The Mexican Cartel has been around for a few decades. It has always stirred violence and fear within the Mexican nation among its people.  President Trump has labeled this drug group as “terrorists,” and that is precisely what they are by definition.  They have struck fear into the hearts of people, and the most recent attack happened Saturday.  A battle took place between the drug lords and the police, where 19 people were counted dead by Sunday.  The Mexican Army and security guards also assisted in the gunfight.  Once again, the entire country is living in fear as the security of the nation is crumbling.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was under a mass amount of pressure as President Trump announced the Mexican cartels as “foreign terrorist organizations.”  The announcement came a few weeks after the attack on the family killed as they were headed back home.  It was a horrendous attack that shook up the entire world as the women and children were killed.  President Trump offered to assist in any way to rid the nation of these hate-filled people and bring them to justice.

Sunday at a rally, the Mexican president stated he was not looking to return to the “war on drugs,” which the Mexican Army battled against for so many years.  He said, “We will never repeat this absurd and deranged strategy, we will not risk the lives or prestige of the armed forces, nor use them for inhumane actions that violate human rights.”

President López Obrador completed his first full year as the Mexican President and is failing to realize by his statement, he is not doing justice to his people.  President Trump is correct, the cartel is a “terrorist organization,” and they need to be irradicated.

The Saturday attack happened in Villa Union and is only forty miles south of the Texas border.  This is too close to home, and Mexico’s top cartels are springing into action more violence than before.  The cartels are split between the Gulf and Zetas and are continuously fighting each other within the regions.  According to the news reports, there were around 14 armored trucks with the cartel logo.  Gunmen opened fire in front of the town hall of Villa Union.  No one was spared from the noise of the shots fired, and the townspeople rushed inside their homes to escape the gunfire, which local reporters say lasted almost an hour and a half.

Mexican soldiers, security guards, and the police were at the scene and clearing the area.  Once everything was assessed, the final number of the death toll was 21.  Four State Police officers and two innocent bystanders were taken and killed.  There were 13 alleged cartel members also found dead at the scene.  The remaining died on Sunday.

According to the Mexican president’s statement at his rally, it is apparent the government does not want to get involved with the cartels or disturb their organization.  Once President Trump made the announcement of calling the drug groups out, all hell broke loose in Mexico.  The entire country is afraid to move forward and fear a unilateral American action would take place and hurt the tourism and investment of the nation.  Not much thought has been given to this government.  They would rather stay in their cartel, fearing state of mind.  This week Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard will meet with US Attorney General William Barr to touch base on the designation.

The Mexican cartel is a ruthless group who stops at nothing to get what they want.  In October, they literally took over the city of Culiacan and demanded the release of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s son, Ovidio Guzman.  The authorities had no choice but to release him.  A few weeks later, the LeBaron family was slaughtered by bullets and arson.  Arrests were made Sunday for those killings.  Now, within two months, the recent shootings happened in Villa Union.  It is not just a battle, it is a warzone, and the Mexican President feels like doing nothing will solve the problem.

The US is backing the Mexican government on the destruction of the central cartels. Still, small groups are arising amidst the ashes causing all of the terror.  The Mexican President is being criticized for not doing his part.  It took President Trump to put stipulations on Mexico when it came to stopping illegals from crossing the border.  Maybe, it is time for more requirements to get this Mexican leftist leader to do his job.

53 thoughts on “Mexican Cartel Fighting Back After Trump Labels Them Terrorists

  1. Is it just me, or does it seem like this world is only getting darker and darker with all these recent terrorist attacks? Are we approaching the end of the world or what?!

    1. Actually Ryan B, you are more right than you realize. The Bible has told us this will happen and will be a sign, along with a lot of other things, that the end is near. We must get to know Jesus Christ, our Savior, and obey Him if we expect to survive for eternity.

      1. Kathleen you are correct, all is foretold by our ever living eternal Creator, God Almighty. Jesus said, “I am the way, the path and the life, none come to the Father but by the Son.”
        I wrote this yesterday and today I’m putting together something much longer. Feel free to check it, I hope it helps someone to do as you suggested, “We must get to know Jesus Christ, our Savior, and obey Him if we expect to survive for eternity.”
        God Bless You and Yours. Amen.
        lawrencemorra com/2019/12/07/a-touch-of-evil-that-will-not-dishearten-gods-elect/

    2. We have to get away from the stupid humanitarian crap that will end up burying us.
      The same right murderers award themselves to kill is our right to execute them and
      let the liberal crap lapse….
      Why use painless executing means with this kind of scum..?????
      And as to drug pushers, how about 20 years forced labor, like breakig rocks with sledgehammers in the desert..?????
      And as to drug addicts, how about their drugs for free and unlimited quantities, as the sooner they rid us of their presence, the better…???????
      But of course, what I say is anathema to the bleeding hearts in our midst, specially the dreckfressers believing in the perfectibility of the human species…
      And btw, I wouldn’t put past this new Mexican “presidente” his ties with the drug
      Mexiacans failed to see the example of what happened to Cuba and later to Venezuela at the hands of leftists of the kind of this “presidente” and it is time
      for our rotten DEMOCRAPS to foresee how to handle the Mexicans EXODUS when this “socialist” regime starts enforcing what it has up its sleeve…


      1. All convicted criminals should have to earn their keep, including food, room and Board.They should have to work six days a week,at least eight hours each day. Let them off on Sunday to go to church, if they don’t want to go to church then they could work. Get a large farm and make them grow all their food plus food for all state hospitals. No telephones or TVs. No golf courses.

