A couple of months ago, we found out there were good sides of impeaching President Trump when he was begging Democrats to do it.  Today we are seeing those reasons brought to light.  Democrats will lose their positions within the House, and Republicans will keep control of the Senate.  Not to mention, President Trump stands a very high chance of becoming the first president ever to become impeached and get re-elected in what we may see the biggest landslide victory in the history of America.

President Trump is breaking numbers all across America among how he is handling the economy, the country, and his approval ratings among the most critical surveys are three points higher than Obama’s was at this time of his first term.  The impeachment made President Trump stronger than ever, and the Democrats who pulled the switch are suffering because of it.

The country is finally starting to wake up to the truths Conservatives have been speaking of since Trump took office.  It took the impeachment for America to wake up and realize, maybe Democrats are as bad as we said they were.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, Jerrold Nadler are all up for re-election this year.  President Trump is predicting the future in one of his tweets at the beginning part of this week.  He talked about how other liberal candidates in the Democratic party will take over their spot in the elections.  They blew their chances and showed their true colors, and they know it.

Trump tweeted, “Because of how badly they did with the Impeachment Hoax, AOC will primary Cryin’ Chuck Schumer and win, and Jerry Nadler has a good chance of losing to his far-left primary opponent!  It is all getting quite interesting. Pelosi will lose the House, AGAIN! My poll numbers [are] great.”

Last week, Bret Baier went on record and posted to Twitter what President Trump had to say about Chuck Schumer and AOC.  His tweet read, “In lunch previewing the SOTU tonight -President @realDonaldTrump says it will be “extraordinarily low key.” He also says about Democrats @AOC will run against Senator Chuck Schumer and ‘I think she will kick his ass.’ Both on the record.”

There wasn’t much surprise when the spokespeople for Nadler, Schumer, and AOC would not respond to the post.  Every one of them knows they messed up beyond the point of fixing it.  It is hilarious now that all of this is happening because they deserve everything they get in the end.  Where is the end of the line?  At the voting polls.  That is where the swamp gets drained!

We can almost see the toilet bowl flushing down the drain with all these people who threw our great president under the bus.  Isn’t Karma awesome!!!  It would be the butt end of a joke if Schumer were to get voted out of the Democratic seat by AOC.

Pelosi and Schiff will automatically lose their seats.  Schiff was caught on multiple lies during the impeachment trial, and people see right through him.  Pelosi sealed her own coffin by tearing up the State of the Union speech from the president.  The hatred shown by all of these clowns showed the American people what the truth is as it played out on TV.

Nadler will face a group of Democrats in the primary for his seat.  Some of them include Lindsey Boylan, a former New York state official, and the former staff member for Andrew Yang, Jonathan Herzog will be battling it out in the Democratic Primaries.

Nader, as the House Judiciary Chairman, showed not only America but the world how he handles justice situations as he led the “kangaroo court” to its demise.  He was in charge of the panel that passed the two articles of impeachment that went on to the Senate.  From there, he became a House Manager in the Senate Trial.

All of these evil people stuck together like glue during the impeachment process.  Since they are so close together, they will also fall together.  There is only one problem.  Since they know their time is limited and almost over, what will they do from now until the most important election in the history of America comes up this year in the great 2020?

The only thing that we can hope for is they are now on a short leash.  What is funny is President Trump is holding the leash now and pulling back on the choke collar!

44 thoughts on “Trump Makes a Telling Prediction on Schumer and Schiff


      1. We are still awaiting our long promised good,affordable healthcare, we are awaiting a new infrastructure that will replace our 70 year old one, we are still awaiting how we are going to assure that all eat and have healthcare. Yes the upper class is doing very well but 100,000,000 are forgotten as they are unable to donate!

        1. Trump can only do so much alone Douglas. When every single action or policy Trump has tried to get approved has been torpedoed by obstructionists. With a few notable exceptions like the USMCA, democrats have worked hard for illegals, not so much for American citizens. Healthcare – we have one republican traitor to thank for the healthcare bill failing, on top of All the democrats.There are currently 6.5 million jobs available throughout our country, don’t like the job or money you make now? Go find one that pays more!

      2. Every one of them should be facing a firing squad however watching hem squirm & LIE will be very entertaining. Thanks to our ceaseless complaining, President Trump’s strength & results to prove his successes WE WON!!!!

          1. Wow! You must get nothing done except record “so called lies” by Trump. I bet you can’t name a single lie, because, he has kept all his promises (except those that require Dem’s working with him to get his promises kept. Not one single bit of support has the Dem’s given Trump on anything he attempted to accomplish for we American’s

          2. If Trump says I bought 10 lbs of potatoes but there is only 9.8 lbs in the bag …Trump lied. You can’t get a democrat to be specific about the lies because they are insignificant points. The bottom line is the lies they like to accuse President Trump of up don’t affect anything but every lie they have foisted upon the American public has a huge impact like…If you like your healthcare you can keep your healthcare.

  1. these people set a very bad example for our government and I hope the replacements will be “better”people not just political items.and not only for their states but for the USA!

