When President Donald Trump first proposed building a wall at the US-Mexico border, many had their doubts that it would actually work. After all, those who are intent on getting to our country illegally usually pay little mind as to how they are to achieve it so much as they do. People have tried all sorts of crazy things over the years, often jeopardizing their safety and lives in their pursuit.

For these critics, the wall would only serve to cost Americans more money and time and yet still not solve or even hinder the problem at hand.

And yet, this week, three unfortunate souls taught the world just how effective the newly built wall actually is.

Just after midnight on January 5th, three illegal aliens from Mexico were found stuck at the top of the 30-foot-tall border wall with no obvious way to get down. U.S. Border Patrol had spotted the threesome and requested help from the San Diego Fire Department to get them down safely, according to The Washington Times.

It was reported by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that the three, one man and two women, had decided to make their way into the US under cover of a dense fog in the area. However, upon finally reaching the top, they realized there was no safe way to get down. In any case, it would not have been a safe climb, but the fog, which made everything slippery and wet, had turned the steel wall into an impossibly slick surface.

It was noted that when the three had initially begun their ascent, they had help from others on the ground. However, by the time they reached the top and found themselves stranded, their support had vanished, leaving them even more hesitant about the descent.

After being safely lowered to the ground, the three were questioned and found to be Mexican nationals. Therefore, they were arrested and detained at the nearest Border Patrol station for continued processing.

The part of the wall where these three had decided to cross is one of a few sections that have been entirely completed. Where 8-foot “landing-mat” mesh fences and barriers used to stand, now 18-foot steel bollards have been constructed. At the top of this is a wide steel plate. Somehow, the three were able to traverse this. However, a short distance to the north of this wall is another larger one, that is 30 foot high. The two in close proximity form a walkway of sorts between the walls that enables agents to travel along the border for increased enforcement.

Why the three chose this exact spot to travel through, we may never know. However, as smugglers and illegal citizens, logic doesn’t always seem to be at the top of their list.

It was noted by both The Times and Border Patrol agents that the three were lucky to have not fallen and caused severe harm to themselves. Acting Chie Patrol Agent in the San Diego area said, “These three were very fortunate not to have fallen from the top of the wall which could have resulted in serious injury or death. These dangers are not important considerations to smugglers, who place emphasis on profits over safety.”

According to Supervisory Agent Jeffrey Stephenson, falling off of the wall is a frequent occurrence for illegals trying to cross it. He said, “the falls have led to numerous serious injuries including broken legs, broken ankles, skull fractures, brain bleeds, broken scapula, fractured vertebrae, and appendicitis.” He did point out that when an injury does occur, every illegal is immediately treated with medical attention as soon as they are found.

Regardless of the care they are given afterward, I’d bet that ideas of illegally crossing the war are getting more and more scarce among immigrants as stories like this become more affluent. While it is said that these people don’t put a high priority on safety, it’s apparent that it certainly puts some limitations out there. And people are taking note.

Slowly but surely, the wall is being constructed, and as a result, fewer and fewer illegals are making their way into the country, at least without injury or need of medical attention. So, I’d say yes, the wall is working. And anyone who thinks differently only has to read stories like this to realize that crossing the US border is not nearly as easy as it used to be.

175 thoughts on “Illegals Learn Nasty Lesson at New Trump Border Wall

  1. SEND them BACK! . . . they are ILLEGAL. I don’t care WHAT happened to them. AND, make sure that they are DEPORTED PERMANENTLY. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. I agree 100% however I would send a dozen liberal Demoncrats back across the border with each expelled illegal alien.

      1. You have been taking something. Shop talking about my President Trump. He is not scared, weak, cowardly or desperate! We have the best President ever. He sure isn’t like the last one that kissed everyone’s asses, lied, corrupt and wanted to bring our country to a 3rd world shithole! The evil democrat politicians are so mad that their corrupt Hillary didn’t win to carry out communist Muslim Obama’s 3rd term to bring down our country. Trump is going to win big time if there is an honest election. We need voter ID for every state as the democrats are so evil and will do everything in their power to buy an election. They and Hillary tried in 2016!. Americans are seeing how corrupt and evil the communist democrats are and they want to change our country and not for the good. Trump 2020🇺🇸

        1. Don the CON tRump is a stupid, sniveling, idiotic, narcissistic, jizz bag not deserving to breathe air meant for Americans. He should be sent packing to Russia where it will be easier for him to lick Putin’s a**. He should take his illegal alien whore wife and his spawn with him.

          Oh by the way, while I do not believe in the god nonsense, only a real moron would say that the obviously devout Christian Obama is a Muslim after all these years. Even if he was a Muslim, it would not matter one bit.

        1. “A well regulated militia…” implies an established command and control structure, not a bunch of fat white supremacists in camos and bib overalls waving guns around and shouting slogans.

        2. Jerry Lynch …You are full of SH*T…A Militia is just that, a volunteer army made up of civilians who are willing to sacrifice everything to protect their homes and country from those like you . You better brush up on your history before making comments out of you ASS. SH#T -FOR-BRAINS !

