Every turn the American people face, there is another obstacle for our great leader President Donald Trump to face.  The Democrats are not letting up.  In fact, they are going off the deep end to pull a leftist World Mental Health Coalition to try and bring down the president, saying he is mentally unstable and unfit to continue as our President of the United States of America.  They are gathering petitions among themselves, not the American people, to sign in agreement of the statement showing the president is unfit for the position.

According to PJ Media, “Dr. Bandy Lee, a forensic psychiatrist at Yale School of Medicine; Dr. Jerrold Post, a psychiatrist and political psychologist who founded the CIA’s Center for Analysis of Personality and Political Behavior; and Dr. John Zinner, a clinical professor in the Psychiatry Department of the George Washington University School of Medicine, wrote the petition and statement condemning Trump.”

The petition states, “We are American psychiatrists, psychologists, and other mental health professionals who have come together at this critical time in our nation’s history.  We believe there are important mental health issues that need to be understood and addressed with regard to the president, whom we believe poses unique dangers to the country and the world.”

This piece of trash petition is going to be used as an impeachment tool in the hearings.  It continues, “A group of us first outlined our concerns at a conference at Yale School of Medicine in April 2017, when the majority of the public believed the president was ‘settling in.’ This was followed by a public-service book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President, which many say predicted the course of this presidency. Thousands of others joined us to form a professional association known as the World Mental Health Coalition.”

These dummies are using everything President Trump has said and done and turning it completely around to make him look like an idiot.  These are the statements they put together to hand into those in charge of the impeachment hearings:

“There are many things we can say about the psychology of Donald Trump. He is remarkably transparent through his Twitter stream of comments, real-time video displays and newspaper accounts, past and present, as well as testimonies of persons who know or have known him. He has shown that his sense of worth is entirely dependent on the admiration from others, such as at the rallies of Trump’s base. Without this external affirmation, Trump has revealed that he feels, deep down, like a loser, a failure, weak, dumb, fat, ugly, fake, “crooked”. We know this because this self-denigrating pictures of himself, Trump projects onto others, whom he transforms into enemies, and compensates consciously by creating a grandiose image of himself as unique, a stable genius, entitled to special treatment, and better at everything than everyone else.”

“What makes Trump so dangerous is the brittleness of his sense of worth. Any slight or criticism is experienced as a humiliation and degradation. To cope with the resultant hollow and empty feeling, he reacts with what is referred to as narcissistic rage. He is unable to take responsibility for any error, mistake or failing. His default in that situation is to blame others and to attack the perceived source of his humiliation. These attacks of narcissistic rage can be brutal and destructive. A striking but not unusual example of his lack of caring and empathy is his policy of separating children from their parents at the Southern border. Additionally, he has made the reckless decision to allow an attack of our Kurdish allies, against all advice, shortly after announcement of the impeachment inquiry. These events are closely related and betray his extreme inability to tolerate any challenges against him.”

There is no denying the president has a huge ego, and his pride is like no other.  Where did these psychiatrists get their degrees and licenses from? McDonald’s?  The president is far from being a “loser, failure, dumb, or crooked.  When he calls out, “Crooked Hillary,” do people believe he is speaking about himself or is it an attack on Clinton’s characteristics and actions?  Anyone who thinks Trump is talking about himself needs to be the one to see a shrink.  In fact, these shrinks need a shrink because they have completely lost their minds, and so have the Democrats if they think this is going to work in their favor.

22 thoughts on “Mental Health Professionals Working to Undermine Trump

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  2. Agreed, 15 flush Trump’s mental health is in question. Perhaps the Dem’s would’ve been better off pursuing the 25th amendment

    1. Docs who actually HAVE examined him personally disagree. I’ll trust them ahead of you. Plus as a trained medical professional, I personally see no evidence of mental instability, only a refusal to bow to LEFTISM, which is ALL they can be claiming as such!

  3. The fact that Dr. Bandy Lee, Dr. Jerrold Post, and Dr. John Zinner have written an opinion judging the mental stability of President Trump does more to destroy my confidence in each of them as professionals than it does to destroy my confidence in President Trump. Upon what evidence do they base their professional opinions?? Newspaper reports? Gossip? Political opportunism? Personal bias?

    1. I have good knowledge of the Medical field, very liberal etc etc etc. who is directing
      this show? who is it running it? Soros and Obama, how much is Soros costing him?


