It’s hard to imagine that anyone could see the devastation of the coronavirus throughout this nation and not want to do everything possible to help out our fellow citizens. But it’s even more challenging to learn that some of our national leaders, the ones we elected to be our voice and protect us, are selling themselves out to serve our enemies. Enter House Representative Ilhan Omar.

Now, it should be no surprise to anyone that the Minnesota lawmaker isn’t a big fan of President Donald Trump. Her party standing alone would tell you that. However, one would hope that, as an elected official and a sitting member of this nation’s Congress, her constituents would be her first priority.

After all, it is their hard-earned tax dollars that pay her salary and their votes that gave her the power she now wields.

But it seems she has forgotten all that, or at least it is of little consequence to her. Because instead of making sure her constituents have the supplies, the support, and the funding they need to survive this pandemic, she is helping Iran. And not only helping them but attacking the US, promoting the idea that the coronavirus as a whole, as well as the limited amount of supplies within Iranian borders, are somehow Trump and America’s fault.

On March 13, Omar retweeted a thread stating that the US and her sanctions against Iran were causing a massive shortage of medical supplies there and causing untold numbers of deaths. The post included, “We need to suspend these sanctions before more lives are lost.”

And just a week before that, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif tweeted that the United States was committing “#Medical Terrorism” by allowing “illegal sanctions” on Iran.

Zarif wrote, “(Donald Trump) is maliciously tightening US’ illegal sanctions with aim of draining Iran’s resources needed in the fight against #COVID19 – while our citizens are dying from it. The world can longer be silent as US #EconomicTerrorism is supplanted by its #MedicalTerrorism.”

Zarif then called upon the United Nations to undo the US sanctions. On March 15, the Iranian MP Mostafa Kavakebian wrote to Rep. Omar, describing how the US was ruining their country during this health crisis, according to an Iranian news outlet.

But the fact of the matter is, Iran has no one but themselves to blame for their current predicament. Yes, the United States has enacted sanctions against the Islamic nation. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t allow for supplies to be sold in Iran.

The US has long-standing agreements with Iran that make sure sales of “agricultural commodities, food, medicine, and medical devices” are still made to Iran, according to the US Treasury. And this pandemic has not stopped that. They are still getting supplies and resources from us.

It’s not Trump’s fault that the regime has put it in the wrong places. Remember the Iran deal in which the nation received millions, including supplies and medical resources?

Guess where all of that went. Not to the people or their healthcare industry; instead, this massive amount of aid was used to promote the Islamic revolution and to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s $95-200 billion personal needs.

So although Iran has time and time again proved that they care nothing for human life, carrying out an untold number of terrorist attacks around the world, the US still sells them the materials they need. Even though the nation’s Khomeinist regime has exploited humanitarian aid numerous times to gain funding for its evil plans, the US persists in giving the country life-sustaining help.

For Omar to suggest anything otherwise is essentially declaring herself as an advocate for Iran’s terrorism against her own nation.

But her connections to the Islamic nation go much further.

The National Iranian American Council or NIAC, which has long been considered an aide to Iran’s regime, has close ties to Omar and has, on several occasions, touted their support of her.

In early March, they positively tweeted that she was taking up the fight to end Iran sanctions that were “crippling” the nation. Weeks earlier, they put out a bulletin to raise support for her Congressional Oversight of Sanctions Act. And NIAC has also endorsed her as one of the only pro-Iranian regime members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. In addition, her former senior legislative assistant was up for a position on NIAC’s leadership board.

Can we say traitor much?

42 thoughts on “Of Course Omar is Using The Pandemic to Promote Iran

  1. And Omar is a popular DEMOCRAT. Brought here illegally by DEMOCRATS, put into power by DEMOCRATS and applauded wildly by DEMOCRATS.

    Nothing more needs to be said.

    By the way, whatever happened to that supposed investigation into her illegal entry status? Oh, I see, when they lifted the rug to sweep it underneath a cloud of viruses got out. Old news now, eh?

    1. What is there to say about this literal piece of garbage. She should be ridden out on a rail back to Somalia or Iran. Maybe then she’ll realize she won’t be making $175k for being a piece of shit. And I’ll pay for the tickets if Tlib and AOC goes with her. Also no great loss if Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer go in hold baggage.

