Last week former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Democratic candidate Julian Castro dropped out of the race for president. But this week, he has made it clear that the White House may still be in his plans for the future with his endorsement of Senator and still presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren.

To be clear, an endorsement by an ex-candidate doesn’t always mean much. For example, of the 15 Democrats who have thus far dropped out of the race, only three have spoken out in support of one of their former opponents. However, names like Tim Ryan and Mike Gravel do little to indicate anything substantial. Castro, on the other hand, does seem to have some play, particularly for the position of Vice President.

Yes, it’s a long shot, but one that seems to be a smart move on his part.

For starters, it is essential to point out that while Castro has had no problem attacking his opponents in the past, he has never done so against Warren. As Mark Murray has tweeted, “Castro endorsing Warren shouldn’t come as a surprise, since he spent time attacking other non-Warren Dems. He went after O’Rourke, Biden, and Buttigieg in the Dem debates. And he used his Twitter feed to blast Pete. Castro never once went after Warren.”

From the very start of his campaign, he has held his tongue when it comes to the Massachusetts senator, making it more likely that she might choose him as a running mate.

But it’s not just his lack of harsh words against Warren that makes his endorsement not so shocking. It’s the fact that she is a woman. With the nomination of Hillary Clinton just three years ago, the Democratic Party has pretty much made it mandatory that a female is on the ticket in one form or another this year, if not always. This means she would have been Castro’s only obvious choice and one that keeps him in good standing with the woke crowd. A pairing with Biden, Sanders, or Buttigieg, all of whom are white males, would have been problematic at the very least.

And as it turns out, Castro might be just what Warren is looking for as well. As the only woman running in the top tier, and one who is white, she will likely be looking for a running mate who is male and non-white. Enter Julian Castro. The pairing will give both of them the best possible demographic balance.

And it couldn’t come at a better time for Warren. She was once in first place in the polls, if not by much. Now, however, she is tied for third, according to a new national survey, with none other than the late entering Mike Bloomberg. In both Iowa and New Hampshire, she is behind the leader by about eight or so points, meaning she has lost some serious ground in the past few months.

But Castro could help change that. With his recent admittance to failure, those who wholeheartedly supported him will be looking for another candidate to vote for. And who better than someone who Castro has personally endorsed and might be his ticket to the big leagues after all?

In addition, Warren could really use someone like Castro at this point in time. Currently, the Senate is on schedule to deal with Trump’s impeachment trials, a process that will likely require a great deal of Warren’s time being spent in Washington. But as a top tier presidential candidate, she cannot afford to vacate the Iowa and New Hampshire campaign trail for long. Castro, as a former candidate, is well suited to simply step in and take over for Warren where she needs him to.

One does have to wonder just how long this alliance was in the works for, though?

It has only been a few days since Castro announced his withdrawal from the race, and already he and Warren have had several public displays of support for the other. On Thursday, Warren took to Twitter to thank her former opponent for a job well done and to encourage him that better things were coming. Then, first thing on Monday, Castro released a video of the two speaking in Warren’s home over coffee, showcasing his endorsement of her.

It leads one to believe that this has always been the plan, even if there is a minimal guarantee of it working out.

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