  4. What we need to require it an IQ, a Cognitive, a Reasoning, and a Logic test, as well as a physical and full background investigation all paid for by the candidate before going on the ballot. results to be publicly released and stay available al long as the person holds any office, where they can be checked for substantial changes with each election

  5. just love how when dems win “elections have consequences” ala o, but when they lose they will stoop to any depths to undermine the winner & the American people/thank God our President is stronger then any hundred CORRUPT dems/God Bless America God Bless President Trump TRUMP 2020!!!!!!

  6. The problem for you Dems is that Trump is so mentally tough that in three years you haven’t been able to crack this guy. You suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome so the truth is your attempts to drive him crazy have backfired. You’re now the crazies and Trump’s got you right where he wants you.

  7. Trump thinks as I do. He has no mental health problems….. Democrats are simply trying to get him out of their way…. I don’t appreaiate democrats trying to push their way of thinking on me…..

  8. Call me “crazy” Docs, but I would believe it is totally unethical to diagnose someone without ever personally examining them. I am quite sure that those of us that now pay less federal taxes, those who are no longer unemployed, those who have waited decades to see an increase in wages, get out from under the Obama care mandate, and finally see a real wall go up, do not think he is “crazy”. I think this action by these psychiatric spokespeople is proof why percentagewise more of them have psychiatrists than the general population.

  9. This panel of “mental health professionals” are the medical field’s equivalent to last week’s 3 wacky law “scholars” who “testified” their loony feelings.

  10. I’ll give the Dems one thing – they don’t give up, but this latest accusation of Trump being unstable is scraping the bottom of the barrel. I have come to believe that the Left is so desperate that they are truly trying to drive him crazy with all their false attacks and harassment. When he reacts in anger and strikes back, it is out of frustration at the absurdity of it all. He is just plain tired of their stupid shenanigans. All he wants to do is “make America great again” and he’s been thwarted at every turn. The Dems know that their wacky ideas don’t work and if he’s successful with his agenda, that will seal their fate in the next election, so they are doing their best to sabotage him any way they can. The Left cares more about gaining power than about what’s really best for this country…

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  13. This is hard for me to believe, that our government has so many traitors in the House and
    various government agencies. The Democrats are now trying to get health professionals to claim the president is not of sound mind and incapable of running the Country. This is unbelievable that this Country is faced with internal destruction. Why would the Democrats want to destroy our Country?? We are headed for mass destruction and civil war!

    1. Short answer: they believe (foolishly), their “boss” will share his power with them, once they wrest control here. Satan NEVER shares; they should’ve learned from all the totalitarian regimes established in the 20th century: the 1st people eliminated ( killed off) are the “useful idiots” who put that totalitarian in control!

  14. President Trump may be the last President of our Country. If our military is disabled we will have anarchy and we will have Russia, China and North Korea on our shores.

  15. These crazy people are nuts them selves. I studied psychiatry my self and found out that most psychiatrists went into the study to see how to fix their own problems. Most of them let you talk and solve your own problem. They just charge a big fee to listen and really don’t care about what it really is about. They want to give you a bunch of pills that make you fat and don’t do anything except mask the problem. Sometimes make you depressed, suicidal,or combative. Prozac is one of the worst.

  16. These supposed “professionals” should all be cited for ethics violations. Diagnostic analysis must be reserved for the confidentiality of the consulting office. Diagnostic accuracy cannot exist in the face of such clear intellectual bias. A great man once referred to this phenomenon as “countertransference”!

  17. According to the CT board of health services, there is no such person their physician roles and Yale denies employing her, I checked with both. She’s a FRAUD, yet the Dems are still citing her as “credible”. Bandy Lee either doesn’t exist at all or is NOT a licensed physician in CT, teaching at Yale. My bet, the rest are at least as disreputable, if not as illegitimate, as she is!

  18. This article is rich!!! (NOT!) The liberal Democrat socialists will try anything to remove our President. To question Trump’s mental health status at the same time the leading DNC Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden, seems to have trouble with what years he was VP, when Obama was President, what state he’s actually in and in general rambles all over the place telling unrelated made-up fairy tales. It’s high time to question Biden’s mental health, preferably prior to the DNC convention. I am also disturbed by Biden’s latest rants and name calling when asked a legitimate question by a voter at a Town Hall meeting. If Old Joe wants to be President he’d better get his anger issues in order before his mental health becomes a front and center issue.

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