Old Man Bernie Sanders has been in the news a lot but not for his ideas as a presidential candidate. But because his health is on the decline to the point that many people are questioning the ability to even be considered as a reliable candidate for the office of the president. He has already suffered a stroke from which it took months for him to recover. One can only wonder what is next. The last thing this country needs is a wacky socialist running the country only to die in office. Whoever his loser running mate should be would end up filling his role. And that is just something that cannot happen.

Bernie Sander’s run for the presidency is a joke in the making. He does not have the strength or health to keep going. It does not matter what the doctors say about his health. Anyone can find a doctor to give them a clean bill of health. In Sander’s case, he found three of them. It was as if he was trying to convince people that he is doing just fine. And that he can still be the next president. But his heart attacks while the campaign raises a lot of red flags and makes a lot of people doubt his ability to even stay alive long enough to be placed on the ballot in 2020.

What is striking is that people are buying into his propaganda about being fit and healthy. They are being lied too just like the story he tells them about socialism. The message he brings and the agenda he pushes is just as dangerous to the country as the heart attack is to Bernie Sanders. He is just an accident waiting to happen. It is like a bad story waiting to happen. Bernie Sanders gets into office and messes up the country, and then he passes away. Leaving the people in a mess that takes decades to clean up. Thankfully that horror show will never happen.

One doctor put it this way about Bernie Sanders as he would say “You are in good health currently and you have been engaging vigorously in the rigors of your campaign, travel, and other scheduled activities without any limitation.” This doctor was just telling Bernie Sanders what he wanted to hear. After all, no one wants to hear that they have to stop their activities just because they are too old.

Bernie Sanders is too old to be president. He is 78 years old and in failing health. The heart attack is not his only health issue. He suffers from gout, diverticulitis, hypothyroidism and lumbar strain. Some of these issues are understandable from being 78. But some of them can be deadly if not paid attention too. He has a lot of issues that are stacked against him. It no longer matters what the doctors say about this health. The facts remain that he is too frail to serve as the president of the country.

The demands of the presidency are enormous and take a lot of strength and stamina. At some point, Sanders will not be able to fly anymore and everyone knows that the president must be able to make oversea trips. A heart condition will not allow him the freedom to do what needs to be done as a president. His health may have improved to a certain point. But his strength will never be the same. He will always have to watch things and keep moving slowly to keep things from happening again.

His doctors have regurgitated what people need to hear about being president. His doctors made it very clear that he could handle a lot of stress and could pursue high energy schedules. But these are words of doctors that are being paid by a socialist to provide stories to people that make everything seem alright. Pictures of Sanders from before and after the attack clearly show the stress and loss of strength that the attack has caused him. He is too old and frail to be the next president. It is a good thing that he could never win against President Trump.

7 thoughts on “Bernie’s Doctor Gives Shocking Update on His Health

  1. Bernie Sanders will never be able to keep pace with the demands that are placed on the President of the United States. I am just a few years younger than him and he looks much older than me and I definitely have more stamina than he does, but I doubt I could meet the demands of the President’s busy schedule and I am in excellent physical condition – no heart attack or any of his physical health.
    He needs to retire!!

  2. Bernie, do the world a huge favor and drop-out. The Republican’s will soon be in charge of both chambers and that will be too much for you to stand. Your ridiculous Socialist Agenda will go absolutely no where. Honestly I heard Cuba maybe looking for a President. NO competition there!

  3. Bernie, please stop lying to yourself. You look like dead warmed over. You have to hold yourself up by leaning on the prop which you stand behind to cover your weakness but the tired look on your face you can not hide. Please withdraw. You already know you will not be chosen as the President leave it to the other would bees to knock themselves out. I know for a fact that this country is not ready to face a democrat a.k.a. socialist/communist as a new President. This country is ready to fight for the peoples right to vote and not for it to be squashed by a handful politicians that call themselves democrats. The forgotton people or as the democrats call us the deplorables will not stand for it.

  4. Sad, but apparently true. I am sure he is very much aware of his own health issues, so I cannot fathom why he would ever think he could endure the enormous daily stress and pressure of being President of the U.S.

  5. Bernie is a POS putting it mildly! People will not vote for an old commie like him to be POTUS. Anybody that does vote for him, s/b kicked out of the US for being ignorant and stupid!

  6. Bernie if you don’t quit you’re being selfish if you hate America get out, if you LOVE America get out and think of your health and your family what you are doing trying to prove something that you can’t do. Quit while you are able and before you have another heart attack.

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