Chad Wolf is the new acting Homeland Security Secretary, and he is planning on going after that freaky gangs that are bringing the illegals up to the north and into the country. They are also responsible for the flow of illegal guns and drugs that are flooding into America. He stated that “The TCOs and cartels, they control the southern side of the border — they have to be paid, they have to be compensated for any of these large flows coming across the border. You eliminate that and you eliminate their ability to recruit in Central America and bring these folks up.”

The criminal organizations that are behind the gangs are based all over Mexico. They are a burden to Mexico and the United States. President Trump has stated that part of his focus is taking on the MS-13 gang as well as the Sinaloa Cartel. These two murderous groups are dangerous and are the targets that President Trump and Chad Wolf are coming after.

Part of the plan is to strangle off their cash flow and to fight the constant turnover of kids at the border. Many of the young people that are sent back home are just used again to try to get people into America illegally. Wolf went on to state “So when we talk about TCOs, it’s not only them facilitating the flow of migrants to the border, it’s also drugs, weapons and a lot of the violence. So targeting TCOs in a real way … is something that I will certainly push and work on from a DHS perspective, but we’ll also be working in the larger interagency to really start targeting these groups, because once you start eliminating their ability to bring migrants and the like, then I think you’ll start seeing a different dynamic.”

Wolf is quickly becoming a national hero has he starts to deal with the crime problems that many before him failed to deal with. He has seen the migrant issues upfront and is wanting to deal with right away. He has been appointed to the position just at the right time as President Trump has fought furiously to keep the crime bosses and their contraband from entering the country. He knows that they have to do ore as he had stated that “The department already has a number resources dedicated to that, I think we can do more, we are doing more and I think the U.S. government overall can do more and that’s the exciting part of this job.

President Trump has made the dent in the problem as he got Mexico to retain the migrants that must wait for their hearing. The move by the president to stop the flow of people has greatly improved things. Wolf went on to mention that “The importance of MPP can’t be stated enough, it is what’s allowed us to take control of the crisis that we saw in April and May. The idea is to make sure we process individuals promptly but make sure they wait south of the border.”

Many of the wacko liberals are still fighting the wall building, the plan with Mexico and other countries and the funding of border detention centers. They just do not want to see the security of America nor the prosperity of the people. The dumb Democrats are anti-American and will stop at nothing to redefine and restructure the nation as a whole. They simply want to dismantle the country and turn it into a socialist nightmare much like the many failed socialist nations to the south.

Chad Wolf is the man that will stand between the enemy and the United States. He will wage the war on the drug cartels and the gangs that are seeking to flood America with their crime, drugs, and weapons. He will stand in the way of people that are seeking to sell little kids into sex trafficking. He also will have to stand in the gap to force Congress to get busy and help do their part. He has stated as part of this mission “So we’ll continue to look at MPP, we’ll continue to look at international agreements we have, try and do more with Mexico and the like. And there are some other programs the department is looking at to help manage that crisis, root out that fraud in the asylum system that I think we all acknowledge is there, and to make sure those folks that need the protection get the protection, and those that don’t, don’t remain in the U.S. — that if they have no legal right to be here, then they shouldn’t be here.”

7 thoughts on “Homeland Security Taking Down Evil Drug Lords

  1. Well, I’ll believe it when I see it happen. We’ve been hearing this rhetoric for years now and nothing changes.

    And it never will change as long as the Democrat/Communist Party is actively bringing this garbage across the border to weaken the nation. They DO NOT want strong borders and an end to the flow of illegals and drugs.

  2. I’m afraid DeRanger has a valid point!
    I’d like to make one other comment about the democrat’s
    “Open borders” plank: I think the drug traffic is just collateral
    damage. The real purpose of the policy is to bring in as many
    “immigrants” as possible because they are known to vote (illegally
    or not), 80% democratic. The democrats don’t give a shit what
    drugs do to this Country as long they can gain power.

  3. The democrat socialist, activist, some rinos, corporate bosses, and many others are on the payrolls; it buys votes, goodies, kiddies, their own drugs, and many other things their nefarious deeds and rule the world agendas! They are all part of luciferian satanist schemes and plans- from their ranks the spirit of antichrist flows and the Antichrist will arise.

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