The coronavirus is scaring the country to death and there does not seem to be any kind of hope on the horizon. Experts are telling people that they most likely will get over the illness, but that is different for those that are having breathing problems. Others with underlying conditions are also at risk of death should the virus infect them. The race to find something that will stop the virus in its tracks may have been found. As one man from Florida testifies there was a drug combination that he believes saved his life.

Rio Giardinieri is the man from Florida that is claiming an anti-malarial drug cured his sickness. Giardinieri was put into the hospital after finding out he contracted the virus after a work meeting in New York. He ended up having the virus along with a case of pneumonia. This was enough to start his downward spiral to a near-death moment.

President Trump has empowered all the people in the medical community to do their jobs. He is working hard to streamline the equipment and supplies that they need to combat COVID-19. He has even praised the people that are looking at combination drugs to help combat the virus. And now it seems that what the president suspected about an anti-malarial drug may be coming true. The drug is now being tested to see if it will stop COVID-19.

If Giardinieri has he say about the drug he would agree that the president is right about this one. The fever, trouble breathing and other symptoms seemed to go away after being administered the drugs. He stated that “I was at the point where I was barely able to speak and breathing was very challenging. I really thought my end was there. I had been through nine days of solid pain and for me, the end was there. So I made some calls to say in my own way goodbye to my friends and family.” He was in bad shape and there was nothing that could be done.

The drug that is being experimented with the called hydroxychloroquine. It is a drug that is used to treat things like lupus and other auto-immune diseases. Early on the drug was thought to have virus stopping properties. President Trump has urged the FDA to step up their testing to see if it works. If it has any effect there would be hope for the world. The FDA still yet has to respond to the idea of the drugs being able to work as they are claiming they do.

Ironically the doctor that administered the drugs tried to give every reason to Giardinieri why it would not work. In his own words, he said the doctor “gave me all the reasons why I would probably not want to try it because there are no trials, there’s no testing, it was not something that was approved.” Under his own decision, he decided to try anyway. After all, what did he have to lose? He stated that “I said, ‘look I don’t know if I’m going to make it until the morning,’ because at that point I really thought I was coming to the end because I couldn’t breathe anymore.”

The drugs were given, and he started to feel the effects of his heart beating fast and problems breathing. Giardinieri also mentioned that he was given Benadryl and some other things to help and after he woke up the next day feeling like a million dollars. His fever is gone, and he is breathing better than before. The doctors claim that his body was fighting the infections, so he was not having a reaction to the medications.

In a day of terrible news flooding the airways, there is one story of hope. Giardinieri believed that had he not taken the drugs, then he would not have survived the night. He believes that the drugs saved his life. His hopes are high that in a few more days he will be able to leave the hospital.

25 thoughts on “Florida Man Claims These Drugs Saved His Life When He Caught Coronavirus

    1. yes but big pharma will hold everything up to sell what they have on the shelves,come on trump sort the money grabbing bastards out,think more of money than peoples lives

  1. Well if the drug works so well and the FDA has access to approving the drug what is the hold up. Why does the FDA not approve the drug, some drug company get busy making a ton of doses and get people pills or drugs to take to fend ths virus off. What is the problem!

  2. Sounds like those directing FDA are stalling just like Democrat HOUSE because none of them want Trump to receive praise for all he does too move all agencies forward to do their jobs.

    1. Thomas Marshall,
      YOU have hit the nail on the head my friend! If the drug works, then people will start to get better, get back to work, and the “wet dreams” of democommunists gaining absolute power and control over this country will be gone again.

  3. I sprinkle a little powdered garlic on my food almost every day and haven’t had a cold or the flu since except one time I got a cold, I went without garlic for about 4 or 5 days, garlic will be depleted out of your body in 3 to 4 days, so you need a little almost every other day to be protected, it kills the cold, and flu viruses, and will kill the corona virus too, a container of powdered garlic should last a family about a year that’s how little you use, had colds and the flu for about 40 years, until I read about garlic, I wished my mom knew about garlic, then I wouldn’t.of had to suffer for so long.