  2. Mexico is risking lives and property damage by NOT fighting these cartels with help from the U.S.! These HORRIBLE cartels are out gunning the police and military and people are getting KILLED everyday. the U.S. should send in Special Forces (with cooperation of the Mexican Authorities) to do substantial damage to them, then allow our SUPERIOR military to TOTALLY wipe them out. The few straggling survivors of these MONSTERS need to go through a SWIFT trial and do SWIFT and SEVERE justice (up to and including PUBLIC HANGINGS). This violence has GOT to stop as it is spilling into OUR Country. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  3. I believe that the cartels are the enemy not just criminals. They need to be treated like the enemy not just some criminal . No court time. Kill the enemy or put them in prisoner of war camps. They are killing our people and have undermined our culture and civilization. They are not civilized. Don’t wipe out drugs, wipe out drug growers, manufacturers, movers at every level. Thus then us a war and we need to win the war by whatever means.

  4. I believe that the cartels are the enemy not just criminals. They need to be treated like the enemy not just some criminal . No court time. Kill the enemy or put them in prisoner of war camps. They are killing our people and have undermined our culture and civilization. They are not civilized. Don’t wipe out drugs, wipe out drug growers, manufacturers, movers at every level. Thus then us a war and we need to win the war by whatever means. I have not responded on this before.

  5. I know this country is getting “darker”, just look at how groups like “antifa”, “black LIES matter”, the “new black panthers” and many others, that are funded by the likes of soros, billionaires, and the dnc are basically allowed to do what ever they damn well please, and the “governors” and “mayors” are ORDERING law enforcement to “stand down”. These areas are mainly DEMOCOMMUNIST-CONTROLLED, and turning into third-world SH**Holes.
    People need to open their eyes and vote OUT ALL DEMON-CRATS that are hell-bent to turn this Constitutional Republic into a third-world Communist-controlled SH**hole, and fulfill FRAUD OBUNGHOLE’S “legacy” of “fundamental transforming” this country.

    1. Sorry CLIFF but a significant part of this situation we have to be grateful to the
      rotten media we foolishly allowed to be taken over by the LEFT, becoming not just the alleged “conscience” of the country but its KINGMAKERS as proven by being totally instrumental in the election and reelection of the BLACK MUSLIM we had for “presidente” and it is time more than passee to set the record straigth….
      The media function must be strictly INFORMATIVE and it is time for the masses to learn that the PRINTED WORD is not GOD’s word as too many foolishly believe…..
      And finally, THE LEFT MUST BE EXPELLED REGARDLESS FROM OUR TEACHING INSTITUTIONS, unless it is OK to us to see the USA turned into a new USSR version…..!!!!!!

    1. Why isn’t all – both sides of the Isle held accountable for what they did to become wealthy while in office – Obama was a foreign exchange student that thru massive amounts of money by others – has been able to keep all his records silent – but Trump is being forced to disclose his – Obama didn’t have very much money saved as a block co ordinaries or a one year Senator – yet after 8 years of running this country into the ground has the funding to buy a 15 million dollar estate – everyone that enhanced their wealth while in office should be investigated and forced to prove where it came from. It is time for all Americans to use their power by voting all the individuals out that are not listening to the majority but vote the way they choose as they think they are smarter than the rest of us. They should all be forced to have the same insurance the rest of us have – I am sure if they were forced to have Obama Care as their insurance – it would never have been approved.

      1. They passed Obama care so supposedly they would read it and understand it. What is even more egregious is that all Federally employees including Congress and their staff and Senators and their staff were exempt and can and did keep the insurance they had. Obama and his cronies have laughed at voters all the way to the bank and are still laughing.

  6. With the Open Borders and Free Immigration policy championed by American Democrats, the drug cartels will be moving in force into the US any day now. Their armored cars will soon be patrolling the streets of Swampington, DC and their leaders will be addressing a joint session of Congress to lay down their terms.

    Yep, it’s what The Democrat Party wants. After all, they’ve already imported thousands of Muslim Terrorists and elected some of THEM to Congress!

    Inch by inch, here a little there a little, it has come upon us since the 1960s. Unless Trump gets genuine help from that skulking band of complicit cowards known as the Republican Party, it WILL happen here.

  7. President TRUMP is right. END the cartels. Mexican politicians will do nothing because they receive cartel money. Time for the citizens of Mexico to TAKE THEIR COUNTRY BACK.

    1. The Mexican cartels ARE the “government” of Mexico. ALL “politicians” are “on the take” in that crooked country, and if they step out of line…(guess what happens)
      Kind of sounds like what we in the U.S are going through right now with the corrupt demon-crats.

