John Kerry, the former senator, secretary of state, and failed presidential candidate has finally found a war that he agrees with. He would like to declare war against climate change.

John Kerry has been many things in his long life. He enlisted in the United States Navy to fight in the Vietnam War, commanding a small patrol swift boat, similar to how John Kennedy won his spurs in World War II. When Kerry returned home, he discovered, to his chagrin, that Vietnam was not as popular as World War II had been, so he reinvented himself as an anti-war activist as part of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War. During Senate testimony, Kerry essentially threw his fellow Vietnam veterans under the bus, describing the American armed forces in South East Asia as being the “army of Genghis Khan.”

Kerry was elected to the United States Senate in 1984 and was re-elected three times. In 2004, he challenged then-President George W. Bush for the presidency, then touting his alleged heroics as a Vietnam vet, downplaying his later anti-war activities. Embarrassingly, a group of Kerry’s fellow officers, styling themselves Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, banded together to suggest that Kerry’s military service was not as heroic as he made it out to be. Kerry finished his career in public service as President Obama’s second secretary of state. Kerry’s major accomplishment was the nuclear weapons agreement with Iran which was highly criticized as being an unenforceable sham deal.

The New York Times reports that Kerry has come out of retirement with a new war to advocate. World War Zero, as the new organization is called, wants to declare war on climate change.

“Former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are part of the effort. Moderate Republican lawmakers like Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California, and John Kasich, the former governor of Ohio, are on the list. Stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Sting, and Ashton Kutcher round out the roster of more than 60 founding members. Their goal is to hold more than 10 million ‘climate conversations’ in the coming year with Americans across the political spectrum.”

The new organization will fan out across the country and hold town halls to raise awareness of the threat of climate change, going not only to swing states in the 2020 election, but also to military bases and, also, economically depressed areas where “green jobs” might be touted.

Curiously, World War Zero will not advocate any specific solutions, such as the Green New Deal. The kind of climate change activism favored by politicians such as Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as well as teenager Greta Thunberg, has met resistance due to the sheer draconian nature of the solutions being proposed. Most people are opposed to banning air travel and meat, not to mention reordering society along socialistic lines, to fight climate change.

Nevertheless, some members of the World War Zero group advocate the Green New Deal, while others take a more moderate position, relying on natural gas as a cleaner-burning fossil fuel. No one has opened their minds about nuclear power, carbon capture, or planting trees as realistic ways to fight climate change.

The group has also declined to direct its attention to the worst emitters of greenhouse gasses, China and India.

“Sarah Matthews, a spokeswoman for Mr. Trump’s re-election campaign, said in a statement that the administration ‘continues to advance realistic solutions to reduce emissions while unleashing American energy like never before.’ Asked to comment on the new bipartisan group, she also criticized efforts to force the United States to cut emissions, arguing ‘the largest emitters like China and India won’t do the same.’

“Mr. Schwarzenegger in an interview this week dismissed as ‘bogus’ the Trump administration’s argument that China must do more to curb emissions before the United States acts.

“’I always say to myself, what is happening here? America never ever in its history has said, ‘Let some other country do something first.’ We should lead,’ he said.”

Fortune Magazine notes that China burns half the coal used on the planet. Moreover, it is adding more coal plants and is cutting back on renewable sources of energy, the exact opposite that climate change activists claim is needed. The former governor of California has not explained how any climate change effort can be effective if China is allowed to continue that energy policy.

15 thoughts on “John Kerry Wants to Declare War on Climate Change

  1. This is simply another SHAM deal being promoted by the elites who represent the power brokers. The 114 correctly sited temperature monitors in the United States (that totally remove UHI effects) shows absolutely NO warming (zero warming) in the U.S. for the last 20 years and in fact the actual data shows a strong cooling trend since 2016. This data is totally correlated with our satellite temperature measurements.
    Globally, people have been spending $1.5T per year to mitigate AGW / Climate Change with zero evidence that their expenditures have made any difference. Follow the money and people will begin to understand that these elites are leveraging the people to line their own pockets. Review the actions of these elites and see how they are personally addressing the problem??!!

