The law has passed.  It will go into effect on January 1, 2021, for hospitals to show their prices and make them available to the public.  The idea behind the law is so the public can choose which hospital they wish to use according to rates based on their health care providers.  It is another way to help make healthcare programs more efficient, bring the out of pocket costs for the patient down, and gives the patient control of their choice.  It also stops the secrecy of ripping off the patients and healthcare programs.  Hospitals are furious and are filing a lawsuit currently to stop the law from taking effect.

The new law was issued last month, and the American Hospital Association is taking their case to court so they will not have to show the prices of their services on their websites.  The plaintiffs stated, “The rule… does not provide the information patients need. Mandating the public disclosure of negotiated charges would create confusion about patients’ out-of-pocket costs, not prevent it.”

Hospitals claim it is a First Amendment violation, and they are demanding the prices stay confidential according to the contract terms negotiated between them and third-party payers.  Hospitals also claim the new law will stop them from negotiating with the health insurance companies on arrangements that could lower the price for the company and the patients.

This is the most significant load of crock anyone has ever heard.  Hospitals are notorious for ripping people and insurance companies off.  That is why the prices are outrageous.  It also stops people from having insurance because the cost of healthcare is so expensive due to these rip-offs.

There are other times President Trump has been challenged when it comes to the medical industry, including lowering drug costs for patients.  The most recent was in July when a federal judge shot down the order and took the side of drugmakers.  Pharmaceutical companies were forced to show the wholesale prices of the drugs they were advertising.  The federal judge threw the case out and sided with the drugmakers and pharmaceutical companies, and the American citizens lost.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Human Services, Caitlin Oakley, stated, “Hospitals should be ashamed that they aren’t willing to provide American patients the cost of a service before they purchase it.  The administration would continue to fight for price transparency.”

Reuters reported, “The AHA, along with the Association Of American Medical Colleges and Federation Of American Hospitals, among others, said it would press for speeding up the decision on the rule, so hospitals do not spend time and resources preparing for what may be invalidated.”

When it comes to the hospitals, drug makers, and pharmaceuticals, they are all owned and ran by the Democrats.  This would explain everything from fighting the president, the stupid healthcare laws in the past, the prices on everything, and the lack of service available when it comes to the wait times.  There is no excuse for the prices to be so high and hidden.  This was the Left’s plan all along.

Back in the old times, the medical field cared about the patient.  No one was denied service according to financial issues.  Now medication such as insulin and other life-saving drugs are so high, it is cheaper to die.  But wait, isn’t that what Democrats want?  Look at communism how they work behind the scenes to deplete the population.

The Left pretty much has what they want right now when it comes to controlling the medical industry.  Researching on how to turn a country into a socialist nation will bring all this information to light.  Controlling healthcare controls people.

America may be free on the outside, but behind closed doors lies corruption, especially when it comes to health insurance and hospitals.  This corruption is what President Trump is pushing out from behind the closed doors.  The only way to kill a snake is to pull it out from under the rocks.  Snowflakes do not even realize that is what Trump is doing.  But wait, it exposes them too!

To get a better understanding of how all this is corrupt and tied in with the Democrats, the question people need to ask themselves is, why would the hospitals be fighting this law?  If the prices are made available, then American people have a leg to stand on and can dispute the outrageous amount of money that is wasted.  It is only a matter of time.

16 thoughts on “Hospitals Fighting Trump Over Long-Awaited Transparency Pricing Laws

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  2. Of course they have something to hide — why else would they object?? It ‘should be’ common knowledge that they have DIFFERENT ‘charges’ depending on who they are billing. The THREE obvious choices are (1) The Government (2) A HMO and (3) A POOR OLD INDIVIDUAL w/o health insurance. Guess who gets the biggest bill ?????

