Only the guilty run when they are about to be caught.  It is not for certain we will not hear back from Joe Biden again. Maybe, but who knows?  Still, something is definitely going on with the Biden’s now that the Senate has the financial records of the Biden’s in their hands.  In less than 24 hours, when the announcement broke the news barriers, well the real news barriers that the Treasury Department handed over the Biden’s financial records to the Senate, Joe Biden goes missing for the New Hampshire caucus.  Here we go!  Get the popcorn and snacks ready!

Thursday night, the headlines on Fox News reported during the Ingraham Angle Senators Kennedy and Scalise announced and confirmed they have the financial records in hand, which goes back to Bursima with Hunter Biden and the Ukraine scandal along with the billions of dollars with China and Joe Biden.

After coming in at a fourth place in the Iowa Caucus, which still has problems, Joe Biden went missing in action from his hotel as he was supposed to be at the New Hampshire event five days from now.  Some headlines stated, “NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!”  Everyone said how important it was to gain back some momentum.  Now his momentum may be used for running away.

So, how fast can “Sleepy” run?  The answer is fast enough.  His campaign bus was ready to go outside the Radisson Hotel, where “Sleepy Joe” stayed.  Apparently, he “slept” somewhere else.  But where?  Is he scared of losing or scared of being thrown under the jail?

A South Carolina Senator Dick Harpootlian, stated, “From a Biden perspective, there’s going to be a course correction in all three states before Super Tuesday.  He’s got to have sharper elbows.”  What we are seeing he has faster feet cause he’s missing!

Harpootlian added, “History may write that the best thing that ever happened to Joe Biden was getting gut-punched in Iowa.  It woke him up, it woke his campaign up and his supporters up. They were complacent.  You’ve got to talk about the other guy.”

But we ask, does he remember “the other guy?”  He doesn’t even remember what state he is in.

So with all the Joe Biden hiccups, we find the best one of all as the headlines read Friday morning, he is missing.  Not too many are talking about it, but it’s subtle and there to be heard.

Behind the scenes, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell eased President Trump’s mind when he assured the president, the Senate will look into everything now that the impeachment is over.  All Trump has to do is continue being the fabulous president that he is and run the nation.

A spokeswoman for Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, the top Democrat on the Finance Committee, stated, “Applying a blatant double standard, Trump administration agencies like the Treasury Department are rapidly complying with Senate Republican requests, no subpoenas necessary, and producing ‘evidence’ of questionable origin.”

The spokeswoman continued, “The administration told House Democrats to go pound sand when their oversight authority was mandatory while voluntarily cooperating with the Senate Republicans’ sideshow at lightning speed.

The chair of the Judiciary Committee Senator Lindsey Graham and the GOP committee chairman are advancing their probe at alarming rates of speed as the records on Hunter Biden came through quickly from the Justice Department, the State Department, the National Archives, the FBI, and the Secret Service.  They are pulling out all the stops now!

So the next question we can ask now is, will Nancy Pelosi turn up missing next?  Hunter Biden seemed to have fallen off the radar, his daddy went missing Friday morning.

All things seem to be coming to what we hope is an end to the corruption. Representative Matt Gaetz is filing an official complaint against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for her terrible twos temper tantrum as she destroyed a federal document on live TV.

We can continue and go after Adam Schiff for perjury while being caught in multiple lies and also get him and Schumer in the same jail cell with Jerry Nadler for high treason.  It is more than likely the Senators may do that because the last promise President Trump has to keep is “Drain the Swamp.”

There is no doubt justice will be sweet and served.  In the end, the people will have the final say at the voting booths.

22 thoughts on “Senators Announce Biden’s Bank Statements Are In Their Hands, Joe Goes Missing

  1. The rats are deserting the sinking Democrat, lying ,corrupt, shameless and don nothing ship. When their lies are being exposed by hard evidence, the dissappear. The plug is being pulled and the swamp is swirling down the drain. Go Trump and responsible Republicans.


      1. SOOOOO AGREE, texaslady! America WILL NEVER be great, as long as these POS are in government! They need to be JAILED, or EXCOMMUNICATED! TRUMP 2020!!

  2. Seems Old Joe is practicing for a MARATHON! . . . First, a pushup contest with a voter, then a sprint/run. must be practicing hard – can’t find him ANYWHERE.I guess those BANK STATEMENTS are causing a lot of concern. I wonder if Hunter is assisting him? Old Joe MAY need some assistance – One Concerned Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. I really do wish that people would STOP talking like the next Presidential election and others are already in the bag.

    The Democrat/Communists are still very busy rigging the votes. Their conduct in their own caucuses and Party voting over the past 5 years is proof of that.

    They still OWN the crooked voting machines and they’re frantically loading the voter rolls with the ineligible, felons and ILLEGALS. The truth, law and justice mean nothing to them – POWER does!

    The powers-that-be had better seriously address that issue before it’s too late! To just wave their hand and dismiss it is absolute political – and national – suicide!

  4. bidens entire family has been exposed to corruption. why does any one especially a lawyer want to go to congress for one tenth of the money he can make in private practice. the answer = after 10 to 15 years in congress they retire a muti millionaire and a life time of free health care.

  5. It will be a new dawn, a NEW AMERICA when all the corrupt, evil, anti-American Dems go to prison. We must restore people’s faith in our judicial system. Thank you President Trump and the Republican Party for draining the swamp.

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  7. Don’t be so sure the Reps can deliver corrupt Dems to jail. Look how Hillary has escaped her comeuppance for years. They will lawyer up and stop at nothing to protect themselves. And, yes, as de Ranger so accurately said, the voter rolls have been engorged with all types of people who have no business voting..felons, illegal aliens, etc. Any type of complacency only gives the leftists more opportunities to steal elections. For the many Americans who vote occasionally, if at all, they write off all the back and forth between the Dems and Reps as nonsense they choose to ignore rather than follow. Run scared and run hard come November if Trump and kindred spirits are to be elected over the Dem crazies.

  8. The Democrats most certainly have NOT given up. They know for certain that they cannot win a fair election so they are doing the same thing that they have done in the past. They are rigging voting machines to vote for a Democrat when a Republican has been selected. They are flooding the voter rolls with dead people, ineligible people, felons and non-citizens. They will be using the voting machines owned by Soros with the company owned by Soros to count the votes as they have done in the past. They will claim failure of voting machines in primarily Republican areas to make the votes ineligible. They will disallow the military vote as they did in the past two elections. They will disallow the mail in votes as they did in the past two elections And they WILL resort to violence at the polling places as they have done in the past with the Black Panthers and ANTIFA to intimidate Republican voters.

    Please, no one underestimate how far the Democrats will go to turn our country into a socialist dictatorship. They would gladly put a Stalin or a Castro in the White house and explain that the hundreds of thousands of executions are good for America.

    Vote to get these communists and dictators out of our country.

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