China has one of the worst forms of Communism, which still alarms many people across the world.  Many believe if it were not for President Trump winning the 2016 election, the Democrats would have finished turning America upsidedown and made it a Socialist nation by burning the Constitution and all this country stands for.

Wondering what this country would be like as a Communist nation would be a nightmare.  To better paint a picture, we can look at China or North Korea if ever anyone wanted to know what it looks like.  We are not only lucky but blessed to be American citizens with the number of freedoms our brave soldiers fought and died for to instill them.

Not long after President Trump signed the first phase of the historic trade deal between America and China, a Chinese pastor explained the intimidation and fears Christians are going through by living in a Communist government.  It is not a pretty picture painted with his words.

Pastor Jian Zhu stated, “The Chinese government has now placed severe restrictions and policies on the house churches asking neighbors to spy on one another, pressuring school teachers and college professors to betray and sign a statement to denounce their own faith as well to do the same to students.”

China is described to have “the blueprints” of the ongoing Christian persecution, which is spreading at an alarming rate around the globe.  It is scary, and many can only worship underground, inside closets, or anywhere hidden from the Communist public eye.

To look at it from the numbers point of view, there are over 260 million Christians who are living in countries where persecution is high.  Breaking it down, that is one in eight believers around the world.  Watchdog group Open Doors USA’s 2020 World Watch List shows there was a ten percent increase from last year.

David Curry, the president and CEO of Open Doors USA, told Fox News, “The drivers of persecution are still very significantly entrenched. Islamic extremism is spreading in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia.  Then you add this rise of surveillance technology and strategy by China.”

Open Doors USA releases a list of which countries have the most significant danger for Christians.  It is published every year, and it has information about the top 50 countries to be aware of.  Many remain on the list while few are replaced each year.  China is always up there in the top numbers.

North Korea was the number one country for 19 years.  China recently topped the charts for this year.  They have forced labor camps for Christians and Uighur Muslims, much like those from the Nazi camps.  All of these persecutions are expected to worsen and spread across the world.

Curry stated that around 100 million Christians are persecuted in some form or fashion by the Chinese government.  They are selling what is called “a blueprint for dictators around the world,” which has been in the process of being sold to Iran and other nations.  He said, “China is resurrecting the ‘god as the government state,’ and we’re all threatened by it, atheists, Jews, Christians everyone.”

Fox News reported, “Christians in China have been under constant surveillance, not just on the streets, but also in their churches which have been torn down, holy books confiscated. China, last year sentenced Pastor Wang Yi to nine years in jail for speaking out against the state.”

Three things stick out the most from China when it comes to persecuting Christians, which the world is seeing.  First, there are artificial intelligence systems that are always keeping eyes on China’s citizens.  The people cannot get away with anything and have little to no privacy.

Next, there has been an increase in Islamic extremism spreading across not only China but the world.  People fear for their lives as bombs continue to go off.  Sri Lanka and Burkina Faso have been the most recent attacks as violence continues to spread.

Lastly, some dictators feed off of each other in their evil ways to destroy Christianity.  Kim Jong Un, the dictator of North Korea, is one of these leaders who continues to pressure the persecution of Christians across the world.

Curry summed up everything by saying, “We cannot let this stand.  People are speaking out. They’re crying out and have an obligation to take action.”  We don’t need China to sell blueprints to the Left! They did enough damage already, which Trump is fixing.

15 thoughts on “Christians Worldwide Fear China’s “Blueprint of Persecution”

  1. Wow, so what has happened for decades in China looks a whole lot like what the American Democrat Party and Liberal Americans in general, want to happen right here in the United States.

    Just look at the debates and listen to them. Just take a hard look at what our SCHOOLS are doing at every level right here in the United States. It’s the same thing the Chinese have been doing since the late 1940s and the Red Russians long before that.

    WAKE UP, AMERICA! The Democrat Party is working hard to turn this country into a Godless Communist police state. Imagine the likes of Nadler and Schiff having their big Red boots on the backs of your necks. If you’re still buying what they’re selling then you are begging to be shoved into cheerless, barren, cold and hungry cages!

  2. Well, the churches themselves are not opening their mouths. They don’t organize to work together to fight, well, let’s see, abortion, practicing homosexuals working to separate churches into those who allow practicing homosexuals and those that do not leading to the demise of those who do let in the devil, democrats who have become nothing but communists, Islam demanding they have the right to have Sharia law while taking over whole areas of states. I know instead of fighting for the life of babies/children our church says leave it up to women to kill or not to kill their child and when it comes to allowing the worship of homosexual sex into our churches it says each church can make up their own decision. Jesus said to keep Satan out of our churches not invite him in. Already four of our churches have closed in my area because people don’t want to be giving in to Satan, they want the Church to be out spoken and hold up it’s values so attendees can have the values to hang onto. At least in China Christians are fighting Satan, unfortunately that ain’t happening in the States. Our churches just cave in instead of saying we are staying with the Covenant with God not making a new covenant with Satan. The Catholic Church is a good example. It almost destroyed itself trying to protect homosexual priests instead of handing them over to the law and getting rid of them. What is saving the Church is the very size of the Catholic Church and to finally not give in to the homosexuals any more who don’t belong around children period. Their technique of grooming children who as adults will accept homosexuals approaching them is now being spread in our schools dragging down our kids level of education and causing mental problems concerning what is normal and not normal as they grow up. Again where are the churches or should I say where are the churches that are left. Satan needs to be fought even if you lose your life. As those Christians who came before us. If they had not fought Satan we wouldn’t be here.

  3. I have read your articles and I will tell you the only surprise to me is how uninformed your readers really are.
    This is sad to me. I read consistently and have followed China and have never been fooled by all the hoopla about how free the people in china are. Ha! they are as they have always been kept people. they live like rats in New York .and religion is never a free thing not even in America.
    Persecution follows us no matter our faith. we are freer then most.but the one christian faith believes others are wrong. there is no real way for religious folk to not get trouble forced on them.
    talk to Mormons, Jews, Jehovah witness, Catholics. and a myriad of others. Check out the non Christians They are used and abused also.
    Please know that there is not much we can do to help China.
    How about just being nice to your neighbor. not worry about how he sees G-D, but just be nice.
    In America today we can not even get along politically Because we as Americans have never seen Politics as a Religion . But anyone that has even looked at and studied Communism knows that it in itself it is a religion.
    So is the new liberalism in America. Liberalism, is Socialism,=Communism. and the only way that all can come to the front is a full absence of G-D. because G-D is the host of Freedom ,
    and Liberalism-Socialism-communism is removing goods, belongings, freedoms, from someone to give to another. This is not by choice this is “at the tip of a spear”. In the way Of”Taxes,” penalties;, Jail,. Shame, You think this is not already happening in America it is. Please Do Your Home work. read and find out your truth. This is mine.

  4. Christians need to wake up and read their Bible. This was prophesied centuries ago. We will be persecuted and some will die. This is all part of the end times.

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