It is not every day that a known Al-Qaeda leader is found teaching people how to drive inside the United States. But that is exactly what has happened over the past few days. Ali Yousif Ahmed Al-Nouri is a 42-year-old Al-Qaeda leader that is wanted for murder in Iraq. He is accused of killing two police officers in Iraq back in 2006.

Al-Nouri has been hiding in the United States for several years. In June 2016, he landed in Arizona and formed the A-Plus Driving School and started teaching young people and adults how to drive. A known terrorist and murderer teaching teenagers how to drive and no one even knew he was there until Iraq asked for his extradition.

These are the kinds of people that will be living in every community in every state if the criminal loving Democrats have their way and open the borders to every person that wants to come to America. They plan to open the borders and not check to see what kind of person the immigrant may be. They will just shake their hands and welcome them into the country.

Al-Nouri had a warrant issued for his arrest in May 2019. The murder that he committed was pre-meditated. He planned to kill two police officers serving in Fallujah. He was also a leader of Osama bin Laden’s terrorist group when Fallujah was its main base of operations. The Democrats love Al-Qaeda. These are the very people that they want to sing and dance with.

Al-Nouri was part of the group that ambushed the two police officers. There was no mercy as the premeditated act of killing two men took place. Al-Nouri is now in federal custody waiting for his return to his homeland. It stands to reason that he had a good reason to hide in America teaching teenagers how to drive.

Al-Nouri is the perfect example of why there needs to be stricter immigration laws. There is no record of him coming to America or when he showed up. All that is known is that at some point he made it across the border and started his driving school. Parents can rest easy knowing that a terrorist was taken off their very own streets.

President Trump has proven his point regarding the importance of better immigration control. Al-Nouri is just one of many pathetic killers that are trying to hide from justice in the United States. If he could sneak across the border and into the streets of America, then so can others.

Before Al-Nouri can be sent back to Iraq a federal judge has to approve the request. The Iraqi people have to prove that the person they are looking for is the man in custody. Al-Nouri must be hoping to have a liberal judge look at his case. Since the liberals are in favor of Al-Qaeda and their plans to terrorize people.

In 2016, there were nearly 13,000 illegal aliens arrested for various crimes within the United States. This number was on the tail end of Obama’s ridiculous reign of terror in the White House. But since President Trump took office in 2017, that number has been on the decline. In 2017, there were 8,500 illegals arrested and by 2019, that number had fallen to just 4,200 illegals.

The reason for such a dramatic drop in criminal immigrant arrests is because of the changes that President Trump made to the immigration laws. Each time the president won a major victory in the courts the number would drop even more. The Democrats for some strange reason hate the fact that he has removed so many criminals from the country. They must love organized crime and those that carry it out.

One of the major promises that President Trump made was to make America a safer place to live. He has lived up to that promise. There are fewer illegals in America that have committed crimes than ever before. The longer President Trump stays in office the better America will become.

22 thoughts on “Al Qaeda Leader Found in Arizona Teaching Lessons

  1. Thank you for sharing.
    Another excellent reason why we DO NOT NEED a liberal wackadoodle in the White House. we has one for 8 long years, we must not allow another one in the Oval Office.

  2. So disarm us and leave us helpless? Ok where ever you are contact your local Republican party. Get registered to vote . Then volunteer to get the vote out.

  3. Let me guess. And the authorities wouldn’t cooperate with ICE.
    We probably have more sleeper cells than we suspect around the country.

  4. What about those KNOWN Muslim enclaves that the Federal Government already knows about?

    Are the American-hating Democrats still protecting them too? Perhaps Nancy Pelosi tore up the paperwork on them too?

    The Democrat Party is working 24/7 for the destruction of this country. Nothing else explains their conduct.


  5. It’s scary when you hear things like this. We never had our borders crossed by so many criminals and PROTECTED by laws created by the Democrats. Democrats are at it again!!

    As we speak, i/5th of Democrats are trying to get a new law passed called”NEW WAY FORWARD ACT” It’s to protect ILLEGALS who commit crimes in the United States from being deported. We are talking about FELONIES, not parking tickets. If they are deported, WE WILL PAY THERE WAY BACK INTO THE UNITED STATES WITH TAXPAYER MONEY. This is what you are getting when you vote for a Democrat. MORE protection for illegals who have committed rape, robbery, child abuse, major crimes. VOTE THEM OUT. TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

  6. Why do you say “criminal loving Democrats” and “Democrats love Al-qaeda” when you know that’s not true. Your posts might be more believable if you didn’t lie.

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