recent story reporting on Kamala Harris’ failed campaign for the presidency asked a curious question, but it might be discounting the intellect and decency of the American voter when probing the reasons behind the Senator’s failed run.

The question posed by the story asked if Harris’ recently failed campaign was the result of sexism and racism (as some on the Left are now crying) or a lack of authenticity.

The news of Harris exiting the race came as a shock to more than a few folks on both sides of the aisle, mainly because many believed her campaign “…had a strong possibility of going all the way” as the story said.

So was it as the claims of those on the Far Left suggest, an issue of sexism and racism? Or was it inauthenticity as the story suggested, that derailed Senator Harris’ run?

It is honestly speculation to say, but odds are good that it was a bit more than an issue of authenticity too. On the sexism front, the story Quoted Julian Castro, the former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who claimed Harris was held to “a double standard…” that “…has been grossly unfair and unfortunate.”

On the racism front, the story also cited The Independent, who blamed those on the Left for portraying her career as a prosecutor as a “racist narrative that killed her campaign dead.” Remember, all of these reasons and thoughts behind her abandoned campaign have come following her announcement of departure.

That alone brings into question the credibility of such claims. We won’t even discuss the fact that we have already witnessed a female candidate win the nomination, and quite recently, so there’s that.

No, the story was right, the cries of sexism and racism being the culprit behind Harris’ failed campaign doesn’t hold water. The story claims, as previously mentioned, however, that the real problem was the lack of authenticity from the once-hopeful candidate.

Again, it is speculation, but that might be a questionable explanation as well. It wasn’t all that long ago that perhaps the driest candidate and possibly the driest human on the planet, Al Gore won the Democratic bid.

The missing consideration in the questions of Kamla Harris’ short-lived campaign is also an obvious one, the voters. The most likely culprit behind Harris’ campaign wasn’t based on anything sexist or racist, and it wasn’t likey a lack of authenticity either. In fact, it is almost an affront to the American voter to think that poorly of us.

We all understand the practiced, repeated, and overused party lines, we’ve heard them how many times? Even our story said, “when people can find out who someone really is, race, gender, sexual orientation, or any of the other categories don’t really matter. Americans are smarter than that.”

It is arguably one of the President’s greatest assets, he isn’t a politician. To this, our story echoed saying “whether you love or hate the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, you know exactly who he is and where he stands at all times… .”

That is very much unlike a politician, and a very rare occurrence among Presidential candidates or Presidents. Yes, that means that Donald Trump is in rarified air.

It also means that there are probably at least a few other factors as to why Kamala Harris’ campaign just died. Voters are smart and nobody ever bought the free education, free money, free-everything campaign Harris was running.

The reason Kamala Harris’ campaign died and the reason why there won’t be a Democrat to beat Trump in 2020 is because the American voter can’t be fooled that easily.

The reason Harris’ campaign crashed is because there was no plan, no platform, and free everything from healthcare to education isn’t real and it doesn’t count. It also just isn’t American. It might be Socialism, but it isn’t American.

There was at least substance to Gore’s campaign, and his “save the planet” cries, although they may have cost him the election, it was at least a plan and a platform with a purpose. Harris found out the hard way that empty promises, blank checks that can’t be cashed, and whatever-the-voters want to hear campaign strategies always fail.

She shouldn’t feel too bad though, because she will have more company sooner or later in the once-ran department – and nobody wants to be alone during the holidays.

25 thoughts on “Was Harris’ Failed Campaign the Result of Racism, Sexism, or Inauthenticity?

  1. No, it was due to Harris being a terrible person running a terrible campaign. Nobody liked her dead personality and far left proposals.

    1. This “lady’ figured that if a BLACK MUSLIM as then Senator OBAMBA made it,
      she stood a damned good chance to become “presidenta” of the soon to be
      USMA (United States Muslim America) but seems the abjectly rotten leftist media
      faied to back her up the way it rammed down an imbeciles legion throats OBAMBA
      for “presidente”

  2. racism is when one nationality is maybe against another because of skin color but when blacks support biden a white man then throw racism in the garbage can where harris belongs.

  3. Racism may have been a factor as she is black but considering she has gotten as far as she has in government with a little help in thr bedroom would prove sexism. She slept her way into position. She failed because she was not equipped, experienced or TRUSTED. To much came out about her legal dealings which were not to legal. Her past caught up to her and her inexperience displayed itself in her actions. Not Color, not Sex but TRUST defeated her.