    1. There is a saying that if you are a patient in an hospital and a doctor pokes his head through the door and asks you how are you doing, yell at him to get the hell out as he will send you a bill on account of it….
      And if yoo are an unsinsured patient and falls in their clutches, may GOD help you because they will try to skin you alive and I can attest to it….
      I had an accident on a finger and thank you I put a torniquet on it, as otherwise waithg to be cared for woud have bled me to death…
      After an hoyr or so, I was taken to a radiologist to appreciate the damage and then
      a nurse saw me up and I was released…
      The radilogst sent me his bill whichI paid immediately and the hospital theirs which’amounted to $600.oo I paid right away with a letter commending the profesionalism of the nurse…
      But then I received a $1,200 bill from a doctor which I didnt see any nor he saw me
      in any way, shape nor form and when I inquired from the hospital what was it about
      and what for did I pay the $600 bill for, I was told that it was for the “infrastructure”
      but the doctor’s bill was because the nurse worked for him….!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Needless to say, I refused to pay the bill and some time later, got a letter froma collection agency informing me they bought the account from the doctor and how was I going to pay… I asnwered that they did the worst purchase there ever was, as I wasn’t paying another penny towards this alleged debt and so far, it was the end of it…
      But what surprises me is that this law won’t kick in until 2021 and not 2020.

    1. Nothing is free and someone will pay. with that being said medical care should have pricing that is viewable and reasonable like any other business. We seem to have two problems. Let the government run healthcare and you will get corruption. Let the medical industry run it and they will set the rules a pricing like now. What I think we should do is force them to run like all other businesses where competition forces the lowering of pricing.

  3. I agree that we, the people should be allowed to see the bill for our hospital care. I was sent the bill for my one day stay, to determine necessary surgery at a later date, and I had to use my coat for a pillow! No towel or washcloth was provided.
    The bill was sent to me by mistake, and later,a frantically request I return it, which I did. I did not know if I would have to sell my home to pay the bill. I knew I could never afford to have the heart surgery. I was very depressed .
    Also, my sister, as a Minister’s wife, did not have Insurance. She was billed for numerous services that she never received! When she brought attention to it, they canceled her appointments and was denied causing her to have to seek a Doctor at a long distance from her home.

    1. My sister in law’s husband got a $12,000 hospital bill for services rendered her..
      He went to the hospital with $3,000 in greenbacks and told them this was all he
      could afford and it was a take it or leave it and after some minutes, accepted
      and the bill signed PAID…
      Medical profession is in my family, starting with two brothers doctors and two
      children doctors as well and therefore, know what am I talking about….

  4. Can you imagine the outrage for people without insurance paying the same negotiated prices as the big insurance companies for hospital services? We need the same sort of transparency from ALL medical providers. What other business do we know that lures a customer in, provides whatever services deemed appropriate, then zaps him/her with a bill several weeks later? The disease care and pharmaceutical industries have had their way for far too long. Every American suffers from their greed and callousness.

    1. WRONG…!!!!!
      Like hell do insurance companies pay hospital services what hospitals charge
      uninsured patients…!!!!!!!
      It just looks like hospitals want to recoup from uninsured patients what they miss
      from what they bill insurance companies…!!!!

  5. It’s all a medical media. All they care about is the almighty dollar and too bad if a person’s life depends on any of the medical services…doctors, hospitals, insurance, and pharmaceutical products.

  6. My credits….include working in Hospital’s in the Administration Dept for almost 20 years.
    So, with that said, it is my belief that Hospitals should provide a basic cost per service, with the notation that each situation is different…and that might raise the finals cost.
    ANY OTHER SERVICE ….has to itemize up front, and this would reduce the resultant SHOCK when the final Bill arrives in the USPS. The exception of course, are emergencies, but even these….have basic costs that can be shared sometime during that emergency. More than once, I stood waiting for the patient to regain coherency, to acquire a signature for permission…for whatever the Emergency required. ………I know it’s possible.
    Besides my own Hospital job experiences, the WHY….I think this way, is because of a Law, TRUTH IN LENDING, that is required for any form of lending in America. This Law was written to stop the hidden costs scams, etc., and it has mostly worked. I say “mostly” because there are people who just sign, without reading.
    I am now retired, but I still hope that this specific transparency will become real.

  7. As far as the medical industry is concerned it is basically “Greed gone to seed”. I appreciate Trump trying to put a stop to it. They abuse incoming interns with very long hours to the point of damaging their health. Hospitals and Pharmaceutical companies are the worst with outrageous prices as all these comments above attest. The AMA is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, lobby in Washington DC, so I think elected officials are well in on “the take” as well. That is why more fair laws and pricing haven’t gone into effect much earlier than now.

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