The Democrats of California are at it again with new and inventive ways to destroy the once-thriving state. Their insane ideas of how to contain and stop wildfires and deport the homeless have failed miserably. Their sad attempts to balance their budget and help the poor fall short, so they seek to take the funds from the hardworking families. The latest idea that they are trying to push as a sane move is releasing criminals from Los Angeles County jail cells.

The Democrats have always sought to favor the criminals. They want them to love them because they need their votes. The liberals are using the coronavirus scare to promote their idea of release the criminals to save money and keep free up cell space. Nearly 600 inmates are going to be released back into the community. Once there they will be able to continue their life of crime.

The Democrats are also going to tell law enforcement that they need to cut back on how many people the book. This means that they have to stop arresting so many people for committing crimes. The criminals of the state are extremely happy because the threat of going to jail just is not a reality for them. They can now commit crimes and not worry about the consequences of their actions.

They are worried that the coronavirus will spread through the jails which would mean that the state would have to pay for their care. The Democrats have put money over the safety of the general population. This is the typical behavior of the Democrats. They value the dollar over people. They want the cash instead of the fellowship.

Alex Villanueva is the sheriff for the county. He has stated his deputies are to cite and let go of any person that has only 30 days left to serve on their sentence. They also have to let out those that have a bail amount of $50,000 or less. In essence, he has told them that they cannot arrest people as they have in the past. The number of arrests has dropped from about 300 per day to just around 60.

Sheriff Villanueva has stated that “Our population within our jail is a vulnerable population just by virtue of who they are and where they’re located. So we’re protecting that population from potential exposure.” The rationale behind the move is tainted with Democratic ignorance. They want to protect people from exposure by risking their safety at the hands of violent criminals.

What is even worse about the issue is that the ACLU is stating that they are not doing enough. The ACLU has stated that the “Release ‘any & all individuals whose release will not pose a serious physical safety risk to the community,’ esp. those most vulnerable to #COVID19.” The extreme liberals would love to see all violent criminals released to the public.

There have not been any confirmed cases in the jail cells. The imaginary reality that the liberals have painted has never come true. They have quarantined several inmates, but they have all proven to be healthy people. Villanueva also said that “Over the weekend, we’ve had several of our personnel come into contact, and they have been self-isolated. However, fortunately, no one has actually tested positive for the virus.”

In a better move, the state has kept visits down to zero in the prisons. Many of the restaurants and other public places have been ordered to close. The virus has to be quarantined by keep people from passing it along. Communities and countries that have not taken the matter seriously are seeing the highest number of infections and cases of the virus.

President Trump and his staff are carefully considering what needs to be done to help things get better. They are working with other lawmakers to do what needs to be done for the best of all Americans. The move by the Democrats to release the prisoners is not in the best interests of the people. The Democrats have failed the people. But the president will deliver what is best for the people of the country.

27 thoughts on “LA County Releases Tons of Criminals to Combat Virus-It’s Backfiring

  1. Oh, yes, be sure you don’t inconvenience felons, Democrats, you might upset them. It’s far better for your twisted cause to inconvenience the law abiding good citizens.

    You know, rob them, beat them, rape them and murder them. And any old crimes you might catch your pet criminals at along the way? Wave it all off and send them on their way. Heck, and help them out with a wad of tax money immersed from those good citizens that were already robbed, beaten, raped and murdered too. Mustn’t let them loose on the streets without proper support now can we?

    Democrats take far better care of CRIMINALS of all stripes than they do of the unborn and elderly/disabled. The nicest word I can find to describe Democrats who push that agenda is DISGUSTING.

    1. This is only absurd if the release includes murders, rapists, use of someones credit cards or bank accounts, and drug addicts. The move mentioned in the article will not help the virus reduction in any way, in fact, it may contribute to it.

  2. If these CRIMINALS break into your house, SHOOT them BETWEEN the eyes at “point blank range”. This should stop them COLD – because that’s what they’ll be . . . COLD. This is DISGRACEFUL. There is NO excuse for this. The CRIMINAL EARNED their way to PRISON because of their NEFARIOUS ways. DON’T affect the rest of the INNOCENT populace. The Left Wing Liberal is WRONG about EVERYTHING! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. CA Dems have lost their “F-ing Minds” by releasing 1000’s of prisoners to avoid getting the Corona Virus.
    “Give me a Break”.
    Newsome should release the prisoners right in own back yard and see how he likes this idea.