    1. Norman Landrum: We DID “have a President that loves this country” until tRump was inaugurated in 2017. Now we have a traitor who loves dictators and is undermining America while making himself rich at our expense. Anyone else (except Pence) 2020.

  2. I agree, they should be returned immediately to wherever they came from. They are breaking the law, and should receive no benefits other than emergency care, then home they go!!

  3. Could they make the wall have Electric shocks and knock them off the wall on their asses, that might send them back home in a hurry/ that wouldn’t cost AMERICA the MONEY it takes to round them up and send them PACKING????

      1. this comment should have been in the joke column!!!! (OR STUPID!) but we have alot of that going around!!!
        thanx….. .rich — IN GOD WE TRUST (and the fence and Pres TRUMP!!)

  4. Why were they brought into this country ??? Why not just drop them on the mexican side of the wall and told to NOT come back. More taxpayer money and political bullschitt.

  5. It’s about time the river of illegals is being blocked, the drain on our country has threated everything about what Americica stands for.

    1. Don’t forget the planeloads and busloads of muslims “deposited” in our country (usually in the dead of night) by the last FRAUD “occupant” of the oval office.

  6. Deport to that remote site in the jungle and see if they survive there. WE now know that there is enought funding to complete the 4– miles needed to make it a viable deterrent. Good Job Mr President.

  7. the democrat’s have become the socialist & commy party that we have been fighting for over 80 years. I was demo stupid for over 60 years I finely woke up.

  8. Oh, but….. but ….. they’re just unfortunates looking for a better life for themselves and their children in a strong and safe country. Aren’t they? They’re here to contribute to making our society better. Aren’t they?

    Yeah, right. So say the Liberal Lefty Loons. Well, unless you’re an “immigrant” like Melania Trump that is. Or a child like Barron Trump.

    Those poor unfortunates that were dangling from The Wall were also looking for free housing, free food, free money, a free driver’s license and the right to vote. And according to those aforementioned Lib Loons, no citizenship is required.

  9. They should have been dropped back to Mexico immediately, no medical treatment no matter what. Stop the illegal invaders. No benefits a lot will stop coming.

  10. Great, Now we are paying for their self-inflicted injuries plus they will somehow qualify for S.S. disability payments, food stamps and medicaid or medicare for the rest of their lives on the taxpayers dime. Doesn’t sound like much of a deterrent to me. And I was a supporter of building the wall.

    1. Icecube dish you read the article¿ People are being sent back. Those that are injured are treated (the humane thing to do) Anna’s then sent back. Please read before commenting.

  11. They are a big drain on benefits ment for real Americans!!! They should not be alowed to have kids in our country then call them American citizens!!!! If they have a kid here they should immediately be send back to there country and the child should be denied citizenship here and they should never be able to come back !! They know that having a anchor child here means free benefits and then they open companies in that child’s social security number and buy houses with that kids number!!! They know they should be haven kids when we let them here on work visas but now they know it gives them free everything!! These benefits are not ment for them !!! Can you have a free kid at the hospitals or free healthcare for those kids or free food for those kids no!!! So stop this but shit!!!

  12. I’d prefer to see razor edges along all exposed edges of the uprights and top, that would be a major deterrent, but the, I’m not too nice.. I’m glad that the barrier is working properly. No wall, fence, barrier will stop EVERYONE, but it has cut down on the numbers, and given a measure of control.

  13. The kids say they hate white men in high school classes – my relatives told me.
    It’s way too crazy to assist them with Spanish translators and everything else.
    The costs are huge just feeding their kids who are born here with food stamps (and very unfair). Because we cannot determine their wages as they have no social security number.
    Americans must have their wage screens checked to verify their incomes.
    TIN numbers cannot track income or even credit.
    One Hispanic caseworker said that they are allowed to “self-certify” their income!!!!!!

  14. Globalism-socialism by any name stinks the same. TRUMP2020 MAGA KAG. Mass migration is an act of war. USMCA is Globalist Trojan Horse: jbs (.org)  … John Birch Society. Stop the invasion!  Remember 9/11. Here’s the patrirchy: USA has been a marxist Matriarchal fagotty feminist Jabberwocky Nanny state since at least the women’s vote, the FRB, WW1. The nazi-commie (Right-Left politics) socialist elite crony-capitalist-monopoly establishment here has created the disastrous welfare state, ruined our money supply, crippled our economy, destroyed our medicine, our military & our education system. The terrorism game is just the latest in the ongoing leftist insanity, promoted by Obama & Hillary Clinton. YouTube vids: The Red Elephants Vincent James.  We Build The Wall (YouTube channel) is building the wall! Title: Foreman Mike Wants You To Know YOU Stopped It! ..and is doing it FAR faster, cheaper & better than government or military can do. Global warming is a lie: Debunking Every Climate Change Argument With Geologist Tony Heller. -The Red Elephants Vincent James. Feminism is a lie: The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York 1848. -StudioBrule. SPRINGTIME FOR SNOWFLAKES, Social Justice & its Postmodern Parentage, by Michael Rectenwald. 3 All time greats by Ann Coulter: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE: How the Trump Hating Left Lost its Collective Mind; DEMONIC: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America; GODLESS: The Church of Liberalism. THE RED THREAD: SEARCH FOR IDEOLOGICAL DRIVERS BEHIND THE ANTI-TRUMP CONSPIRACY, by Diana West. INVASION! and OPEN BORDERS INC by Michelle Malkin. THE MORE YOU DO THE BETTER YOU FEEL by DAVID PARKER:  are you a human ostrich head buried in your phone? Stop the lies, starvation & poisoning: Weston A. Price Foundation (.org) Stop radical Islam by learning the truth about it on YouTube: Acts17Apologetics. And Apostate Prophet . “There can be no peace on earth until the Koran is eliminated from the world.” Winston Churchill 1942.