  2. I guess Kerry has run out of money or is planning a divorce where he WOULD lose all of his money because this is EXACTLY what “Global Warming” is all about – money, money, money. The top pushers of ‘Global Warming’ ALL remember Al Gore. It took him one year to become a billionaire.

  3. i have shown the ONLY explanation that makes sense to the bogus climate warming hysteria, and I found it in the bible. Gore’s game is nothing but a huge transfer of wealth to the wealthy and drains more money from those that need it the most. See, the part about “climate warming, Hog wash”

  4. Lets face it, the United States is chapter seven bankrupt. What is keeping FRN’s, federal reserve notes, a float as the worlds sovereign currency is that all oil sales must be made in FRN’S. Oil producers either sell in FRN’s or they are toast, wittness iraq, Libya, Venezuela. Saudi Arabia only sells it’s oil in FRN’s which becomes petro FRN’s. Even the EU has to buy it’s oil in FRN’s. Russia is the fly in the ointment. It has oil and it has nukes to keep America at bay. May 2020 exist in interesting times.

  5. If all the Climate Change Accepter’s, (If that’s what we shall call them) care to look at Noaa “Notional Oceanic and Atmospheric” it should convince everyone there has been a max shift of .7th to -.8th of 1% difference in temperature world wide over the past 100 years. To me this indicates the temperature is cyclical, swinging back and forth under 1% difference in 100 years time period. Unless you are either a fruitcake or a lunatic it doesn’t look like to me there’s no problem here, move along please, but if you are a fruitcake or lunatic I imagine you want to do anything possible to get out of doing the things you are suppose to be doing so in that case and distraction is acceptable, thus “Climate Change Accepters”! In that event, namely you are a card carrying “Climate Change Accepter, I can’t help but also believe you also fall into the category of being a far left wing extremist, homosexual, child molesting, perversely dementated fraudulent Demonrat, and so you guys are welcome to kiss my rosy red asshole!

  6. This is pure bullshit and another example of how the media will constantly put false misleading lies just to keep fanning the flames of the left liberal socialist agenda for destroying our nation. The so called MSM is the BIGGEST PRODUCERS OF FALSE STORIES and underminers of the AMERICAN FREEDOMS by their constant twisting of the truth and CENSORSHIP.

  7. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the concept of Global Warming. We are still in the Quaternary ice age. Ice age geologically means we have polar ice caps. 12-13000 years ago we had glacial sheets 2-4 kilometers thick that covered as far south as Tennessee. How did the Great Lakes originate?
    Would this qualify for Global Cooling! Alarmist headlines declare temperature and green house gases are at record highs of recorded history. Assuming recorded temperatures started in the 1850s we are looking at a slice in time of less than 200 years vs estimates of 4.5 billion years for age of Earth. I am all for conservation and minimizing our
    Impact on our planet but so called scientific movements that support the Global Warming Crisis should evaluate the scientific data over a greater period than 200 some years before making dire predictions that life as we know it will end in 15 years.

  8. It is my opinion.. The John Kerry household is one of the several Sorro’s billionaires who are pushing the ‘Global Governance’.(GG).. They want to rule the world.
    His wife is worth multibillions and she too hates Mrs. Hillary’s deplorables (us).. Of course Kerry wants us to submit to their know, to save the ‘world’ from the Global Warming Crisis.
    I might be interested AFTER the GG billionaires take control of China and India’s polusions plus stop the over 200 volcanoes (along WITH China and India), actively spewing polusions into our air EVERYday 24/365.

  9. Vietnam “heroics” –hahahahaha — talk to some of his people. He is a sh**bird of the lowest level and a coward. He fits the role of war zero — a scam.a sham and outright farce right along with the people involved with him. Coward loving carter and draft dodging clinton — 3 of a kind.

  10. You won’t see any of this on the nightly news. These climate change money grab individuals need to take a geology class, physics class, and a biology class. Then and only then may their opinions might have an ounce of truth.

  11. gobal warming is a farce to make the rich, richer which liberal democrats seem to hate but instead embrace. talk of hypocracy and you will see democrats at the front of the line. they continually talk about the rich and wanting to spread the wealth while they get filthy rich and ignore the poor. they keep the poor people believing they care for them when in reality they feed them a welfare check and food card to keep them in slavery so they will be forced to vote for them to get those handouts.

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