  2. I wonder when the first assassination attempt will come? The Democrat/Communists want this country destroyed! Trump is in the way and must be removed.

    Can’t happen you say? Ask JFK if it can happen or not..

    Mike Pence, whatever his good and strong qualities are, is no Donald Trump. Do not take these elections for granted and do not put it past the Democrats to try another method of eliminating Trump!

      1. That’s not light, that’s Trump pissing all over the Constitution and the bill of rights. Be careful or he might get some on you!

        1. You are a Fool. The most knowledgeable lawyers in this country have already said that this impeachment is unconstitutional and the way it was conducted. The real sad thing is that Fools like you vote

        2. You talk about pissing on the Constitution. What about the kangaroo court led by shift? Do you know how many Constitutional laws were broken in the hoax of the impeachment? Also these sanctuary cities are breaking federal laws by not apprehending the Illegal aliens and turning them over to the proper authorities. What about the homeless that dedicating in the streets that are run be the demorats? Can you answer any of those questions?

    1. Might want to read the book of “Revelations” St. James version of the bible. Trump’s name is mention more than 7 times. Does that tell you something. God put Trump in office & only God will take him out, if he wishes to do so.

  3. I had supported , am and will be supporting President Trump throughout his campaign & subsequent triumph. Looking to 2024, I and maybe others might be inclined to support another Trump.

    1. It would be wonderful if things do work out as we desire. But anything is possible. The Schiffs, Nadlers, Pelosis and AOCs of the world were put into office by voters. THEY are the ones we need to fear. Only if THEY turn out in large numbers to put an end to their party’s plunge into the abyss can we breath freely again.

      1. They were put in by voter FRAUD, not by votes. They cannot get the votes honestly, but they also cannot do enough fraud to be easily proven to combat the landslide that is coming.


  4. They will try and if this happens the American people in their righteous might are going to take out the trash. The funeral fires will glow in the night sky for the world to see. I don`t understand why we continue to feed and help this slime that hates us.

  5. no one well even try to put there feet in tump,s shoes.he is the best. never be a man like never never people love him.

  6. Just for Pelosi and Schiff….their re-election bid may be their Waterloo on 3 March.
    BOTH have contenders who are wanting to take their places. Nadler’s re-election bid
    ….may also have problems in late June. I haven’t heard if he has a contender or not.
    I have NOT heard when Schumer will be facing his….Voters, hopefully before November.

    IF these are voted OUT, then we may see some positive change, and hopefully both
    of the Senate & House will be Republican controlled. THIS is my fervent hope!!

    Go, TRUMP-PENCE, November 2020 KAGA

  7. These democrats are horrible role models for students of civics. I taught an 8th grade social studies class during an election year. My students held mock elections and had a few simple rules. They could not bad mouth an opponent, bad mouth an opponents ideas, had to have specific, concrete items on their agendas that would help the school community, and be gracious if they lost. HMMM! I guess democrats could benefit from an 8th grade social studies class.

  8. Schitt and Pisslosi are going to prison for sucking cocks without a license. They’re suspected of fucking assholes without a license too.

  9. I agree with the above comments. Clean out the swamp. the surface of the swamp is gone. Let’s dig deeper. God help us of the FOUR get re elected. Clear them out as well. Pelosi and her gang are too old to make decisions for we the American Public, who pay for all these witch hunts. Wonder what else they have up their slimy sleeves?????. Can’t we as the American Public start investigating the Pelosi gang and MAKE UP THINGS THEY HAVE DONE, LIKE THEY HAVE DONE TO OUR PRESIDENT??. God Bless Trump for what he is doing and has done. Git rid of the DEMORATS.

  10. I hope the African American and Latino community abandon the despicable democrats and vote to give conservatives control of the government again. If they vote for Republicans in significant numbers then the Demonrats have no chance of getting elected. Democrats are only interested in power and removing Trump from office, they could care less about helping African Americans and Latinos. They hate Trump so much they are not willing to do anything to help America, just to keep Trump from getting credit for putting America and the American people first.

  11. I just got a email that they made up and they signed my name I sent a letter back asking why they lie like this and that they are going to stand in front of our lord for all the things they have done. And that they have lied to this email and that was not my signature and they will never get in to the government we the people do not want them. They should all be put out of our country and we the people will stand together. And barr is a nice man that we the people think so far.But we do not know it all. God is with our President and he will take care of him always.

  12. It is not likely our Country will ever be what it used to be again. We need leadership with vision to make America great again.
    Democrats seem to only know how to destroy the china shop. We need to build a home for all with leadership that has learned to be successful and can demonstrate that talent.

  13. Go For That Field Goal TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Get Rid Of The Demorats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Drain The Swamp Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. andre stephenson your the one who is delusional Trump will win by a landslide and take the congress with him and get rid of these democrat parasites who spend our money on witch hunts

  15. We need to purge the voter roles of non active voters. We need voter IDs to keep our elections clean, and we need term limits to weed out professional politicians.

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