The threats that Iran is making are all being taken seriously. So much so that the United States military has conducted an effective strike against one man that would have been the cause of so much death because of the threat of war he proposes. The little general Qassem Soleimani was an American hater and instigator of many crimes against humanity. When President Trump ordered the strike it was in the best interests of the entire world that his life should come to an end.

The general was the leaders of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Forces. Is it ever a wonder that Ilhan Omar is upset over his death. As she is in favor of Islamic terrorist organizations. The airstrike against Iran was directed at this little general and the evil that spilled out of his heart towards people. He was the reason that so many in the region feared for their safety every day.

As a result of the attacks, millions of people can now sleep safely in their own homes. There has also been an increase in the price of oil, gold, and stocks as a result. A few stocks were being sold off but that is only normal. It was as if the world celebrated the strike with a full trading day of gains for the most part. The major economies around the world saw major increases in certain areas and extremely low declines in others. Almost to the point that it is next to impossible to tell the reason why.

The United States has pointed out the Soleimani was the mastermind behind the cowardly attacks against the United States embassy in Iraq. The strike was ordered to put fear into Iran’s head that they are vulnerable to being wiped out if they do not stop killing people. The United States has stated that “The United States will continue to take all necessary action to protect our people and our interests wherever they are around the world.” There needs to be terror placed in the hearts of would-be killers such as this little man that kills from a chair in his office.

Of course, Iran’s leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has to spout off his big mouth and cry out revenge for the death of their general. All he was really saying is “please target me next.” Something that the United States would love to give to him. Americans living in Iraq have been ordered to leave the country because of the tension between Iran and America. Iran does not have the ability to attack America from great distances, so they have to resort to targeting innocent civilians.

The good news for portfolios is that the price of oil and gold has increased. Of course one can only wonder why since Iran has not been able to supply its oil to the world markets. But for people who hold these stocks and holdings they had seen an increase in their profits. Much of the worry lies around the Strait of Hormuz where a lot of the world’s oil passes. Fear is reigning because many think that Iran is going to block the region. But that would be foolish of them to do because it will just bring a defeating response to them.

Some would have people believe that war is imminent between Iran and America. Some even believe that Iran may stand a chance of winning, but then again some said the same thing about Iraq.

In a world controlled by the dollar Connor Campbell, who is a financial analyst stated that “Though Suleimani may be unknown by many in the West, some political analysts have likened him to a US vice president in terms of profile, while he has previously been described as the ‘single most powerful operative in the Middle East.” But his death just was not that important. The stock markets around the world traded at normal volumes and rates just like nothing happened. Iran needs to face the truth and realize that they just are not that important in the grand scheme of things.

6 thoughts on “Death of an Iranian General Causes Big Changes in the Stock Market

  1. The Democrats and some Republicans in this nation who have been elected to positions of office to represent the people in their districts, should look at the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. If they do not ascribe to what they take an oath of office for, they should be removed. Look at all they ascribe to and it will run parallel with what the Nazis did before WW11. Who do you suppose is the head of all of that? Would it not stand to reason that someone who had been involved with the Nazis is pushing what the Dumbbells are doing? He has the money to help these rats get into office and that is a lot of what is going on in this nation. I praise Donald J. Trump for having the fortitude to do what he does. It offends his opposers because they “lose” money and their ultimate goal is being pushed back. Little do they realize their ultimate end when God is done with them.

  2. Agreed. Any person elected to the office of President, Vice President, Senate, Congress or hold a position that requires them to swear an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, should do so and not undermine that any any manner.

    This country must stop giving a way money to nations and people that do not support us. We must stop the immigration train and require all that come in be able to stand on their on feet without assistance. They must assimilate into our culture and not insist we assimilate into theirs. They came here for a reason. We also need to sharply curb the numbers coming in, if not totally cut off all immigration and allow our country to stabilize.

    We also need to ferret out corruption by our citizens elected or not and make them stand trial and be punished. There should not be two sets of rules as has been demonstrated (AKA: Hillary with her server and selling Uranium to Russians), or the Bidens, (peddling influance and having investigators fired to protect his son,himself his sons partners).

    This is the greatest nation on Earth and likely not to happen again. It needs to be protected.

  3. How is this killing of Soleimani, any different of Obama not disclosing the raid of killing Osama Bin Landon, to the Congress. He did NOT get taken to the cleaners for keeping everything hush, hush of the killing. So where here is the circumstance ANY different??? If Obama had done the same thing, do you think there would be so much negativity,
    after the fact??? Also why is nobody including television & news reporters not stating this calamity???

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