    1. gruesome newsom won’t let them in his front yard! But it’s good for us, and not acceptable for these POS politicians? THEN, they want to take your guns away? HYPOCRITE FILTHY GARBAGE demonicRATS!

  4. sickest idea I know…how stupid to let criminals out…propably safer in jail duh…besides coronavirus now we have violent criminals to worry about

  5. The Dems, doing the work of the god of this world in helping him with death and destruction of our country! They they be damned!!!

  6. I sincerely hope and Pray that these Criminals all head to the Demonrat homes and rape pillage and loot!! Then the Demonrats can hopefuully be dead!!!

  7. The next group to be released will be the terrorists held in Guantanomo – we certainly don’t want them getting sick and spreading this virus to the Cubans. Maybe we should return them to their native countries by using parachutes and if the parachutes are defective then so much the better.

  8. Nothing at all surprises me about Newsome and his band of idiots. The recommended way of moving about is to avoid crowds of 10 or more at an opening or enclosure. I do not know of any prison that houses prisoners in groups of ten or more. From what I can gather, there are some prisons that house up to 50 or more prisoners in one large, ventilated room. Their sleeping arrangements are normally bunk beds spaced at least one meter from the other bunk beds or individual cots spaced at least one meter from each other. If that is a real danger to perhaps spreading the Coronavirus, then it is tough shit. The prisoners committed crimes, were tried and found guilty, and if they are in danger while imprisoned, that is too bad. Set them free, and there will be hell to pay for the crimes they commit once they are out of prison. The Demos believe that it is far more advantageous to treat prisoners with tender loving care, while subjecting normal citizens to the crime wave that will surely occur once the prisoners are freed. Newsome is not by himself on this “idea.” Democrats in general all share the same way Newsome does. Now anyone can see just how incredibly stupid the Demos are. Put them in a political office and they will create mass destruction. Ask yourself, who the hell put the Demos in office? Certainly not the Republicans; they care about their citizens.

    1. Well for some time now and in some places they are moving to let felons vote. What idiocy! They do not deserve to vote. My 49 year felon nephew thinks he should be allowed to carry a gun! That is probably next. Hey that is a great idea, arm the felons and disarm the lawful people. Oh wait a minute that is what they want to do now. I have lived in countries where the only ones armed are Police, Military and Criminals. These are NOT good places to live. After all look at Chitcargo, Lost Angeles et al!

  9. is that why guns are being sold , is to protect oneself, from these being release or the Democratic’s . Newsome has put money aside for undocumented immigrants for medical . is this the reason why we have alot coming by border. does he have room at his home to house them. so glad the border’s are be locked down..maybe this is the way to have them turn back. is there a hidden agenda to all this madness.

  10. Districts
    in California are run by Pelosi. Schumer. Schiff..California is all Democrat ran.surprise,suprises, they use the state funding for they own interests.they are over run with the homeless,illegals, having wild fires that leads to landslides.they dont care.they only care for the Hollywood elites..and spend all their time trying to impeachment trump only to hold on to their power over their state as they rob them blind..

  11. The Communist in the Democrat Party are sitting up America for a revolution. Once the Cops stop picking up felons, it will be the People who with start the lynch Mobs to clean up our streets. When this happens, the Demonazis will start attacking the Law Abiding Americans. This is how Communism takes over a Country by having it fall from within.

  12. They are criminals . In jail for a reason. I see mass looting and crime increase in the future . Make sure you people that have not gave up your guns and ammo are locked and loaded when your door gets kicked in .

  13. I hope the criminals hurt the aholes that voted for this not the innocent residence. Just maybe they, the aholes will learn a lesson.

  14. Releasing the criminals will increase the chance of people getting the virus not contain it. These prisoners could have been kept in their cells till this is all past.

  15. Always knew that they were crazy in la-la land, this proves it.Now the Dumbocrats will have something else to blame on Trump. Well at least the criminals will be safe, the criminals and the police don’t like their victims to be armed.

  16. I am not surprised by the Democrats wanting to release the prisoners so they can continue their lives of crime; most of the criminals in the California jails are Democrats or non-citizen immigrants. Californians need to wake up and think before their entire state becomes more useless than the worst African hell-holes. The California government is no more than a band of worthless bastards who should give up their residences to the homeless. Newsome and Bernie Sanders would make an ideal couple for a movie about the good and evil of our politics. Come November, Newsome will find himself out of a job, looking for another position where he can continue to foul up everything that he comes into contact with. Maybe the Central American countries can use him as their “know-it-all” garbage collector. Question is, would the Central American countries stoop so low as to have him live there?

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