Just when it seems like the NFL is making a comeback from flag ordeal one of the teams has to go on record and support murdering babies. The Green Bay Packers have disappointed their fans once again because they made a large donation to Planned Parenthood. This organization is famous for killing babies and allowing doctors to take home the body as part of their sick collection. They have also been accused of selling body parts all in the name of research. Something that is on the same level as the Japanese Unit 731. So-called doctors experimented on human subjects during World War II.

The Green Bay Packers were all hit with several protests from their fans. And all they had to say about the issue was that they donated specifically to a section that was aimed at helping Latino families in Wisconsin. They claim that it was not intended to fund Planned Parenthood. But to be fair Planned Parenthood will use the money to fund other parts of the devilish scheme to kill babies. The Packers cannot be that stupid to think that the money will be used only for Latino families. Planned Parenthood lies about several things, and they will lie about this as well.

In one statement it was discovered that “This year’s focus included health and wellness, and included a grant for the Cuidándonos Creceremos más Sanos [CCmáS] Program, which means ‘growing healthier together.’ It is a Planned Parenthood of Milwaukee initiative dedicated to reaching Latino families in southeastern Wisconsin, an underserved population, with language- and culturally-specific health education they would not normally receive.” This sounds so majestic. But the way Planned Parenthood helps people is by encouraging them to kill their babies.

It was also said that “The Packers and the Foundation certainly understand there are individuals who disagree with some aspect of one or more of the 2,800 organizations that have been supported since 1986. The Packers and the Foundation respect those views. Grant applications are considered specific to their initiatives and do not necessarily imply endorsement of other actions by the organizations. Some specific initiatives that have received grants have been components of pro-life organizations, including Veritas, a program of Right to Life Wisconsin.” But what they are saying is that they do support them in their initiative and views because they gave them money to use as they can determine to use it.

Pro-Life organizations have voiced their distaste for the grant that was issued. Dan Miller, who is the Pro-Life Wisconsin Executive Director, stated “[The Packers] have stood for wonderful things, but this is not something that’s wonderful. Planned Parenthood is an abortion provider. We’re outraged. We’d like an explanation.” For a team that seeks to make life better for people just funded a group that extinguishes life. That is not better for the baby. The grant the team gave will certainly push fans away. There will be less support for them going forward.

Planned Parenthood people make their murderous efforts sound so thoughtful and medical. They want people to think that they are a healthcare organization that is determined to help people. But all they do is counseling women to murder their babies. This is not helping people. This is allowing a person to selfishly get on with their selfish lives at the expense of another life. Planned Parenthood is an organization that needs to be shut down by the federal government. They are in the business of killing people and doing human experiments on people. The Packers have betrayed their fan base by giving to these people. They will have a lot of explaining to do to win them all back.

The Packers have given nearly $1 million to people and organizations from their foundation. Their President and CEO stated, “We are inspired by the outstanding recipient organizations, who have critical roles in the community and have remarkable positive impacts on those they serve every day.” Too bad it had to give money to people that kill others for the fun of it.

29 thoughts on “NFL Team Sponsoring Planned Parenthood

    1. Packers true colors. If they are still a public owned entity, why can’t the stockholders get rid of the officials? Why would they do this outside of football?

    1. Have been a big Green Bay fan over the years. Will be throwing out all my Green Bay gear and finding a new team to root for. Would have thought this from a liberal area of the country but not the fan owned Green Bay Packers must sadness. They are dead to me now just like the babies they helped eliminate.

  1. It is ridiculous that there are people in this day and age of the Internet who believe that the health and wellness of Planned Parenthood is saving lives. Well, Hello, football players, the women who just tortured to death her baby walks out of PP with her body intact while the baby’s body is in parts in a garbage can or the baby’s body parts are being sold for money. Now, if the football players don’t get it, when I use the word tortured, tortured includes burning the baby to death using chemicals, pulling it’s arms and legs off putting the shocked baby into a heart attack hopefully, shucking the brains out of the baby’s head as the head emerges while being born, etc., etc. Than if the baby survives it is left on the counter top to suffer in the worst pain known to man until it does die. So football players, do you get abortion now, do you get Planned Parenthood now, if not, than you should have been tortured to death for the convenience of your mother’s body health as you don’t deserve your body’s health and brain which isn’t working if you still don’t get PP.

  2. I hate the packers for supporting abortion but they are one of the teams that most likely will be at the Super Bowl, I hate to tell you that too.

    ‘I’m a 49 fan. I cannot boycott their games (packers) Live in despicable California. Abortion on demand paid by the taxpayer!!! Democrats ruined what it used to be a beautiful State.

  3. Magnificent website. Lots of helpful information here. I am sending it to several pals ans additionally sharing in delicious. And certainly, thanks for your sweat!

    1. Heartbreaking! I have been a Packers fan for over 50 years – I will no longer feel right about cheering for them. They would have been the last team I would have thought would condone and encourage murdering the future generation.

  4. There must have been a lot of other ways to help Latino families. The Packers were my second favorite team, but I will be rooting for anyone else against them. They must have known how controversial this was going to be, but evidently just didn’t care.

  5. This is the last straw, It is hard to understand the stupidity of this teams management. By-By Packers.
    Your now in the realm of total losers for what?.

  6. That’s because they are the ones impregnating these women, and don’t want the responsibility of parenthood or paying for a unwanted child.

  7. I want information of how to voice my disappointment to the Packer organization and tell them my family will no longer support this team that I have been following since 1966. If they don’t issue an apology and vow to never give another cent to this evil organization called planned parenthood, then I and my family are DONE forever 😡😡😡😡😡

  8. Hello!
    Same ‘Manure”..poor fellows Unbelievable HHS EXECUTIVE ORDER 13435.-
    “Human embryo for research purses or destroying,discarding ,”subjects” to harm a Human embryo, FETUS, CHILD” IS ABORTION (Killing a child!
    Bunch’ SOB’S. (CHG/SR)..
    ” I was told a lie from the pit of hell, that my baby was a just blob of tissue,
    the after of ABORTION can equally deadly for both mother an unborn Child.
    A women who has an ABORTION! is sentenced to bear that the rest of her life”
    (Jennifer O’Neill) actress…
    Tks / Coop.. Charlie G/Sr

  9. Hello!
    Ref: Ms. “Original Anna” Thanks ! ..
    Please.understand those fellows. Owners, Players, & Administration they just follow the $$$ money……no body cares…anyways…
    Such stupid! & ignorants, plus cowardice too!
    Tks Coop !
    Charlie G/Sr … ,

  10. I will never again support a team that helps to murder babies. Anyone who condones abortion should have been aborted. Planned parenthood makes big money selling body parts from these little murdered babies,no wonder they push so hard for this blood money.

  11. Was Packer supporter for 65 years; moved to NY 55 years ago; still “WAS” a packer fan. Now will cheer for any other team but Packers.
    Go any team that plays the Packers!!

  12. Packers fan here with THOUSANDS of dollars spent yearly on tickets, fan gear, etc. NO MORE! Bonfire tonite, cancelling season tickets, finding another team that doesn’t support BABY-KILLING…!

  13. Shameful! You better find out on your team agrees before saying you all support PP. Read up on what these people do, and by the way, stay out of politics!

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