When the Iranian people took to the streets, enraged by continued regime lies concerning the shootdown of the Ukrainian airliner, not to mention 40 years of oppression and tyranny, they received the good wishes of President Trump in a number of tweets in Farsi. Indeed, most Americans were inspired by their courage in the face of live fire from Iranian security forces.

However, that support does not seem to be coming from the Democrats and their supporters in the media. Indeed, most people on the left, who had previously blamed President Trump for allegedly trying to start World War III with the targeted killing of Gassim Soleimani, have become silent. The events taking place in the streets of Iranian cities do not fit the narrative.

The Washington Examiner noted this deafening silence. ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos interviewed Nancy Pelosi on the uprising taking place in Iran. Her response was, to say the least, bizarre.

“Well, the regime — the protesters are — are protesting, as I understand it, this brand of protesters, about the fact that that plane went down. And many students were on that plane. And these are largely students in the street.”

Stephanopoulos found the answer to be inadequate and pushed back at the Speaker’s dismissive attitude toward the protesters. Pelosi did not back down.

“Taking down this plane is a terrible, terrible tragedy. And they should be held accountable for letting commercial flights go at a time that was so, so dangerous,” Pelosi said. “But there are different reasons why people are in the street. Of course, we would love to see the aspirations of the people of Iran realized with a better situation there, but escalating the situation — unless we’ve exhausted every other remedy …”

Pelosi’s focusing solely on the shootdown of the Ukrainian airliner has raised quite a few eyebrows in both social media and the regular media. In fact, the Iranian protesters are calling for the resignation of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. They are also shouting that America and Israel are not the enemies of the Iranian people, but rather the theocratic regime is.

Iranian born journalist Yashar Ali noted in a long Twitter thread that while the shootdown of the Ukrainian airliner was the spark that brought Iranians into the streets, their grievances are much deeper than that.

Ali noted that the protesters are denouncing Soleimani as a mass murderer, something that goes contrary to the narrative being put out by the Democrats and their supporters in the media. They are ripping posters of the Al Quds commander from walls. In short, his death was not the equivalent of the deaths of Princess Diana or Elvis, as an MSNBC talking head once suggested.

Ali tweeted a condemnation of American liberals. “I’ve gone through some of the most active and prominent liberal Twitter accounts and none of them mentioned the Iran protests today. These same people were actively tweeting about wanting to avoid war and attacking Trump for his decision. What happened?”

Ali went on to suggest that the Iranian people are being used by President Trump’s domestic political opponents to blame him on the shootdown of the Ukrainian airliner. However, since the Iranian people are blaming the regime and not Trump, they no longer are useful for advancing the narrative they want. Hence, the silence on the part of most and the weird condescension on the part of Pelosi.

Fox News’ Greg Jarrett went further in his analysis of Pelosi’s statement on ABC News. He noted that the Iranian regime, led by Soleimani, mowed down at least 1500 of its own people during protests that had taken place in the Fall, suggesting that the Iranian people are still angry about that slaughter.

“Her dismissal of the reasons behind the protests only gives a murderous radical regime more soundbites to use in their national propaganda. The damage that Pelosi has caused by making such a stupid and uninformed statement, and making it as the leader of the Congress of the United States, is hard to calculate and is not reversible.”

Hot Air, noting that Pelosi had touted the “mourning” for Soleimani, which it says was stage-managed by the regime, has the conclusion that fits Pelosi and, by extension, the Democrats and their enablers in the media.

“By embracing the anti-US protests and denigrating the anti-regime protests, Pelosi exposed herself as incoherent at best … and totally Trump-obsessed as well.”

7 thoughts on “Pelosi and Democrats Give Iranian Protesters the Cold Shoulder

  1. It is amazing that Pelosi and the House Democrats can be so vindictive!! What in the world do they have against the Iranian people. If this is the way that the Dems represent America to the rest of the world, we should work to get all of this “fake Americans” removed from office.
    The “real” American citizens cannot tolerate such Un-American antics. These people doen’t even measure up to grade-school children in the way they are acting. This will show up clearly during the Senate Impeachment process.

  2. Of course DEMOCOMMUNISTS hate this, because it doesn’t “fit” their anti-TRUMP COMMUNIST “agenda”. It has been proven that the “mourning” from the masses on the street were ORDERED (by gunpoint) to get onto the streets, and do what was told to them “or else”.
    Kind of sounds like hitler, when people were ordered at the point of a gun to leave their homes assemble on the streets, and wave nazi flags and also give the nazi “salute” as he passed by.
    I learned this from a Woman I used to work with that grew up in nazi germany.
    As a young girl, she and her family were given their little flags and ordered to assemble on the streets to show their “adoration” for hitler. If you didn’t, you would “disappear” by morning.

  3. I see the BEGINNING of the END of the CORRUPT IRANIAN regime without firing a SHOT . . .and, it’s about TIME! Time to give IRAN back to it’s GREAT citizens. There should be NO more OPPRESSION and the murderous DEATHS caused by it. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  4. It is more than obvious what the dems are doing. Too bad for our country. Equally bad when I am forced to listen to CNN fake news as I sit in the airport waiting for my flight. I have to move my seat to avoid the screen, since we have no choice of news stations.

  5. Hmmm …. was Nancy priming her pump with a little Vodka before the interview? Her reply makes no sense and was largely incoherent.

    Doesn’t matter though. The HATE the Democrat Party has for anyone who demands freedom from government control and oppression is glaringly obvious in everything they do these days.

    I’ve been blocked or had my comments deleted elsewhere for saying this but I’ll say it again anyway – the American Democrat Party is now the Communist Party of the USA in disguise. Pelosi and her Comrades no longer represent anything remotely resembling Government Of the People, By the People and For the People. They are all for themselves and personal wealth and power. Period.

    Have another nip, Nancy, then do yourself and your Comrades a big favore. Sit down and shut up.

  6. The Democrats are following the same plan that Obama gave them 11 years ago. Supporting the terrorist regime like Obama set for them to follow. Obama and the Democrats gave the Iranians $15 billion dollars and, $400 million flown in on pallets. Why would the Democrats help any People who are oppressed? That is their desire for Americans. Communism to control and oppress the People is their main agenda for Americans.

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