Central that not a penny of it showed where he was working. HMMM!

  15. Trump has been criticized for not enough medical supplies, yet it was Obama after the H1Ni epidemic that did not replenish the medical supplies. So this goes back to the Obama administration, not Trump.

  16. What about Cuomo and his refusal to buy ventilators in 2015? He deserves the blame more than anyone and I haven’t heard a word from the media.

  17. New York (city and state)… curb your mutt. Deblasio isn’t the answer. Cuomo, on the other hand is seemingly getting his hands dirty, working and sweating with those fellow politicos whose shared goals appear to be to protect their constituents, those in need. He and many others appear to be working directly with our POTUS Donald J. Trump and his cabinet to provide the assistance necessary. All DeBlasio has to do is step up, act like a real man and toss his bias aside, swallow what little bit’s left of his “pride” for at least the good of the people and “get’r done”… with our POTUS Trump, et. al. But nah, he can’t. He’s a liberal shill who can’t break from his roots, his bought and paid for “power”. He can’t accept the fact that he’s failing his constituents BIG TIME!!! Here’s hoping the next election remedies the Deblasio virus. It’s long overdue… #IMHO

    1. New York, New York, Oh, New York. The semiautonomous nation state. You can only expect that island of “Progressives” to be hard hit by any bug that comes along. If they are so full of hate, disrespect and self disgust that they are OK with people throwing dirty water and/or milkshakes at their Finest, what else are they doing to the glee of that Mayor guy. Whatever the Mayor may be responsible for it is remains a reflection on the citizens who voted for him, not just once. Power of propaganda?
      Our brilliant elite vote for De Blasio and the city degenerates.
      Deplorables vote for Trump and the country doubles in economic and military power, gains international respect, and keeps her promises to all nations good and bad.
      It’s a strange, strange world ain’t it.

  18. This is so much bullshit Republicans you’re so full of shit and constant lies to make the president look like he’s something beside the piece of shit he is you can quote that

    1. Gary you’re such an obvious brain dead, liberal left, illegal immigrant loving, sanctuary city loving democrat moron that you must have to open your fly to see, walk and talk or your like an ostrich with your head buried in the sand, either way you’re one pathetic son of a bitch. Obviously you believe every lie and piece of shit information the democrats feed you.

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  21. Typical Democrat gpvernment model. Stupidity, ineptness, over regulation, waste and corruption! Just look at any Democrat run state or city and the proof is there. California, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, San Francisco. And I a’m getting tired of typing.. And they want to be in charge of our country! Back to the 8 years of incompetence and waste of The Obama years!

  22. It is the responsibility of all community leaders to advise their councilmen, who in turn advises the mayor of what they believe to be a dire necessity for the people of their community. Did anyone or any group identify the need for survival supplies/equipment and push the requirement to the mayor and in turn, the governor? If the matter is beyond the governor’s capability, then he must identify that need to President, House of Representatives, or Senate, using their state’s elected officials in Washington. Did New York ever identify the urgent need for supplies before Coronavirus ever hit the USA? It is obvious that our elected officials, whether they are community, city, state, or Federal, did not perform their jobs as they are elected to do. Just remember when November comes, you must vote for the person you really believe is the best person for the position, whether they are Democrat or Republican should not be your prime concern. Only the best person to fulfill their obligations for their constituents should be your choice. No one else!

  23. Go back to the H1N1 epidemic and the aftermath when Obama was adivised to restock the medical supplies held by the federal government and he did not do it. Now they want to blame Trump and it was actually Obama’s administration.
    And as far as the caronavirus, accountability should be required of the WHO who covered the human-to-human contagion under pressure from the Chinese communist leadership. The head of the WHO should be immediately removed and a head from the Western countries appointed — someone not under control of the communists. It was Taiwan that blew the whistle on them.

  24. I would say that a lot of this is that they want to keep he money for pay increases.If there is any left over they will take care of their responsibilities. If any of these idiots want Socialized Medicine they are crazy because it doesn’t work. How do they replace broken or worn out medical equipment? They don’t, the people just get to die instead.
    I just saw an article where California just 95 million face masks, so they hadn’t done a proper inventory when they started their job, so they would know what they had and where it was.

  25. Democrat’s are just little people aka (CHILDREN) who have Socialist problems give it all away . Over my dead body Civil War is coming if this crap keeps up.


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