The people of conscience and moral responsibility are tired of the reckless and dangerous actions of the Democrats. The Democrats believe that they can say anything and accuse anyone of crimes without having to answer for the foul mouths. But they are finding out that the people of America are done sitting around. They are starting to fight back and force the political monsters to shut their mouths.

George Zimmerman is the man that has had enough of the disrespect and harmful intentions of the Democrats. He has filed a lawsuit against Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg. Zimmerman is claiming that these two loser Democrats defamed him while he was paying his tribute to Trayvon Martin, who is deceased.

The two stupid Democrats defamed him in an attempt to better their standing with African American voters. Zimmerman stated on his lawsuit that those two “defamed Zimmerman for political gain in misguided and malicious attempts to bolster their standings amongst African-American voters, all at Zimmerman’s expense.” This pattern of attack is nothing new for the Democrats because they believe that they can say anything about a person for their gain. Even if it hurts the other person.

The attempts to prosper at Zimmerman’s expense by Warren and Buttigieg were intentionally designed to put him down. They say a man that they could use for their gain, and they decided to take it. Warren and Buttigieg struggle with African American voters because they have pushed them away with their insane policies. They are favorites of the community.

Warren and her pet Buttigieg are accused of relating Martin’s death with gun violence. Both of the idiotic Democrats both posted tweets about the shooting on the pages hoping to appear sympathetic to the cause for gun control.

Both of the Democrats are claiming that Zimmerman killed Martin with a gun in self-defense. Alluding to the point that the gun used in the self-defense act was violent. Both the Democrats are saying that Zimmerman is guilty because he violently used a gun to kill another man.

Elizabeth Warren’s tweet read “My heart goes out to @SybrinaFulton and Trayvon’s family and friends. He should still be with us today. We need to end gun violence and racism. And we need to build a world where all our children — especially young Black boys — can grow up safe and free.” She goes on to mention that it would have been the young man’s 25th birthday. She essentially says that Zimmerman is guilty of murder.

Buttigieg says the same thing when he tweeted “Trayvon Martin would have been 25 today. How many 25th birthdays have been stolen from us by white supremacy, gun violence, prejudice, and fear?” His intentions seem sincere except it labels Zimmerman as a killer and some kind of white nationalist that hates people of color.

Warren and Buttigieg have no clue what kind of person Zimmerman is like. When he stood trial for the shooting he was acquitted because he was defending himself. Martin was the person that was the aggressor. He was trying to harm or kill Zimmerman. Zimmerman has the right to stand his ground no matter what in Florida. Even it means the death of the other person. For Zimmerman to use that much force to protect himself only means that Martin sought to kill him instead.

Warren and Buttigieg have sided with the would-be killer in this case. All for the appearance of sympathy and gain votes in the African American community. The Democrats and liberals see this as an opportunity to drag the race card into the issue. But the Justice Department saw nothing in the case that would make them think that this was some kind of racial attack.

The Democrats will always side with the criminals. They do so when it comes to illegal immigrants, and they have proven that will with potential killers. They simply do not care about the true victims in all of their hatred. The American people have suffered too long at the hands of the Democrats. And it will take people like Zimmerman to stand up to them to keep them from advancing further.

17 thoughts on “See Why George Zimmerman’s Suing Two Dem Presidential Candidates

  1. That was so pathetic to bring up such a painful ordeal for Martin’s family. I totally agree that Mr. Zimmerman had every right to protect himself. I don’t understand what has happened to these democrats. They have forgotten what it’s like to be a human being. Yes…they need to be sued!

  2. These Demorats tink that they can say and do anything they want and they will not get any reprisal.
    They are so far into HATE that they can even reason rationally.
    It’s time to stop them making false accusations, specially now that elections are upon us.
    I am not talking about their followers, I am talking about these DIRTY CANDIDATES.

  3. Democrats will say anything, do anything just to further their gun-grab agenda and impose their Communism on us. What’s George Zimmerman to them but another victim of their assault on America?

    Why stop with just Butgag and Fauxcahontas? The ENTIRE Democrat Party is guilty of it.

    Pathetic as it is, I know Democrats who would be even more victims of the neo-Democrat Party but still vote straight (D) every election. Why? Because they still think this is the party of JFK and refuse to actually believe that the Democrat/Communists mean what they say NOW. Their rights under the Constitution will be gone! But to them all they see is what CNN tells them to see.

    Maybe the law suits ought to be aimed at the media too.

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