The United States military has voiced their concerns and wants answers from Russia about their “disturbing” behavior.  Earlier in the week, two Russian space crafts flew nearby a US government satellite.  Last year in November, Russia launched satellites from Plesetsk Cosmodrome.  It was noted by Space Command Chief General John Raymond they were flying too close to the US satellite, and Russia’s Foreign Ministry is scrambling to give an explanation.

Raymond, who is the commander of the still-new US Space Command, gave a statement to CBS News that two of Russia’s satellites were acting in the same manner as those Russia launched three years ago.  The only response received from Russia is they called the satellites “inspector satellites.”

Raymond stated, “The Russian satellites launched in 2017 exhibited characteristics of a weapon when one of those satellites released a high-speed projectile into space.”

He continued, “Similar activities in any other domain would be interpreted as potentially threatening behavior. This is unusual and disturbing behavior and has the potential to create a dangerous situation in space. The United States finds these recent activities to be concerning and do not reflect the behavior of a responsible spacefaring nation.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov gave the confirmation that US officials did contact Russia on the “unusual and disturbing behavior.”  According to Russia’s Interfax news agency, Ryabkov stated, “We, in fact, received appropriate signals from them, and we (will) give answers to these signals after they are processed internally in necessary formats.”

The Russian media announced that on November 26, the newer satellites were launched.  First was the Kosmos-2542, then Kosmos 2543 was launched not long after.  It was described by the Russian Defense Ministry as a “multifunctional space platform” used to inspect other nation’s satellites.  It had to fly in close proximity for it to better check.

TIME magazine also interviewed Raymond about the suspicious activity of Russian satellites.  He told the TIME reporters Russian satellites flew within a hundred miles from the US satellite called KH-11, which is used to monitor foreign military installations.

According to Ryabkov, he stated Russia was looking for an international treaty for the denial of weapons in space but has never been obliged.  Many officials feel his request is a front to whatever tricks Russia may have up their sleeves.

The question we must always ask ourselves for our own safety is, Can Russia really be trusted?  The answer is a flat out NO!!! Looking into Russian President Vladimir Putin’s background should always be of concern for America and the world.

Russia has allies, which are America’s enemies.  Iran is one of its closest allies.  We have seen the trouble they have caused us over the last several months, if not years.

Russia has continuously meddled in other countries’ foreign affairs.  After all, Putin is KGB and head of the Kremlins.  Every time something goes wrong, Democrats are quick to blame the Russians.  The GOP will not blame anyone until there is evidence to substantiate the reality.

It is not just foreign affairs Russia meddles in.  Now they are going into space and coming too close for comfort to our space programs and satellites.  At the forefront, Russia is a democracy.  Still, behind the scenes, Putin has kept the old Soviet Union very much alive without the communism rearing its ugly face.

Russia has some of the top cyber weapons used for attacking psychologically and physically.  According to commentary from James Jay Carafano, who is an expert on national security and foreign policy, an article was written where he nailed the information about Russia.

Carafano said, “When Putin marched on Crimea, the Western press barely noted the cyber-skirmishing that preceded and accompanied the troops and tanks. Targeted insertion of malware, denial of service attacks, and lots of trolls and socket-puppets spreading disinformation through social networks.  All were in evidence.”

Listed from Carafano’s commentary is the in-depth explanation of how the Russian president works behind the scenes.  The question now is, What is Russia up to in space?  Whatever it is, we can bank on the conclusion, they are up to no good and cannot be trusted.

In recent weeks, they have hacked Ukraine to gather any information they have on the Bidens.  Russia has an interest in Ukraine, and the Biden scandals have come to public light over the last year.  Satellites control everything in the cyber world.  Russia, having meddled in foreign space programs and other satellites, can be a dangerous thing for the world.

10 thoughts on “Suspicious Russian Satellites Alarm America

  1. We the people don”t know what our nation has in space much less what Russia, China or anybody else has up there we need to be scared about everything up there when we have satellites that can take pictures of us doing things down here what else is up there

  2. What? You didn’t know? Russia is spying on Democrats on behalf of their buddy, Donald Trumpski. That’s what this is all about. Gee, I thought everyone knew that!

    Sarcasm aside, there has never been a single reason to trust Putin’s Russia anymore than Stalin’s Russia. After the “fall” of the Soviet Union, the only thing that really changed was that Soviet Russia put on different makeup and changed its outward face. Yes, they took the Big Red Boots off of the necks of their citizens to a certain degree but nothing of real importance changed. They’re still armed to the teeth, technologically advanced and BELLIGERENT.

    If you think they’re bad now, wait. It will just get worse. The King of the North, Russia, is prominent in Bible Prophesy.

      1. The “Beast” will attack the King of the North – Russia. The Beast will be a coalition of European nations led by the “Head of the Beast”. A lot has to happen yet before that occurs.

        Armageddon will happen at the very end at Megido when the armies of the world are gathered together to attack Jerusalem. We know how that will end!

  3. the scary part here, is that if Russia decided to knock down the satellites of the USA, it could paralyze the communications of the entire USA and would affect other countries to communicate with the US.

  4. Disturbing….Fake news?? Facts??? Quotes from the Good Book??? Scary…Makes me want to quit my job and go on a long long cruise….But wait! You can get sick on a cruise…. UGH! That would be a worst death…Oh well, I’m a true believer in the Bible and our God… Taking one day at a time….

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