The Washington Times is reported that President Donald Trump was headed for what is for him enemy territory, which is to say California. The former Golden State may be at a tipping point thanks to too much liberal dysfunction.

“President Trump traveled Tuesday to the belly of the Democratic beast — California, the prime target of his clashes on sanctuaries for illegal immigrants, a powerful foe of his auto-mileage proposal, a flashpoint in his battle over federal funding for abortion and the home of what he calls House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s disgusting slum district in San Francisco.”

One number that is indicative of the extent that California is hostile to the president is the fact that his approval rating is only 33 percent in that state according to a recent Morning Consult Poll. California is ruled from top to bottom by liberal Democrats, from Gov. Gavin Newsome to the city governments of Los Angeles and San Francisco, which have turned those communities into sanctuary cities where law enforcement does not cooperate in the enforcement of immigration laws.

Trump’s support of immigration laws has made him an enemy to the political class in California, and perhaps a friend to the long-suffering conservatives who still reside in that state. He has not only targeted California’s status as a sanctuary city but also plans to give illegal aliens free healthcare. The border wall is another flashpoint between the Trump administration and the governing class of California.

California’s attempt to force hospitals and doctors to provide abortions no matter what their private beliefs on the life issue constitutes another area of disagreement between Trump and California. Trump wants medical professionals to be able to opt-out. California insists that a woman’s right to choose is absolute.

The problem of homelessness has exploded in California cities. Once beautiful downtowns in Loa Angeles and San Francisco have become blighted by homeless camps with streets littered with body waste and used heroin needles. In this area, Trump is offering assistance as well as criticism. He got a rare thanks from California’s last Republican governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, with whom Trump has had a personal feud.

Trump’s purpose in visiting California is to receive an update on the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, meet with farmers in the Central Valley over the long-simmering fight for water rights, and to attend two fundraisers. While California has not been a ready source of votes for Republican presidents since George H. W. Bush won the state in 1988, it is still a treasure trove of campaign cash.

Could Trump win California back from the Democrats in 2020? He lost the state by an almost two to one margin to Hillary Clinton in 2016. Local Republicans suggest that he may have a chance, polling and the domination of the state by Democrats to the contrary.

One indication that Californians may have had enough is part of a report by City Journal about the revolt over a state law called AB5. AB5 has had the effect of wiping out hundreds of thousands of jobs in the so-called gig economy, from rideshare drivers, to writers, to musicians.

“Since AB5 took effect on January 1, hundreds of thousands of Californians are finding their businesses in tatters. Musicians can’t join bands for a one-night gig, chefs can’t join forces with caterers, nurses can’t work at various hospitals, and writers must cap their submissions per media outlet to 35 per year. Under the law, these freelancers can no longer conduct the same business-to-business transactions they have for years or even decades. Clients with whom they fostered valuable relationships are gone—as are their successful careers and incomes. “

Many of the people affected by AB5 were liberal Democrats who always voted a straight party ticket. But the law is becoming illustrative of the old definition of a conservative as a liberal who has gotten mugged, in this case by their state government. The phenomenon may affect the 2020 elections in ways that few people now imagine. Even if Trump does not win California, he may cut down the margin of his defeat by a considerable amount, according to pundits. The dominance of Democrats of the formerly Golden State may be shaken.

Trump and the Republicans may have been handed a wedge issue to make California, if not great again, at least competitive again.

39 thoughts on “Trump Goes into Enemy Territory, AKA Pelosi’s Slum District

  1. The ONLY reason PRESIDENT Trump “lost” california was the DROVES of illegal immigrants that were allowed and encouraged to vote, as well as the rampant VOTER FRAUD.
    (just like communist-run N.Y. and other DEMOCOMMUNIST-RUN states.)

  2. California politics are sick through and through. The Democratic party has turned a blind eye to the devastation they are responsible for. In pride, arrogance, elitism and self will, they espouse liberalism which has proven itself to be at the core of CA’s failings within the state. That is why businesses and citizens alike are leaving the state in droves as quickly as they can.

  3. I hope people, whatever political affiliation, pay attention to the damage being done in the State where they live and the conditions the Liberals seem to accept as status quo! They need new leadership to clean things up and to help the homeless people whom right now don’t have any hope for good change to happen! Vote Red!!

  4. We try and try to tell democrat voters what they’re letting themselves in for but they steadfastly refuse to listen and learn.

    Well, they can refuse to agree with us if they want. After all, we can’t FORCE them to be right! Only Dictatorial Rulers like Pelosi do that!

  5. Get rid of the mob figures democrats in California once and for all. We got rid of the mob only to let them become our senitors, Congress, and city council members. Hahaha

  6. I lived in California for 50 years. What a beautiful environment. My husband and I raised our sons in the area near Malibu. We worked for PResident Regan running for governor and president. We were so proud of “our California”. I live in Arizona now and would never go back to a state that has been destroyed so badly. Please do what needs to be done to make it beautiful again.

