The Supreme Court is made up of men and women that seek to uphold the constitution and the freedoms of the American people. The court has shifted back and forth through the decades from a liberal court to a conservative court. The cases that they hear are ones that have been tossed around by the lower courts trying to make a decision. By the time the issue has made it to the Supreme Court, it has been examined by many people.

The issue that has been plaguing the nation is the illegal setup and forcing of The Affordable Care Act on the people. They were told by the anti-American Democrats to buy the policy or face penalties.

This past week the Supreme Court asked the White House and the conservative states to press the matter. They are asking them to formally challenge the Affordable Care Act so it can be brought to the Supreme Court in 2020. The criminal Democrats are defending their beloved Obama legacy piece hoping that it will be left in place.

The liberals would like to settle the matter quickly so the court is asking President Trump what he wants to do. The loony left wrote in a letter to the court that “Were the Court to consider and grant the petition and hear argument in the ordinary course…there is little chance that it would resolve this dispute for at least another year. In the meantime, participants in our healthcare system would have to make critical choices — indeed, life-changing ones — without knowing whether important provisions of the ACA will be invalidated.”

What they are claiming is that by doing away with the Affordable Care Act millions will be left without insurance. This is a generalized statement as there are more affordable options that these people can choose from. The Affordable Care Act forces people to pay even if they did not want the insurance product. There was no choice. It was either signup or face the consequences.

The Democrats forced people to do what they did not want to do which in turn is unconstitutional. They went on to write that “By expediting its consideration of the petition and resolving the case this Term, this Court would allay that uncertainty and improve confidence in the markets about the future of the healthcare sector.” This insurance product does not determine the future of healthcare in general. There has always been and always will be private insurance that people can buy.

The Supreme Court sets its schedule in January of that year and then moves on with business. They need to know if the Affordable Care Act is such a case that needs to be heard. Both sides of the case will have a certain amount of time to present their evidence and findings before the case is heard. Once they are done meeting they will not meet at the conference again until the following year. The pressing matter would be forever settled and the country would be able to get on with other things.

The lower courts have already put down certain parts of the healthcare bill because they were unconstitutional. The first court to hear the case nearly ruled that the entire thing should be struck down and that decision is still waiting to be made. The lower courts could tie up the matter for many more years. But if the Supreme Court is to make a ruling they need to hurry up their efforts.

The Democrats think that they control the country. But what they are finding out is that the majority of the people do not want what they have to offer. Their pushing people to abide by their crazy and illegal laws is enough to want to vote them out of office. Obama did a lot of things that were not within his power to do. President Trump has spent the better part of four years fixing the errors that were made by the Democrats. A win for him in 2020 would mean a term of growth and prosperity for the nation. The Democrats either can work with him or get out of the way.

9 thoughts on “Supreme Court Wants Fast Decision on Obamacare

  1. O’bama care needs to be struck down once and for all. It should be up to the people what insurance they get. Even without insurance the hospitals are required to take care of their emergencies.

  2. Every Communist who voted for this plan for murdering millions of Americans, should e prosecuted and given life in prison. Every person who died while Obamacare was in force should be hung on all those Democrat Communists who put this murder scheme on the American People. This entire program was Obama and the Democrats plan A for fighting Climate Change. Eliminating millions of Americans would stop the Climate Change in America. Communists murder millions any way they can to gain more Power over the People. Lies are what passed this monstrosity so, let smart People give it the heave ho. We need a better group called Democrats or, we will be in big trouble if they are allowed to fester any longer.

  3. According to the constitution, It’s illegal. Roberts knew that, that’s why he called it a tax.
    The constitution saus, the government can’t force people to buy something they don’t want, or need.

  4. Nota damned thing this BLACK MUSLIM enacted or did in the endless EIGTH YEARS
    an abject rotten leftist media rammed down our throats this enemy of the Unkted States
    for “presidente”…..
    And to think there is a poll going on on the Internet asking whether he was one of the best presidents this country ever had…..
    Can’t even say “IN A PIG’s EYE” because OBAMBA was and is a MUSLIM or is anybody
    going to tell me that anyone bkrn MUSLIM and raised MUSLIM is a CHRISTIAN..????

  5. The Affordable Care Act is neither affordable or about care. It was passed to give everyone coverage. It nevertheless misses millions of people. I don’t know anyone who claims to have benefitted from it. The premiums are high, and the deductible is unattainable for most people. It is merely high priced catastrophic care insurance.

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  7. Basically what was done is the American people got a huge dose of communism shoved down our throats , especially when they, congress commi’s claimed they were above thier own law, while the rest of congress didnt do a damn thing to stop it,yes I’m talking about republicans, wtf? Just like a dic#-tater-ship does, McCarthy was right about infiltration of communist in the government,and all you have to do if you’ve been watching, is see it all unfolding before our eyes.

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