For years the constant flow of immigrants from our southern border with Mexico has been of great concern, allowing thousands of undocumented individuals into the US every month. It is why President Donald Trump has time and time again asked for assistance from the Mexican government and to help secure the borders of both our nations. However, the Mexican officials have been less than cooperative.

But now, suddenly, in the face of a worldwide pandemic, Mexico is considering closing its border with the US or at least implementing stricter security measures.

According to several Mexican health officials, they are worried that if the border is left unchecked, they will soon have an outbreak on their hands because of American visitors.

Mexican health minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell said in a news conference on Friday, Mexico wouldn’t bring the virus to the United States, rather the United States would bring it here. The possible flow of coronavirus would come from the north to the south. If it were technically necessary, we would consider mechanisms of restriction or stronger surveillance.”

And he might not be too far wrong. According to the known count, as of Monday, there were only 53 cases of COVID-19 in Mexico and no deaths. The US, on the other hand, has reported 4,141 cases and 71 deaths.

Tijuana business chamber official Julian Palombo says stronger borders on the Mexican side would help to prevent further spread. “It makes sense to build a wall, but a public health wall from over there to here to avoid the risk of possible infections.”

“Like others consulted by Reuters, Palombo bemoaned the lack of checks at busy land crossings into Tijuana, or in nearby airports. He added that face masks and hand sanitizer were in short supply on both sides of the border,” Reuters reported.

However, it is thought by many that the infestation of COVID-19 in Mexico is much worse than currently reported.

For starters, testing for the virus is pretty much nonexistent. It has been reported that only about 500 tests have been issued nationwide, and those have primarily done only on people who have recently traveled to “high-risk countries” or who have been in direct contact with known cases. Furthermore, only 32 locations in the entire country are adequately equipped to perform such tests.

This leads the head of internal medicine at the ABC hospital in Mexico City, Fransico Moreno Sanchez, to believe “there must be many more cases” in the nation. He also thinks the government is a massive risk by not being more concerned, saying that when, not if, an outbreak happens, it will be “brutal.”

And we have to agree.

As of last week, the President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was still walking around at campaign events, kissing babies, shaking hands, and telling people hugging was fine. He has been actively dismissing the pandemic saying, “The misfortunes, the pandemics… are not going to do anything to us.” And he added, “You have to hug, nothing is going to happen.”

In addition, government officials have imposed no travel bans, even from nations like Spain and Italy, where cases are spreading like wildfire.

While some companies have become concerned and canceled larger events, most go on, such as the Vive Latino music festival in Mexico City that was attended last weekend by more than 100,000 people, as well as the two-week-long Festival de Mexico en el Centro Historico that is still planned for later this month.

Sporting events go on as usual, and most colleges and schools will stay in effect until March 20 at the earliest, according to the El Paso Times.

And in border towns, where would-be immigrants congregate in tent camps by the thousands, it’s even worse. In these places, such as Matamoros across from Brownsville, Texas, basic amenities like running water is hard to come by. Nearly all basic supplies, including food and medical care, are brought in from the US, which, as we mentioned before, only increases their risk of infection.

Should an outbreak occur here, it will be uncontainable, putting people on both sides of the border at considerable risk.

And yet, government officials don’t seem worried. Unless you are talking about an American spreading the virus, then it’s ‘let’s close the border and fast.’ Funny, that it would take something like this to get any action from them, yet years of drug cartels and corruption have had no effect.

15 thoughts on “Haha! Mexico Suddenly Wants Stricter Border Security

  1. So-o-o ….. we get a plague of illegal immigrants from Mexico and they get a plague of COVID-19 from us. Well, that only seems fair, a nice exchange, eh?

    But now all of a sudden Mexico, a champion of selective Open Borders, sees a big problem with unwanted things crossing THEIR border. My, my, the hypocrisy!

    Here’s a solution, ship all of the illegal, criminal invaders they sent us back to Mexico. It would be just too bad if they returned with the Corona Virus, wouldn’t it?

  2. It is not only Mexico but the world has always seek from us help
    In the long run after we help them then we get the shaft
    We must learn from history the bookings we got
    We also need to clean up those internally boot us as well
    Remembering the black list…we need TOUGH LOVE!!!!!

  3. They need to worry about Covid-19 coming from south of their border! Reports say more Hondurans are planning another caravan, and one reason is they are fleeing the disease. Keep everyone out, especially those who are sick. What nation would voluntarily take in those who could make their own citizens sick? Oops, they already are. TB, measles and other great diseases that we had eradicated are coming along with the illegals. Build the wall! And Mexico might consider doing likewise!

  4. It’s a sham it takes a pandemic to label open boards as wreck less and plain old stupid. Perhaps this will wake up the California electorate to the life threatening disaster the open boards gang is unleashing on both sides of our southern boarder.

  5. Maybe they will understand why the borders should be closed and only limit the amount of people coming in or out. If Mexico would stop all the illegals things might go better.

  6. I suggest they get busy and finish the wall or shut up. They’ve done nothing to prevent their sick and criminals from entering our nation illegally and now with a virus threatening them they suddenly want stricter border controls. Get busy Mexico and start building that wall.

  7. Quite possibly,could ears of “do mothing” in spite of the drug cartels. be the result of officials getting rich from drug cartel kick-backs? Just asking, though I believe I know the answer.

  8. Or, MAYBE, MEXICO can start PAYING for THAT wall, to EXPEDITE the PROCESS? . . . HMMM! INTRIGUING, isn’t it? Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Every step taken by everybody has “politics” attached to it.
    When President Trump wants or does the proper things, he is “ripped” by the social media and the far left people!
    We need to stop being the keepers of the world and think of America FIRST!
    Be proud, be American!!

  10. So now that everyone is busy overreacting the #19 of 1-19 corona, the left has funded a new caravan coming from the Honduras. See: Judicial Watch, March 17, 2020.

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