    1. As a native Californian, I have to sadly……agree with you. I’m now 70, and for my first 18 years….I lived in the S.F. Bay Area, and with family in the San Joaquin Valley. None of us were rich, and in fact…we didn’t realize that we were poor. I will remember when Ronald Reagan ran for Governor. Some of his platform didn’t make sense, and one was an outright LIE. That last, the supposed pulling of State Funds, from the State Parks….didn’t last long, and I am the one who stopped it. ….Palo Alto, was invited to send High School Students to one of Reagan’s speeches, which was then broadcast via Channel 9. I was included, and…I had my chance, complete with hard evidence as to why….straight from the State Parks. There came a time for Q & A, so I held up my hand, and Reagan himself… acknowledged me. I explained the problem, he listened and then started to try to explain to me…that I didn’t know anything about that funding. Being the forward person that I am, I informed him that I had the evidence with me…to prove it. The scurrying around, behind Reagan, showed me that there were people there who knew…and were trying to stop the correction. HOWEVER, and to Reagan’s credit, he flatly ordered one of his Aid’s to come into the audience to retrieve the evidence. From that day onward, THAT part of his platform was never heard from again. ….The reason that this Conservative was included in that bus ride from Palo Alto was because, I looked every inch of a Liberal. Long hair, and so long that I could actually sit on my hair and the tendency to NOT dress in expensive fashions. *S*
      …The rest of my life was spent bouncing in and out of CA, as a Military wife, then returning in 1979. We made our final exit in 1996, and I won’t go back!!

  7. Well the so-called golden state of California is being run by idiot bureaucrats. We use to want to vacation and see some of the famous sites in California. But now all vacations to the left coast have been forgotten. Maybe when they act like they care, and clean the place up. We will not spend our greenbacks to visit. Only buying the wine countries products. California Clean up Your cities, and stop wasting the citizens tax dollars.


  9. CA is an example of pre-communism state and the current horrific deprivation of its masses -the direct consequence of corrupt leaders who are immersed in self benefit and rabid salivating power hungry Neanderthals who are delusional to think their power will control the masses forever. Evildoers are losers! Watch, read, study, and pray/ the Lion of Judah is on its way. 🧐🙏⚓️🇺🇸🇳🇮

  10. CA is an example of pre-communist state and the current horrific deprivation of its masses -is the direct consequence of the state’s corrupt leaders, who are immersed in self benefit. The leader are narcissistic, rabid, salivating power -hungry Neanderthals, who are delusional from the dope provided to them by the cartels with whom they depend upon Dirty dope and blood money. These evil inept leaders think their power will control the CA masses Forever! Watch there is a tidal wave of change coming like a Lion after its prey bc evil consumes the evildoer!😊🙏⚓️🇺🇸🇳🇮

  11. California was a wonderful state not anymore
    The problem is the lies and hipocrisia of the Democratic
    It’s dangerous to live here we are looking for our selfless and children because the lows of California are a complete failure

  12. I loved California!! My Dad was stationed there after WWII before returning to Chicago. That is were our love affair of living in Ca started. The family moved to Ca in 1967 & all the relatives visited us because we lived in the most beautiful state. I ended up moving to Houston for my husbands work. I never thought I would say I was glad to be out of Ca but I am. I am ashamed of how California is now. I’d like to see it “BE GREAT AGAIN” There are still good people there but they need to ban together & speak up & take action. I pray for those people, with God strength anything is possible.
    God bless

  13. San Francisco used to be called “The City By The Bay”. Now it’s the toilet by the bay.
    I served the City as a police officer for 30 years, 20 years as a sergeant. The San Francisco liberal politicians have turned the City into a real shithole. Look at who they just elected as their District Attorney, Chesa Boudin. He’s the son and stepson of unrepentant terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. Dorhn bombed my police station (Park Station) in San Francisco in 1970. Dorhn was on trial for the crime but for “prosecutorial misconduct” the case was dismissed. Diane Feinstein coined the phrase “sanctuary city” in the late 70’s when she was mayor.

  14. I was born in California, educated in California and employed for 60 plus years at liveable wages in a safe, beautiful California.
    I am ashamed to be a Californian today.
    I remember when I didn’t have to be worried about stepping on s–t on the sidewalk or wondering if the cop in my neighborhood was going to be the latest target for the illegal on the street or whether taxes are going to reach the point of no return. Pray to God that He returns and opens the way for the rest of us that have left.

  15. I used to be proud that I lived in CA, but Even I don’t wish to visit my favorite city, San F. or take my relatives to see sighst in L.A. I tell everyone that, although I live in Ca., I am still a Texan (my birth place & many years till I got married) & proud of it. I just worry that all these Californians that a moving to Texas will not bring there destructive, liberal ideas with them! I have lived in many states, most have their faults, but with so many Dems in Ca, they are rapidly destroying this former beautiful state!

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