  15. I lost my job when the company hired an illegal alien from Mexico. Why? Because they were able to pay him way less than me. However, he did not speak English and they had to hire an interpreter. Keep illegals out of America!

  16. I wouldn’t spend a dime on them for Emergency treatment cause they made the stupid decision to climb up the Wall. Its not our responsibility to provide them with Emergency services if they fall .

  17. Build a catapult facing south, after finding an Illegal, place in catapult and launch. The landing is their worry. Oh yea, give them a Dumbocrat for a traveling companion.

  18. Now if Mexico would really make their flimsy southern border wall work more efficiently, that would mean less illegals trying to get across our walls. Unfortunately, too many corrupt Mexican security forces allow breeches for a few pesos or contraband, but every bit helps.
    President Trump, you are proving that the wall works, contrary to what those dismal a’holes preach. 2020 Trump!

  19. Some of these comments are great and I agree with most of them, the idiots that are running for president so call retarded Dems and degenerate Libs; like somebody said and I read it, “these sickos prefer to see Americans dead than terrorists, criminals, narcos dead”, if this group of cheap and insane politicians get to the presidency we are, dear patriots, DOOMED.
    So we are winning next November.
    PS: I was working retail 40+ hours and I couldn’t afford health insurance for years. My mother’s cleaning lady, young and illegal, she was sick all the time and went to a clinic to be treated, all the time for free; it took me years to be able to get health insurance for myself.
    It is unfair and it makes me sick of my stomach to see what is going on in this country. DESPICABLE!!!!

  20. after this coup attempt the democrats should be sent to Gitmo with the same legal and Constitutional representation they gave President Trump during the impeachment.

  21. After this coup attempt is over the democrats should be sent to Gitmo with the same legal and Constitutional representation they gave President Trump during the impeachment.

  22. After this coup attempt is over the democrats should be sent to Gitmo with the same legal and Constitutional representation they gave President Trump during the impeachment.

  23. Pelosi has her locked gated compound in California plus security!!!! Most Americans aren’t able to have these luxuries. When criminals come across the border most of us are sitting ducks. Rapes, sex trafficking, illegal drugs and murders aren’t ever even mentioned by a Dim!!! I resent being talked down to by the Hollywood ppl also who can afford security and gated housing!!! Re-elect Trump and save our Country for our children and grandchildren!!! Wake up America!!!

  24. It’s hard to believe how bad this story is. Do we know that this is part of Trump’s “new” wall. Or merely replacement wall? Or nothing to do with Trump whatsoever? No! For every illegal that gets stuck on the wall, 1000 quietly pass over it. Why not write about them? And please use the correct words when writing a story. “Affluent” my ass!

  25. EMR should have used a crane to drop them on the Mexican side end of story. When POTUS is reelected 2nd term he should with GOP House move on Immigration and Infrastructure.

  26. EMR should have used a crane to drop them on the Mexican side end of story. When POTUS is reelected 2nd term he should with GOP House move on Immigration and Infrastructure. Vote to return House to GOP, no need to keep the SQUAD Schumer, Schiff, or Pelosi and Nadler in charge do nothing Dem’s.

  27. You can not please everyone, but you can protect the AMERICAN majority
    and their benefits needed for our poor sleeping on sidewalks, needing welfare,
    needing housing, food stamps & many more.
    A lot of needy served our country, military, police work, agents all & that did
    their jobs to protect and help us (some now wounded).
    The invaders come with a lot less protection & a lot more crime.

  28. Actually, Mr. Trumps New Berlin Wall will be just as “effective” as the original one was. The very wall, which the Soviets spent 28 YEARS, and trillions of Rubles, trying to make “im-penetrable”.

    What we need to do is review the actions of the Founding Fathers.

    These men KNEW that offering state-hood was the best course of action.
    This is how the United States went from 13 states, too the current 50.

    As for those who say to “throw” Democrats across the new wall, along with the illegals, I have, already, suggested a version of this, to Congress. I am willing to lead a group across the border, to encourage the Hispanics to begin Petitioning for state-hood, in the United States.

    Make them LEGAL, tax-paying, citizens. Dont shut them out, as the Soviets did.

    I believe in state-hood, so much, that I am willing to travel, south of the border, to take this message forward, MYSELF!

    Lets see how long these “loud mouths”, on this chat board, want to denounce our southern brothers and sisters, once I encourage the southern people to begin applying for state-hood.

    If it was good enough, for the Founding Fathers, it is good enough for us!

    Who is with me, in presenting the proposition, to the south?

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