Iran wants to kill all Americans and Jewish people. They attack in covert ways instead of an all-out military strike. They do this because they know that they will lose if war ever comes to their country. Iran has attacked oil tankers, oil fields, foreign embassies in other countries and many other known terrorist attacks. They have even held hostages for over a year. And now they are openly attacking and killing people just for sport. Even with the threat of impending doom they still continue to defy reason and act insanely towards the rest of the world.

Soleimani was the latest victory that President has had against Iraq. He went after the mastermind of so many different crimes. The leader of Iran has responded to the death of his general. He has admitted to terrible war crimes by the killing of innocent people. What he admitted to is the murder of innocent people. One account says it this way “On July 3, 1988 the Aegis-class cruiser USS Vincennes was on patrol in the Persian Gulf. The whole area was extraordinarily dangerous to anyone who let their drop down for a moment. In May 1987, shortly before EARNEST WILL kicked off, the USS Stark, a Perry-class frigate, was hit by an Exocet missile fired from an Iraqi Mirage and 37 US sailors were killed.” Iran deliberately attacked neutral vessels in the area killing people.

The United States military had to develop and implement “Operation EARNEST WILL to protect that shipping. The operation led to direct conflict with Iranian forces that climaxed in Operation PRAYING MANTIS in April 1988 that essentially destroyed Iran’s navy.” But Iran still has not learned anything about leaving the innocent alone. President Trump has proposed destroying Iran’s holy sites which will be the only way to make them stop their criminal actions. Iran would stop at nothing if they decide to destroy Israel’s holy sites.

One thing about Iran is that during the time of the Persian Gulf war was that they were suspected of shooting down an aircraft that was routed to Dubai. As a result of the attacks by Iran, the airline was shot down and no one took the blame behind the tragedy except those that carried out the plan. History tells the story that “On December 21, 1988, Pan Am Flight 103, enroute to JFK International in New York from Frankfurt/Main, Germany exploded some 31,000 feet above Lockerbie, Scotland. 259 people died. Two Libyan intelligence operatives were eventually tried. One was acquitted. The other was released in 2009 after serving nine years of a life sentence.”

The Iranians had hired people to carry out the murders of those on this flight. Everything that Iran does is said to be in retaliation for some deed done against them. But there is nothing to warrant the attacks that they have recently done in Iraq and other countries around them. The PanAm 103 flight was attacked and destroyed for no good reason. But recently Iran’s leader stated that Iran will always take revenge for the death of its people. He just admitted to the terrorist attack that killed hundreds of people. They take great pride in killing other people.

President Trump has proposed only what is being done to American’s around the globe. His method is to treat Iran the same way that they are treating everyone else. What this means is to retaliate and attack Iran where it will hurt them the most. He is not in favor of killing innocent people but rather taking out their religious holy sites. This would get their attention and cause them to rethink the actions that they are taking towards other nations.

For right now Iran has admitted to the deaths of the people on PanAm 103. They furiously attacked and killed those people and forever changed their families. These actions of their past are only going to affect and define what they do in the future. President Trump knows this and needs to be free to deal with the nasty Iranians once and for all.

12 thoughts on “Iran behind PanAm 103

  1. How awful, Iran behind the shooting down of a a plane….how terrible………now remember thus, the USA hasstarted 201 wars and conflicts since 1945, right across the globe, no country was safe….and they murdered an estimated 40 million people, including small babies, Yankees.are murderous slime, and should be eradicated

    1. @George Robinson..-You are the reason this country is in decline.Scumbags like you should be imprisoned or sent back to the America- hating country you came from !!! You are CERTAINLY NOT an AMERICAN and I’d bet a “dollar to a donut” your name is not George but ALI or MUHAMAED ,or Ma#*$#@ ect’

      *@#$ ect.

  2. Iran, is the proverbial snake, hiding in the shifting desert sands!
    This snake is an ideology…that rationalizes whatever they want to do
    ….to any and ALL non-Muslims, as their obligation toward “purity”.

  3. Non Muslism are considered as infadels. However here’s an excerpt from Diane Sawyers and Bill Weir on an episode of 20/20 interviewing Muslims. “”‘Infidel’ in the Koran is not just a noun or an adjective, it is the word that the Koran uses to describe explicitly and exclusively the Meccan aristocracy with which the Muslim community was at war with,” explained Dr. Reza Aslan, a Muslim scholar and author of several books on the Middle East.

    But it seems the militant Muslims intentionally use the “except” clause in this passage.
    “One of these passages, Chapter 5, Verse 32, explicitly states that if you kill a human being, it is like killing all mankind, except if you are killing that human being as punishment for villainy in the land,” said Irshad Manji, a New York University professor and director of the college’s Moral Courage Project.

    So it seems the real problem is someone intentionally leaving out complete teachings for a reason. I wonder if Soleimani and his cohorts was such an individual?

  4. Lies, Lies, Lies until the Iranians were confronted with evidence that Iranian missiles were responsible for shooting down the Ukrainian plane. Now comes the cover up and excuses as to why the missiles were fired. The Iranians now blame Mr Trump in the same vein as Mr Biden, Sanders, Pelosi. Mr Trump was sitting behind the missile battery and he pushed the button firing the missiles to hit the passenger plane. On the streets of Tehran people think otherwise and blame the Iranian leaders specially the Leader and his entourage for this catastrophe happening.

  5. Something to consider. The Iranian government shot the plane down intentionally, with the hope it was full of American’s, and other adversaries. Some of those Hollywood Democrats would of loved to blame the President for that.

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