One of the most controversial subjects in America is abortion.  There is no sugar coating what is happening when an abortion is taking place.  The pro-life activist will argue it is the murder of an unborn baby.  The pro-choice activist says it is the woman’s choice to terminate the pregnancy.  One of the few places left in the United States lies an abortion clinic in Shreveport, Louisiana, where women can still go and have this procedure done.  That is, for now.

The Supreme Court has its crosshairs set on shutting down this abortion clinic known as Hope Medical Group for Women.  As these clinics go down one by one, we are on progress to overturning Roe vs. Wade.  There are both sides to this story in particular.  Both sides can be heartfelt, but only one is moral.

A southern Arkansas woman, age 27 and four weeks pregnant feels there is no other choice but to terminate her pregnancy.  She says some complications led to a previous stillbirth.  The young woman stated, “I’m incredibly thankful for this place.  I don’t want to die.”

Those who are for pro-choice argue it is the woman’s body, and the government should not have a say in her body.  Part of that statement is true.  But there are always two sides to every story.

The other side of that story is, there is a separate body within her.  There is a baby who cannot speak or defend themselves.  The law already states if a pregnant woman is killed, then the murderer is charged with two deaths, not one.  What is the difference when it comes to abortion?  The moral answer is, there is no difference.

Let’s look at this young woman’s question on her own life.  Would a parent who already has given birth put their child in front of them if a killer was holding a gun to them ready to shoot?  The parenting instinct would kick in, and they would give their life for their child.  Is there any difference when it comes to giving birth?  It is still their child, whether it is born or not.

The fate of the Hope Clinic is now in the United States Supreme Court’s hands.  There is a Louisiana law sitting on the table that placed restrictions on abortions and the doctors who perform them.  If the law is passed, then the clinic must shut down its doors.

Democrats wanted abortion all the way to birth.  We have a President who strongly supports life and what it stands for.  President Donald Trump has put in place Supreme Court Justices who are in favor of life, and pro-life activist sees this as the most significant step to overturning the most controversial law of the land.

The state of Louisiana is looking to shut the doors of this clinic, and the Trump administration strongly supports this case.  President Trump became the first President in US history to attend a March for Life event.  He stated, “Unborn children have never had a stronger defender in the White House.”

The Supreme Court currently allows the states to set the boundaries.  Still, if the high court shuts down this clinic, it will swing open the doors to other states to follow in Louisiana’s footsteps.

There was a reason the Supreme Court ordered states to show an ultrasound to every woman who sought an abortion.  Seeing the beating heart pumping blood to the life of their child may have been the ultimate persuading to back out of the decision.  The heartbeat proves it is a separate life.

The biggest argument is when it deals with a woman’s life or health.  Louisiana wanted more restrictions when it came to healthcare issues.  Here is what the Hope Clinic’s administrator Kathaleen Pittman had to say, “I think that’s a total falsehood.  We have heard them say the goal is to be an abortion-free state.”

Lawyers for the clinic will fight tooth and nail to keep the Hope Clinic open.  The pro-life activist will be right alongside protesting and supporting a decision to end the abortion clinic.  The next few dates scheduled in the Supreme Court can not only end abortion in the state of Louisiana if they shut the clinic down but is the final step in overturning the law, which has slaughtered millions of innocent unborn babies in America.

Ending abortion would fulfill the Bill of Rights, where everyone has the right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

19 thoughts on “Louisiana Abortion Clinic in Cross-Hairs of Supreme Court

  1. Whatever happened to the woman’s “right” to prevent conception in the first place? Whatever happened to the basic notion that slaughtering a human being is murder? Whatever happened to basic morality? Whatever happened to basic common sense? So a bit of extra fun justifies slaughtering the result by ripping it apart in the womb?

    Once conceived, the human life cycle has begun. That “fetus” is the nascent human being and nothing else. To artificially terminate that life is no different than putting a gun to an adult’s head and pulling the trigger. NO DIFFERENT AT ALL.

    How did we as a nation sink so low that this issue has gone as far as it has? Over 50,000,000 dead! And we think Hitler was a monster?

    From the standpoint of religion, God said “I knew you when I formed you in the womb”. If nothing else, that’s enough for me!

  2. In a woman’s and man’s effort to escape the consequences of their actions, the child should never have to pay the price with its life. Even in the case of rape, an unwanted child could be a blessing to someone who can’t have a baby – through adoption. In too many cases, abortion is used as a form of “birth control” and neither the man or woman are exercising good sense before a conception takes place! Our culture’s lack of restraint and accountability has led to the inhumane torture of the most vulnerable of human beings. Adults have a choice, but pre- born babies have no such luxury…

  3. With so many ways of birth control there is no reason to get pregnant in the first place if you don’t want a baby. If it is a health issue then get your tubes tied.

  4. The Bible states that if a man causes a woman to lose her unborn child he is guilty of murder. Abortion is murder and the women who have them and the doctors who perform them will have to answer to God.

  5. I’m reluctantly pro-choice. But I’ll never understand the choice not to choose an abortion very early. There is a point that, in my opinion, clearly becomes murder.

  6. There are many reasons we must keep abortions legal health of Mother. Child. Rape. No one should be
    Forced to have a child of rape!!! Financial. Yes!
    Truly not able emotional mental issues and on and on. Our bodies belong to us not to the United States that is outrageous. No different than slavery why is this the only medical procedure they want to ban. . Concern for the unborn BS. It is about controlling women and their sexuality

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