The Super Bowl is the one time that people actually look forward to watching commercials. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that presidential candidates would want to get in on that fun. However, few can afford to pay the high prices required. This year, a 30-second commercial to be aired during the game of the year cost just over $5 million.

But money is of no consolation for candidates like Democrat and former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg. He had not one but two Super Bowl commercials, and they were both a whole minute long. That’s $20 million just for two ads.

If you didn’t see them or remember them, don’t worry. Few seemed to notice them at all. For someone with concerns about the environment, it seems he should have spent that money on something else rather than a commercial or two that barely anyone noticed.

However, some people did notice, and they were none too happy about what they saw and heard, mainly because they were filled with Democratic lies.

One ad featured the tragic death of 20-year-old George Kemp Jr., who was killed in a 2013 shooting in a neighborhood near his home in Texas. His devastated mother and Bloomberg speak of the 2,900 children who, according to Bloomberg’s anti-gun organization Everytown for Gun Safety, die in gun violence each year.

However, the ad has a few problems.

Firstly, while Kemp’s death is tragic, the ad portrays him as a child who died innocently. But that’s not exactly the case. As I mentioned before, Kemp was 20 years old, a legal adult.

In addition, he knowingly put himself in harm’s way and not in a hero type of situation.

As the Houston Chronicle and several local news outlets reported at the time, Kemp and a few friends had driven to a nearby neighborhood to pick a fight with a local teenager. When they arrived, the seventeen-year-old they were looking for showed up with a few of his friends. One of those friends was carrying a handgun and after being told to by his friend, shot and killed Kemp.

While it is doubtful that Kemp went there expecting a gunfight, he did, in fact, go looking for trouble. Furthermore, it has been suspected that gang ties could be made between the young men involved.

So Bloomberg painting this young man as a mere innocent is a bit dishonest, wouldn’t you say?

However, there’s more. The statistic his organization quotes is distorted as well. He says that 2,900 children die every year due to gun violence. This comes from a report Everytown put out in 2013 that states, “2,900 children and teens (aged 0-19) are shot and killed” each year.

You will note that 0-19 also includes those that are legally not children anymore. As Tobias Hoonhout of National Review points out, “The same data, when reviewed for the same time-frame while omitting legal adults – 18 and 19-year-olds – show an average of 1,499 annual gun deaths for children, or about 51 percent of the number claimed in Bloomberg’s ad.”

Again, the loss of life is indeed tragic, but that doesn’t mean Bloomberg needs to lie about the actual numbers just to make his proposed policies sound better.

Lord knows those from the NRA aren’t buying it. So they put out an ad of their own with a direct message to Mike Bloomberg: “We will fight for our freedom.”

NRA members in attendance at this week’s Great American Outdoors Show in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, took the time to tell Bloomberg precisely what they thought about his anti-gun policies.

One man said, “Mike Bloomberg suggests that disarming minority males, like myself, will keep us alive, but I have news for you: Mike Bloomberg is a white billionaire who has no place in telling me how I can defend myself or my loved ones. And, Mike, as an African American male that you want to disarm, I promise you will never take away my Second Amendment right.”

Everyone else had a similar message for Bloomberg, suggesting that the hypocrisy his billions buy will do him no good in this fight.

One asked, “Mr. Bloomberg: your home is protected by armed guards at all times. Why can’t I exercise my Second Amendment right to protect mine?”

Unlike Mike, most Americans can’t afford armed guards, so we arm ourselves. So long as there are dangers in this world, we continue to fight for that right.

20 thoughts on “Bloomberg’s Dishonest Super Bowl Ad Gets Slammed

  1. Pro-life people were turned down and after they kept trying, were turned down finally because they said they had no more room. LIe.

  2. Another lie by Bloomberg. He says he unified a city (New York) after 911. Research the NY Post or Daily News from 2/3/02 showing a smug Bloomberg holding a groundhog the same day they were having funerals for recently discovered firerfighters from the rubble. He chose to attend the groundhog ceremony and the paper headline was an outrage. Don’t take my word. Look it up.

  3. So what’s the surprise in this? The America-hating Communist Left (Democrat Party) has been spewing atrocious lies for decades now. This one is a small one compared to many.

    As far as their blatant anti-Constitution gun grab, they claim rifles like the AR-15 kill more Americans than just about anything else. Truth is that you’re 900 times more likely to be killed by medical malpractice than by any type of long gun in America. Got a doctor appointment tomorrow? Be afraid, be very afraid.

    And just how many LEGAL hand guns are used to commit crimes? Perhaps a quick trip to Chicago might illuminate the folly of that claim. Handguns are virtually banned in Chicago yet they have one of the worst gang problems and murder rates in the nation.

    The gun grabbing Communist Left simply MUST LIE to get their way. Just as extreme socialism did in Nazi Germany and anywhere in the Communist World. In order to control the people, their first act was to disarm them!

  4. So ifr he said young people or people under 20 instead of children, then that would be the truth. Why make a big deal about the truth. Trumplicans swear by Donald’s lies all the time! I am imbarrased that I share a given name thit that lying sad person.

  5. well like a stupid democrat he sliced his own throat when he put the loser oboma in it , only the sick and twisted think oboma was a grate president , and after 3 and a half years of trump , the blacks are getting back to normal , their wasn’t much racism till oboma got elected and for 8 years he revived the race war , finally blacks are realizing it was all a lie ,

  6. The truth will always set you free!
    Being committed to only telling the exact truth with no spin and no embellishment is what we deeply need for all of us to get informed on what will be the most effective actions to take to improve the quality of our lives now and for the future. The question always needing an absolute accurate answer is what is working effectively to assure our immediate and long term enhanced quality of life?

  7. If Bloomberg really believes what he advocates in all these ads why not spend his money helping the homeless, working poor, people going bankrupt over heal care debt, and disabled veterans rather than wasting it on ads and buying elections or attempting to buy them.

  8. These are just a few of his lies. He shows himself with children, when he told one of his female employees to get rid of it. She was pregnant. He’s a real supporter of children. He also stated & I saw him state this…. Work more illegals immigrants than American’s. He keeps saying he can get it done. What it is that he can get done?? Trump has already gotten it all done, with the exception of needing sorry Congress to support a plan. He has then been put on hold.

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