Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has long been one of the left’s most influential advocates. She was nominated for the position by President Bill Clinton in 1993 as the second-ever female justice and the first Jewish female justice. When she was first appointed, she was thought to be more of a moderate Democrat. However, over the years she has seemingly moved farther and farther to the left and is now considered as through and through liberal. As such she is a crucial part of the justice team and makes sure that the left is represented well.

However, in light of both her age and some recent health concerns, there is much worry among the liberal ranks as to how much longer she will be able to serve as a Supreme Court Justice.

The first incident took place earlier this month when Ginsberg took a day off of work due to what appeared to be a stomach bug of some sort. A witness close to Ginsberg said that she had seemed quite “shaky” the day before her absence. But after her day off and the subsequent weekend, she was back at work, showing no signs of illness.

But only one week later, she was hospitalized for yet another health issue. This one appeared to be an infection of some kind. The New York Times reported, “Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore on Friday night after experiencing chills and fever earlier in the day, a Supreme Court spokeswoman said on Saturday.”

The news report continued, saying that Ginsberg had initially been seen at Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington before being taken to Johns Hopkins for “further evaluation and treatment of any possible infection.”

Her spokeswoman, Kathleen Arberg, said that Ginsberg’s “symptoms abated after treatment with intravenous antibiotics and fluids.” And she added that Ginsberg was expected to be released on Sunday morning if all went well.

And true to the hospital’s assumptions, she was released on Sunday and was noted to be feeling better.

However, the two illnesses in just as many weeks, have called some on the left to be quite nervous. Some have even referred to the issue as a “constant concern.”

As The Washington Post notes, “Ginsberg’s health is a constant concern for liberals, who fear President Trump could replace her with a conservative justice. He has already chosen two members of the court, Justices Neil M. Gorsuch and Brett M. Kavanaugh.”

And the Post is not the only media outlet to report similar findings of her health.

Politico wrote, “Ginsburg has repeatedly swatted away concerns regarding her health. But the possibility that she will no longer be a formidable presence on the court is worrisome for liberal interests. If she were to leave, President Donald Trump would have the opportunity to shift the court further to the right by nominating a third justice.”

CNN’s legal analyst Joan Biskupic has also spoken of the concerns for the left if Ginsberg were to step down. She said bluntly, “Yes, Democrats are nervous. First of all… she’s a hero to them so they want her to stay alive and well. She’s the senior liberal on the bench. If she were to feel the need to step down, it would transform this Supreme Court.”

And Biskupic continued, “She took a chance, a bit of a chance, when she declined to step down during President Obama’s tenure, which would have given him an opportunity to appoint someone younger while he was in office but she felt a mission in her work and Democrats have just had to live with that.”

And live with it they have. She has been embraced by them, and now they fear for a Supreme Court without her.

Not only has Ginsberg had two recent illnesses rather close together, but she has also had two quite serious cancer scares this year. So to say her health and age is a concern is quite an understatement.

For now, it seems she is still determined to work for the left. But one could easily imagine the possibility of her stepping down soon if her health continues to be a problem.

17 thoughts on “Justice Ginsberg’s Health Sparks Fear in Liberals

  1. By denying Obama the opportunity (by refusing to step down while he was still president) and allow him to appoint a younger and healthier liberal justice to the court, she has, in effect, now given Trump the future opportunity to replace her with yet a third conservative justice, which, in that circumstance, SCOTUS would become a 6-3 conservative majority, AND, if Roberts should vote with the other four liberal judges in a case (as I believe he did exactly that) at the very end of this past term), the five remaining conservative block could very well spell the doom of Roe v. Wade! HOPE SPRING ETERNAL!!

  2. The Communist Left will keep propping up Ginsberg as long as they can to get her Rad-Left vote on important issues. They’ll keep her on the Big Bench even if they have to stuff her.

  3. The time has come for this woman to FINALLY retire and spend her last days with her family as her health seems to going downhill more and more.
    It seems she can barely keep her head up, and stay awake during hearings, and I believe her time has come to call it “quits”.
    It would be a good thing for this Country, to have another Judge that goes by the U.S. Constitution and written LAW, instead of “legislating from the bench” by injecting their own “personal feelings” and “political agenda” into their “opinions” as seems to be ” the way” with the “liberal” judges.

  4. I think you would be hard pressed to find 1 libturd who really cared about her health, they just want her anti-Trump vote. Whatever Trump wants – she votes no. It is the same as their love for illegal immigrants — it’s called demoTRASH voting love.


  6. She knows that if she retires, President Trump will replace her with a Conservative. But what if Trump gets reelected? There’s no way she’ll last another 4 years. She’s skating on very thin ice. In fact, she has one foot in the grave and the other foot on a banana peel. When she kicks, it will be good riddance.

  7. Ruth Beta Ginsberg has an auto-immune deficiency and I don’r think Iodine treatments will save her. this just part of life

  8. The Spanish used the CID after he die to stuffed him in a horse to battle the moros, the Democrats May be need to do the same with justice Ginsberg

  9. When Ginsberg retires or passes away President Trump should replace her with a conservative female constitutional abiding judge.

  10. While I have great respect for RBG I totally disagree with her ideas. She will always be a bleeding heart for the extreme Left Democrats.And yes she is trying her best to out live President Donald Trump. Good luck with this….At some time this will change and she intends to die on the bench literally. At her age I would expect there to be a totally other picture than her visual press releases.

  11. We must demand a mandatory retirement age for all elected and appointed officials, not older than 70, Ginsburg is fortunate if she can change her own depends

  12. I respectfully disagree with John J. Many individuals today are robust in both body and mind well past the age of 70 (and only the mind is important to a Supreme Court Justice). The Founders gave Justices life-time posts and I believe it should stay that way. Most retire when serious medical issues develop–I think Justice Ginsberg should probably do that.

  13. Thank you Jesus for President Trump at this time..why I say this time is because we will have another Conservative Supreme court Judge on the bench and the Left can’t do a thing about it..obama missed because the little sleepy head Ginsburg didn’t want to leave..Thank you Jesus…and by having a 6/3 control we will be able to put more conservative teachers in our schools and university’s and get our kids heads straightened out…Thank you Jesus, Thank you…….MAGA2020……

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