  8. When are we going to wake up and get rid of all of these monsters…they are dangerous to our society and need to be taken care of. President Trump was right in calling them terrorists…they need to be eliminated!!!! The sooner the better. Even the Mexican citizens live in fear…let it be taken care of. May God Bless America and continue praying for President Trump who is doing an outstanding job!

  9. The drug users here in the USA and other countries are the base problem. If the market demand didn’t exist there would be no business and no money to be made. It is the love of money that drives the cartels. But with big, big money to be made non-users and non-cartel members join in the industry and the corruption seems to have no end. Anybody see Clint Eastwood’s movie “The Mule”? I keep praying for a great moral and spiritual awakening. That is going to be the only real cure.

    1. Well, on one hand, there are drug users, and on the other hand, there are drug abusers. Some drug dealers (perhaps “drug pushers” more so) and pimps are adept getting people addicted to dangerous drugs, and they have a monetary incentive to do it. To some extent, the some of the legal pharmaceutical companies and “expert” government bureaucrats have culpability in regards to the spread of opiate addictions.

  10. so what’s new , the illegals here do the same , demanding rights that they are not entitled to , why our politicians give them rights should be a crime , our rights belong to americans , not foreigners , until they become citizens they shouldn’t get jack $hit

  11. Go watch the movie “The Magnificent Seven” nothing has changed since western times it’s just as lawless now as it was then except worse.

  12. That was a remake of the seven ronin, a Japanese tale of 7 outlaws who did a good deed. Not really a western as such. It IS a truth that there is some good in most, as long as they have not sold out to Satan, no hope for those Leftists.

  13. so the mexican president is going to let the cartels run the country , send the democrats down to mexico they will fit right in with the cartels

  14. We should send the Special Forces into Mexico to kill all of the cartel members. They could do it. Obrador is a pussy whose getting kickbacks from the cartels. He needs to be assassinated.

  15. Very strongly worded responses. Lots of emotional reactions. Now reflect upon what has been said and written and realise this stuff has been going on for decades. We The People in our collective complaciency have allowed this to take place under our very noses…and only now has the rotten stench become noticeable. America is on the brink of Civil War…and people complain…very, very few act. Basic physics need to be applied to situations the likes of which happened in Portland Oregon. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” ANTIFA needs to get hammered every time they show up anywhere. A select group of skilled Big fighters wades into them and breaks legs,cracks skulls, and shatters knee caps while another select group keeps liberal law enforcement at bay. When enough ANTIFA blood has been spilled they will stop. We have people who can do this…but will Americans support them? An epitaph to our 20+ yrs in the Mideast, “Some gave all, most gave nothing,”

    1. Right on man……..all it takes for evil men to triumph, is for good men to do nothing.
      This is war, not compromise, no peace talks.

  16. Everything that was said above is the absolute truth. The real problems will end up here if nothing is done. The danger of that happening is not thousands of miles from here it is next door at our southern border. Democrats are turning a blind eye just because they expect to get votes that will allow them to continue their corrupt ways. President Trump should use whatever means in his power as commander in chief to correct these problems that threaten our country. KEEP AMERICA GREAT.

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  18. Deport the 40 + million illegal maggots who are stealing our kids future and costing us billions per year while thumbing their noses at all of our laws and our constitution, “CLEAN YOUR OWN HOUSE FIRST”

  19. Yeah and to add to the Mexican mayhem…..the demonicRATS want to release even more criminals into society. Yes Bloomberg, AOC, even uncle Joe cant stand to see bad people punished, “it’s just not right or humane” .
    Wake up America!!! We are losing this country little by little.

  20. Fundamentaly the Democratic Party is anti-American and pro-socialist/communist party. Their leaders should spend some time visiting countries where these political theories are already in place: Cuba,,venezuela,Russia and Eastern Bloc countries and of course some of our ultra-liberal colleges and universities!
    Michigan’s little Hillsdale College stands alone as a beacon of truth in this cloud of darkness!!

  21. Fundamentaly the Democratic Party is anti-American and pro-socialist/communist party. Their leaders should spend some time visiting countries where these political theories are already in place: Cuba,,venezuela,Russia and Eastern Bloc countries and of course some of our ultra-liberal colleges and universities!
    Michigan’s little Hillsdale College stands alone as a beacon of truth in this cloud of darkness!!
    The invisible internet censor refuses to publish my anti-liberal comments, just like Soviet Russia!

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  25. Like the long reaching succored arms of an octopus the cartels are surely, but thoroughly embedding themselves into the Mexican culture and have been for a long time (We are way behind the power curve.) Whether by intimidation, threats or any other way (It’s our way or the highway.). IN TERMS OF GUN CONTROL WHICH SEEMS TO BE A VERY HOT TOPIC IN THE USA, IF ONE FOREIGNER CARRIES ONE PIECE OF AMMO OR GOD FORBID A WEAPON THEY ARE QUICKLY JAILED, SO WHERE ARE ALL THE CARTELS GETTING THEIR GUNS AND AMMO? FROM THE GROUND UP? THINK ABOUT IT!

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