As early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire move farther into the past, it’s become apparent that if Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to stay in this race at all, she needs to do something and fast.

Currently, neither her polling nor her amount of funds are adequate to take her anywhere near the finish line. In both Iowa and New Hampshire, the congresswoman finished in a dismal fifth place. And according to this new campaign video, her cash is about to run out too.

She tells her supporters in the video, “Our movement needs critical funds so I can remain competitive in this race through Super Tuesday.” It was noted that she raised about $6 million in the ten days immediately after Iowa. And while that may seem like a lot to you, it’s not nearly as much as a few of her opponents made.

Sanders, for instance, is estimated to have earned about that in the first 24 hours after the New Hampshire votes were announced. Even Amy Klobuchar has more funds available to her, as she raised about half of what Warren has in the first four hours after New Hampshire.

For a woman who was beating Mr. Electability himself, Joe Biden, in the polls last fall, she sure has lost a lot of ground.

For the most, we have to blame this on the sheer size of the Democratic field, well and, of course, Warren’s not so fail-safe tactics.

From the get-go, there were far too many candidates, leaving it difficult for just about anybody to solidly choose a candidate to stick with for the long haul. The situation is only complicated by the ever-growing distance between the far-reaching left and the more moderate centrists. Warren had thought this would play to her advantage, but as we can see, it really hasn’t.

She tried to play herself off as the ‘goldilocks’ candidate. For those who were turned off by Bernie Sanders’ extreme and openly socialist views, she was a not so progressive and radical option. And for moderates who were looking for something a little more vanilla than centrist Joe Biden, she too stood to gain votes by being just a tad more aggressive.

But obviously, that didn’t work. Moderates have been too afraid to support her more radical plans like Medicare for All, as well as her math skills involved with the idea. And more left-leaning voters seem to view as want-to-be only and not the real deal like Sanders.

In addition, it seems she isn’t the only one out there who is trying to play to both sides. Both Pete Buttigieg and latecomer Mike Bloomberg hold views that find themselves squarely in the middle of both. Not to mention the presence of Klobuchar, which throws a whole new wrench her plan.

If nothing else, Warren might have been able to prostrate herself as the only female contestant left. Surely that would help her standing in the polls. However, with Klobuchar still holding on, and doing well at the moment, I might add, Warren is left with even fewer rebound options.

If she only had one active moderate to oppose, a win might be doable. Then she could simply attack them at every turn, making sure she was left on top to face Bernie on her own. But that isn’t the case.

Even though a few candidates, as we mentioned, stray a little to the left as well, there are still four powerful possibilities for Warren to contest if she is to take on Sanders one on one. And currently, they are all beating her out.

It seems the only thing she has left is to choose one, the seemingly weakest or most likely to be disliked by the left and pummel them in the hopes to stir up left-leaning votes that aren’t entirely sold on Sanders yet. And for all extents and purposes, that person seems to be Bloomberg. If she can knock him off his high horse, she just might have a shot.

Then again, he has millions in well-lined pockets and, as her video makes clear, she does not.

It’s no wonder that some of her supporters now say, “She’s done.” One anonymous campaign surrogate said, “She couldn’t find/doesn’t have a lane – die-hard progressives went with Bernie when they way his health scare wasn’t lasting. She couldn’t be the woman/centrist candidate with Klobuchar already there.”

18 thoughts on “Heads Up! Warren Warns Donors She’s Almost Done

  1. Centrist? There are NO ‘Centrists” in the Democrat Party any more. None. Everything they stand for is far to the Left of that figurative “center”.

    There is NO Left, Right and Center on the so-called political spectrum. All government starts at a zero point and continues to the left in a broadening line indicating the amount of government imposed.

    No government, utter chaos, is the zero point. Total dictatorial full control by the few Communism is the other end point.

    The concept of Left-Center-Right was invented in the 1950s to give people a better reason to think the other guy is the opposite of them and therefore a reason to hate. The politicians of today, especially those far to the left, feed off that hate to gain power.

    As far as Warren being a “centrist” Democrat, LOL, there aren’t any anymore! That whole party picked it up and marched en mass to the far Left end of the spectrum. She might portray herself as less of a Communist than Sanders. But that’s about all.

  2. Warren is a dumbass old bitch with shit for brains. She can’t even beat Bloombutthole and Klobucocksucker much less Buttifuck.

  3. demos turn there hate on there own candidates , Hate is a terrible disease to get ,although I agree with there asssments of her But????????????? the entire slate is like her

  4. Many reasons are listed n this article, but not mentioned for her failure is Warren’s ridiculous claim to be of Cherokee heritage. Didn’t that “DNA test” backfire, showing her to be only 1/1024th Native American? Didn’t she lie about this in order to get her job at Harvard? Some people, like me, don’t forget.

  5. Hey Robin , you are correct, people have forgotten all Warren lies, which are huge like her Indian heritage (haha) and all the others. Still, they believe Sanders lies, others are blind with (free everything) etc.. Others don’t know the meaning of Socialism & Communism. Maybe haven’t seen news from Venezuela and Cuba

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