    2. What is there to say about this literal piece of garbage. She should be ridden out on a rail back to Somalia or Iran. Maybe then she’ll realize she won’t be making $175k for being a piece of shit. And I’ll pay for the tickets if Tlib and AOC goes with her. Also no great loss if Schiff, Pelosi and Schumer go in hold baggage. (Not a duplicate post. I never posted here before!!!

  2. Omar needs to be reprimanded by her party and removed from office!!! In my opinion, she is committing treason against our great nation and should be sent back to Iran based along on the way she came here.

  3. The sad reality is. Half of the American people have been deceived and why? It’s because they believe that you can’t lie in media because that would be against the law. I have been talking to a lot of farmers and they always tell this BS and are being brainwashed by corrupt politicians and the media. Most farmers just want to get out in the fields cause if they don’t, what will we be eating? Pelosi wants to take away the food supply and leave us to eat dog food.

  4. Truth …it is therein our faces
    Somalians are proud people of their faith
    Omar makes the Sharia laws look weak a unworthy in the faith of that country
    Send her back and they will bestow their faith of proof by their actions
    Her karma will come back in due time

  5. She needs to be removed from her position and everything stripped from her (money, residents, benefits, everything !). She needs to be investigated for her legal resident status ( and punished or deported ). With the actions that she is showing she needs to be treated as a traiter against this country. SHE IS NOTHING BUT TROUBLE !

  6. Like any Americans are supposed to feel sorry for the Iranian government or its people. We will never forget that they took Americans hostage. Omar, if you have any sense whatsoever, you will start being more careful about who you anger. Soon you will have to have eyes behind your head. You do not belong in this country ……. so get out !!!!

  7. REALLY!!! How can the UNITED STATES allow anyone who hates this country, to serve in OUR Congress?

  8. We cannot allow our freedom of the press and the right to bear arms right out from under our feet. I despised Obama but I never made threats to the President and his wife. We are not taking this laying down. One by one we must reach out. The truth must be told to the American people and we don’t care what these fear mongers tell us, we’re going back to work. Pelosi, and company only care about Iran and China’s well-being. Where is the church in all this? Don’t they care that these traitorous so called “politicians” who would sell out our country to Communism. They have lined their pockets with their corruption, all the while the poor continue to suffer, to say nothing about all the people living in the streets. California is swamped with the homeless and I haven’t seen any relief for these helpless Americans. WAKE UP Patriots! We’re not gonna take this much longer. What is wrong with people? Have the lying media ever presented facts? Of course not.

  9. Number one ….she should have never been elected. Number two I would glady contribute toward a one way ticket for her to go to Iran and stay. I am sure she would be much happier and so would we. Number three..what in the world were they thinking when they elected her in the first place. She has committed Treason and should go to jail for crimes against America.

    1. She was elected because obozo created a district packed with Somali muslims just for the purpose of electing an America hating muslim. He and it seems all the Democrats in government are determined to destroy the last hope of freedom in this world

  10. Why are we even hearing about this traitor? No one wants to do anything about her. I fell she should be thrown of office and our country because she is know to associate with terrorist groups. The American people are getting screwed by women such as Ilan,
    Ocasio-Cortez, Talib, Pelosi, Clinton. Michele Obama. I think it is sad that no one in America will take action against these people. Someone please listen in the swamp city and do away with anyone who has betrayed our country. Get rid of the Democrats because they really have gone to the extreme. I know the patriots of the US would stand and cheer. Send them to prison in their countries. They want our elected President out of office and constantly nippy at this heels like the dogs that they are. I say we turn the table and impeach half of Congress. PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!

    1. Nancy you are right! There is a lot to be said about those Americans allowing the anti-American democrats and their tools for it the bought out biased medias propaganda to even exist! Americans have the false mindsets that any government is too big to fight or fail and that any other party vote is wasted besides the current corrupt repubs. and demorats and Americans have blind patriotism to their corruption!

  11. How long do we have to listen to this stupid traitor She has broken many laws and yet she is not prosecuted I am pissed I am going to go out and do some of the same things that she has done and see what happens to me This loud mouth bitch needs to be arrested and after she serves her time then deport her ass back to Somalia

  12. This is BS, I can’t believe our , congress is letting this happen. Hopefully, people in November will vote all of these ,DEMS out of office, Pelosi, Schumer, Shitt, OAC, Omar, all the ,crooked one’s out of office. What has happened to our country, All my family that has fought for this country, are turning over in their Graves over this one. Again , what has happened to our country, shame on you DEMS, for letting this happen. Hopefully this we’ll be remembered in November.