  4. People remembered Kamala grilling Judge Kavanaugh and she was no better than Dr Ford – a prostitute! The American public is smart and realized that she got to be AG in Calif for being Willie Brown’s mistress all those years while he was married, really nice young woman! Her background isn’t that terrific and she has the attitude she is above everyone else, which she isn’t. When her own father disowns her. there is something there! She was going to get all black people into homes, boy, was that pure discrimination! Like all communist democrats, she was giving everything free, well sorry Kamala to hard working Americans that pay the bills we don’t buy your “free stuff”, someone has to come up with the money and we are tired of footing the bill! She just isn’t Presidential material and never will be as she is a phony thru and thru! Trump 2020🇺🇸

  5. Her campaign failed because of sexism and racism?

    Yep, it sure did.

    She spent a good part of her time trashing men, especially “old white guys”, and whites in general. If that isn’t sexism and racism then nothing is.

    Oh, yes, she was held to a “double standard”. It was her own double standard, the same one preached by the entire Democrat Party. Racism and sexism are good for them, but bad for anyone else.

  6. They have to play ” THE RACE CARD ” ….

    But if there was Race & Sexual Bias involved …

    It was because this ” black female ” had NO message, did NOT relate, and thus FAILED. But the fact that she is a black female had NOTHING to do with it, but everything to do with having NO MESSAGE – UNABLE TO RELATE … Period – FULL STOP.

  7. Haven’t you ever met someone who for some reason your brain-heart tells you to stay away? The feeling comes from someone who for some reason you know has committed a major crime and they just haven’t been caught. THAT is the reason she lost.

  8. Kamala Harris failed because of her nasty attitude and crazy policies. Race had nothing to do with this, although she was always playing the Race card when it was convenient for her.

  9. Kamala Harris. For the people? Or, for herself. No need to speculate on the answer. A selfish, dishonest, egotistical liar such as herself, just made a mockery of consideration for the highest office in the land. Being a Californian, I have watched her rise to be attorney general, after servicing the needs of Willy Brown. How could anyone take her candidacy seriously? Her type should be removed from office, and disqualified from any political service. Dangerous, racist, cunning, and not to be trusted. Glad that she failed so miserably.

    1. As a Californian, born and raised, I ask how the people of California continue to allow her to be their voice given she cannot follow through with what she says she will change during her time as a servant to the people of California? She kept people locked up in the prison system to provide cheap labor for the state. She uses her sex to ascend the ladder of her career. She finds it OK to sleep with people to get where she wants to be but pretends she gets there on merit.

  10. I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat to start with but I have listen to her speak in congressional hearings and her attitude is appalling
    plus she was on Twitter blaming Russian bots for her failing campaign made me laugh so hard I thought I was reading Killary’s posts she’s really made a mockery of her whole campaign.

  11. “Kammie” is appalling, overbearing, narcissistic, hateful, pompous …. and NO THREAT to become the Democrapic candidate. It’s all pretty simple, Kids … !

  12. Kamala Harris simply isn’t as clever of a sociopolitical salesperson as the other Democratic Party candidates, plus certain things about her career background just don’t jive with the facets of the Democratic Party outside of California. She is unable to spin questions about her performance as a government attorney in such a way as to paint it in a light that functions as a dog whistle for Democrats, social “justice” warriors, climate alarmists, intersectionalists, socialists and globalists. Hence, her inability to conceal her “inauthenticity” would be the main thing going against her.

    As for the matter of racism and sexism, her campaign probably would have declined much more quickly if she was a generic, straight, cisgender, masculine man of Caucasian descent, like in the sense of Joe Biden minus the prestige level and globalist connections. Democrats are not guaranteed to be race-blind or sex-blind. Hell, most of them unrelentingly play identity politics. Even so, the non-Caucasian people and women among the Democrats have to be careful about overplaying the criticisms or mockery of Caucasian people and men, since they need as many votes as they can get.

  13. Most of the things you claim is supprisingly precise and that makes me ponder why I had not looked at this in this light before. This article really did switch the light on for me personally as far as this specific issue goes. However at this time there is actually one particular point I am not really too comfy with and whilst I attempt to reconcile that with the actual central theme of the point, allow me see what the rest of the readers have to point out.Nicely done.

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