    1. I just told my son about your article. He has increased the use of garlic in most of his food. He has a few years to reach 60 so he is interested. I am 95 and raised on a farm . When my son who is 75 got a cold when he was 2 and was really coughing. My Dad said give him onion tea . you cook and onion in any amount of water and ad a spoon full of honey and drink it. No more coughing.

    2. we use garlic as well & oregeno. sometimes get sinusitis & i take grapefruit seed extract nasal spray & clears within a day. Coconut oil,natural anti-biotic,since this,i take 2tsp. every morn. i read an article today a fella got symptoms & he ate & drank foods with acid in them,said he felt better by eve?? I know i’ve saw some suffering of patients on news. Sad.



  6. Stop stalling and go full bore with these drugs. President Trump, order it so. Prepare implementation to treat long lines of people. We need to get our country back. Quarantine is not a solution, but a recipe for the destruction of our great country.

  7. 10. March 25, 2020 at 03:10 pm. The Democrats need to shut their mouths and listen to the examples of what is working for suffering Americans. If they continue to stop what works, then they should be denied the use of these drugs that are working and saving lives. Let them find there own cure, since they are so smart.

  8. I agree with the articule on garlic….I have been eating raw garlic with an ounce of olive oil daily for over 40 yrs. I do not take any medicine’s and have not been sick other than one time during the 40 yr period. I caught some sort of a cough when working in queen’s new York 3 yrs ago, since then nothing. my doctors over these yrs call me to advise on physicals and visits for various checkups, all I tell them is I am not sick or feeling bad, i’ll call you when and if I need you………….opps forgot, my nightly remedy is crown on the rocks……alcohol kills all germs……..try this, it may work for you……..not saying for this virus,,,,,stay home and be safe is the best advise if you are not sick

  9. I am seventy nine yrs old. I have had the flu twice, each time I had the flu was after receiving a flu shot. I will not have a flu shot again. I have taken care of my wife many times she has had the flu and I never became sick. I also have Bourbon on the rocks each night.

  10. Take 10000 IUs (250mcg)a day of vitamin D3. Ever wonder why people don’t get sick in the summer? D3 boosts you immune system. You need 60 ng/ml blood levels to beat all flu viruses, including Covid.

  11. I am floored that over 850 people have died of this virus in this country just because the damn gov’t agency FDA will not okay this drug especially as the person gets closer to death. What the hell. If they are afraid of law suits have the patients sign a contract saying their family won’t sue if the drugs don’t work. I wonder if the FDA people would take forever to give their family member the drug if the family member was dying. The attitude in this country of gov’t agencies and politicians towards the people most weak the elderly, unborn, those with illnesses, etc. is just as bad as the Nazis and communists had towards their people. Let the doctors give the medicine to those dying, if it works families can be happy, if the medicine doesn’t work, well the family knows the doctors tried to save a person and the family won’t want to know what the hell is the FDA for and maybe it needs to be killed and another system set up not with the same FDA people.

  12. I just want to add the power of death or life should not be given to one agency of gov’t or any agency. That is not what this country’s Constitution is all about.

  13. Oh PLEASE – Get this drug available FAST. EVERY drug currently out there has complications and possible problems with that drug spelled out for patients’ caution.. And yet thousands of folks take all these drugs all the time. Look at those details that come with every drug you take!! Contraindications are rampant. So what would be the difference with THESE drugs for the Coronavirus which are FDA approved for other illnesses???? So WHY can’t these drugs just be distributed to those who have the COVID virus? If they have underlying issues that could cause a negative impact, then those shouldn’t take it but perhaps the majority of sufferers can benefit or even LIVE thanks to these drugs
    IF they are made available.


  15. During WWll The soldiers going into jungles were given Quinine pills to take in order to avoid Malaria…Obviously it worked…I have been taking Quinine tonic for about 2 years..because I have a fasciitis in my left leg and foot..It allows me to sleep at night without pain..The Queen of England drinks gin and tonic all the time…I bet she will not come down with Covid-19 ..worth a try.

  16. The FDA has always been a foot-dragging impediment to progress. Preferring no progress to “risk” of any kind. Sometimes “risk” is necessary ask any soldier in combat.

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