    1. Americans cannot rely on elections because of the anti-American democrats and their tools the medias fraudulent means at elections, You Americans will do NOTHING and I mean Nothing about the democrats cheatings at any and all elections! The powers that be already think Americans are too lazy and stupid to know what is best for them and not go against them yet on the other hand actually fear it !

  13. Omar is islam.iran has been killing Americans for years .they are the enemy .islam beliefs are to .convert, enslave or death to the non believers.Islam has no place in congress

  14. Remember these posted comments when it comes time to VOTE. Because WE live in a democracy, not a third world country, AND WE HAVE A VOICE!

  15. Remember when mazine waters , Pelosi and other anti-American democrats said to get in conservatives face in public and they did! You Americans are just as much at fault for even allowing ohmar into government much less your taxes paying her salary at 175 thousand a year using America’s own rights against America! Too bad the tar and feather party days are over !

  16. This “woman” is a lying evil Muslim whose main goal is to play her part as a member of our Congress to destroy America. The very sad part is she is supported by the DNC and the Democrats in Congress. Omar and Tlaib are the main Muslim women attempting to do just that, destroy America from within. Both come from Muslim controlled districts that were set up by Obama and his “Muslim refugee” program. This was the plan from the start, that’s why we went into Syria (with McCain’s full support I might add) and joined up with the terrorists that the Syrian President was fighting. I forget his name, but the Syrian President had everybody under control in Syria, he accomplished this using very “questionable” means (in some cases, very horrendous), and persons of different religions were able to live within their own communities and worship as they wished freely. The problem started when the Muslim extreme terrorists came in and started a “civil war.” That’s when Obama and McCain jumped at the chance to join the terrorist’s side of the battle and bring many Syrian Muslims here to settle in America disguised as “refugees.” Obama “rescued” only Muslim “refugees,” he left behind many Christian refugees to fend for themselves.

  17. What on earth is going on here? This pathetic, arrogant excuse for a human being is telling us what we should be doing! This evil #squad should be removed from our hallowed halls and imprisoned for the filthy treason they are spouting forth. Crawl back under your rocks and dirt and take your families with you. You are not wanted in this country. Don’t tell us what to do! We have a great President who is doing everything he can in spite of you and your pals in the house and senate. Bugger off now.

  18. She’s a Muslim Terrorist who has corruptly lied her way into being elected to Congress. She’s as dangerous as the Imams preaching hatred and attacks on Americans!! She’s definatly an anti-American traitor!! HOW CAN WE PROTECT OURSELVES FROM MILITANT MUSLIMS IN AMERICA?? NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER DEONRAT!!

    1. exactly,our world is being turned upside down & the traitors are laughing,who is over these pieces of shit & who can remove them?

  19. Omar never was an American and should never have been allowed to be a fake representative of our great nation! She is an example of the scum that the dems support
    for votes.

  20. Omar, Tlaib, AOC and Pressley are all Anit-American, Anti-Semetic, supporters of Islamic Jihadists and Louis Farrakahn. They represent everything that is wrong with allowing freedom to those that are racists, supporters of America’s enemies and vow loyalty to the destruction of our Republic and the Constitution. If those in NY, Minn and Mich re-elect these enemies of the United States, then they will have to bear the consequences.

  21. The United States doesn’t have any need for Iran, for that matter done of the countries in the middle East. Should have stand out of there efares and just let them have had it sense the start of time.

  22. DDROTG, you wonder why you are never going to go anywhere anytime soon. Look at what you sister Pelosi condones, and until you rid your party of these critters, that even China would not throw in grease in the market, you just suck them up. They are the jokes of your ADMIN. All those connected to that “I” look at the joke you had agreeing to it. All of them had no Common Sense and can’t stand to see American winning, and until you flush them yourselves you will never be in you own homes again. Great to have a legacy that Obama put you all in, but you know something. You have not paid the price for what he did to you, thinking all the time it would be our President. It all backfired and look at what you continue not to acknowledge. We Know, You Know, but what you don’t Know is we have and will keep on winning. One sad thing is you sadly reap all the rewards too.
    Better think about ridding the critters?
    BOB78VA day one Deplorable

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